Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  MANAR

Page 313
Distance 172 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 8.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 2.45 p.m
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route  Rail Goulburn, coach Manar on road to Braidwood, or steam Clyde River,
via Nelligen, coach Braidwood, 15m. Manar

ACOTT		George		farmer		Long Swamp
ACOTT		William		farmer		Long Swamp
BACKON		---		miner		Long Swamp
BASSINGWHITE	George		farmer		Larbert
BASSINGWHITE	John		farmer		Larbert
BASSINGWHITE	Miss S.		---		Larbert
BASSINGWHITE	Mrs.		householder	Larbert
BASSINGWHITE	William		farmer		Larbert
BEAN		John		farmer		Manar
BONCER		Samuel		farmer		Manar
BRADBURY	George		farmer		Red Hill
BRADBURY	Henry		farmer		Red Hill
CLEMENTS	Patrick		farmer		Long Swamp
CONNERS		Edward		carrier		Doughby Ck.
CONNERS		John		farmer		Doughby Ck.
CONNERS		Michael		farmer		Doughby Ck.
CRONAN		Thomas		farmer		Waria
CUNNINGHAM	John		farmer		Waria
CUNNINGHAM	John		servant		Waria
CUNNINGHAM	Terence		servant		Waria
CUNNINGHAM	William		miller		Waria
CURTISS		John		servant		Long Swamp
DAY		Christopher	farmer		Long Swamp
DAY		Hynorth		farmer		Long Swamp
DAY		James		farmer		Long Swamp
DOOLEY		Joseph		farmer		Waria
ELZERY		Henry		farmer		Mount Pleasant
ELZERY		James		farmer		Mount Pleasant
ELZERY		John		farmer		Mount Pleasant
ELZERY		Mary A.		farmer		Mount Pleasant
ELZERY		Thomas		farmer		Mount Pleasant
ELZERY		Henry		farmer		Bombay
ELZERYDEN	William		farmer		Waria
FARLY		James		miller		Waria
FOX		Owen		farmer		Waria
GORDON		Hugh H.		farmer		Long Swamp
GORDON		William F.	sheep farmer	Manar
HARDIE		John		servant		Manar
HARRISON	Isaac		shepherd	Manar
HARRISON	James		farmer		Manar
HARRISON	James jun.	farmer		Manar
HARRISON	John		shepherd	Manar
HINTON		Emily		servant		Larbert
LENCOUNT	Samuel		miner		Waria
MARGARY		Alexander	servant		Waria
MARSDEN		James		farmer		Manar
MARSDEN		William		farmer		Manar
MARSDEN		Samuel		farmer		Manar
MENERNY		Stephen		blacksmith	Long Swamp
MCCREA		---		---		Waria
MCELVOY		John		innkeeper	Waria
QUINLAN		John		servant		Manar
SCOTT		Robert		farmer		Long Swamp
SHAW		John		shepherd	Larbert
SHRUBSHAW	Robert		miner		Waria
TAYLOR		Ellen		servant		Manar
TAYLOR		Josiah		farmer		Long Swamp
TAYLOR		Josiah jun.	farmer		Long Swamp
TAYLOR		Samuel		farmer		Six-Mile Flats
TAYLOR		Thomas		farmer		Long Swamp
THOMPSON	William sen.	shepherd	Bombay
THOMPSON	William jun.	shepherd	Bombay
TURNER		Thomas		carpenter	Manar
VARMENS		John		farmer		Waria
WALES		Samuel		shepherd	Manar
WALES		William		shepherd	Manar
WARINE		---		blacksmith	Red Hill
WATKINSON	Mrs.		teacher		Larbert
WAUGH		L. T.		teacher		Larbert
WHIGHT		William		carrier		Long Swamp

Greville 1872

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