Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MARENGO

Page 315
Distance 239 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Friday via Burrowa 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Saturday 8.30 a.m. via Burrowa.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Sunday 3 p.m. via Burrowa.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Tuesday via Burrowa 7.15 a.m.
Route  rail Goulburn, and Cobbs coach Young, 14m. Marengo

BAILEY		Stephen		farmer		Marengo
BALL		George		labourer	Marengo
BATKIN		William		farmer		Marengo
BEATSON		Josiah		innkeeper	Bendick Morrell
BENDLE		John		farmer		Marengo
BRENNAN		John		farmer		Marengo
BROUGHTON	John		grazier		Marengo
BROUGHTON	William		grazier		Marengo
BUTTENSHAW	Henry		blacksmith	Marengo
CHEW		Elizabeth	innkeeper	The Gap
CHEW		Henry		grazier		The Gap
CHEW		John		grazier		The Gap
CHURCH		Walter jun.	grazier		Marengo
CROW		Michael		farmer		Marengo
CULLEN		Cornelius	farmer		Marengo
CUMMINGS	Thomas		farmer		Calabash
DARCY		Michael		storekeeper	Marengo
DRUM		James		constable	Marengo
EADY		James		farmer		Calabash
EADY		Nathaniel	farmer		Calabash
EADY		Thomas		farmer		Marengo
FAIRWEATHER	James		farmer		Marengo
FANNING		James		farmer		Calabash
FISHER		Frederick	labourer	Marengo
FOSTER		James		grazier		Bendick Morrell
GREEN		George		innkeeper	Bang Bang
GREENWOOD	Henry		teacher		Marengo
GROUNDS		William		---		The Gap
GUNNER		James		carpenter	Marengo
HADDON		John		farmer		Marengo
HANDCOCK	Daniel		farmer		Bendick Morrell
HANDCOCK	Joseph		farmer		Bendick Morrell
HARCOMBE	George		farmer		Marengo
HARCOMBE	James		farmer		Marengo
HARDMAN		John		farmer		Bendick Morrell
HAYDEN		James		blacksmith	Marengo
HAYDEN		John		farmer		Calabash
HENLEY		George		farmer		Marengo
HILL		Edward		labourer	Marengo
HILL		James		labourer	Marengo
HILL		William		labourer	Marengo
KELLY		Thomas		grazier		Calabash
KELLY		William		grazier		Calabash
KERRINS		Michael		farmer		Calabash
KERRINS		Patrick		farmer		Marengo
LENNANE		John		farmer		Calabash
LOWE		James		labourer	Marengo
LYNCH		Denis		farmer		Marengo
MARSDEN		Thomas		farmer		Calabash
MEAGHER		William		teacher		Calabash
MOLLOY		James		farmer		Calabash
MOLLOY		Michael		farmer		Calabash
MORGAN		Edward		butcher		Marengo
MURRAY		Thomas		shepherd	Calabash
MCGILL		Andrew		farmer		Marengo
MCGRATH		Michael		farmer		Marengo
NEAL		John		farmer		Marengo
OAKES		William		storekeeper	Marengo
OBRIEN		Henry		labourer	Marengo
OCONNOR	Michael		farmer		Calabash
OCONNOR	Patrick		farmer		Marengo
OCONNORS	Michael		innkeeper	Marengo
ODEA		Michael		farmer		Calabash
ODEA		Peter		farmer		Calabash
PARKMAN		Ann		grazier		Calabash
PARKMAN		James		grazier		Calabash
PECKHAM		George		gardener	Marengo
PIKE		Theodore	farmer		Calabash
PIKE		William		farmer		Nine-Mile Crossing
POIGNAND	James		blacksmith	Marengo
PRING		John		grazier		Crowther
PRING		Thomas		grazier		Crowther
QUIRK		James		farmer		Marengo
ROBINSON	James		farmer		Calabash
ROWAN		Andrew		farmer		Bendick Morrell
RUSH		Patrick		farmer		Calabash
RYAN		Michael		farmer		Calabash
SAXON		Jonathan	carpenter	Marengo
SCARR		Richard		grazier		Marengo
STEVENS		Robert S.	postmaster	Marengo
STONEHAM	William		farmer		Marengo
SUTHERLAND	William		grazier		The Gap
TAYLOR		Charles		labourer	Marengo
TAYLOR		George		labourer	Marengo
TENKINS		James		farmer		Calabash
TINGEY		George		farmer		Calabash
TOUT		Samuel		grazier		Calabash
TROTH		George		shepherd	Calabash
WEST		William		blacksmith	Marengo
WHITE		Patrick		constable	Marengo
WILLIAMS	Edward		farmer		Marengo
WILSON		Charles		bricklayer	Marengo
WOODBRIDGE	James		grazier		Bang Bang
YUILL		William		bootmaker	Marengo

Greville 1872

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