Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  LONGBOTTOM

Page 291
Distance 7 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 6 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 10.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily noon

Route  Rail or bus Burwood; or Parramatta steamer, Concord, 3m. Longbottom

ABBOTT		William		fishmonger	Concord
ALLEN		William		labourer	Concord
BARCLAY		William		farmer		Wharf Rd.
BELL		Francis		storekeeper	Burwood, Parramatta Rd.
BINNINGTON	Charles		---		Concord
BOGHURST	Joseph		labourer	Parramatta Rd.
BOUFFIER	Frank		cattle dealer	Burwood, Parramatta Rd.
BRAY		Henry		---		Concord
BRAY		Thomas		---		Oak Lodge, Concord
BURNS		Rosa		laundress	Homebush
BUTLER		George		labourer	Concord
BUTTERFIELD	Thomas A.	clerk		Homebush
CALLAGHAN	Jeremiah	labourer	Concord
CHAMBERLAIN	Frederick	labourer	Concord
COHEN		Mosely M.	---		Burwood, Parramatta Rd.
COLES		William		---		Colesville, Concord
CORRIE		Charles P.	---		Clermont, Concord
COX		John		farmer		Concord
COX		William		gardener	Concord
DALTON		John		bricklayer	Burwood, Parramatta Rd.
DAVIS		William		coach proprietor Parramatta Rd.
DAVIS		William		labourer	Concord
DAVIS		William		teacher		Longbottom
DAWSON		T.		auctioneer	Homebush Estate
EDGE		Alexander	---		Albina Village, Concord
FLAVELLE	John		---		Welbank, Concord
FORD		Henry		labourer	Homebush
FRANCIS		John		wood cutter	Homebush
FRASER		Sarah		---		Longbottom
FRIGHT		Henry		labourer	Concord
GOOD		Robert		---		Longbottom
GRAHAM		Alexander	wood carter	Wharf Rd.
GRAHAM		Sarah		---		Longbottom
HALES		Thomas		butcher		Burwood
HANNAN		Michael		labourer	Burwood, Parramatta Rd.
HENNESS		Henry		labourer	Homebush
HEWITT		John		labourer	Homebush
HINES		Allen		horse dealer	Homebush
HOGAN		John		carrier		Concord
HORNE		Henry		carpenter	Longbottom
HUGHES		Charles		labourer	Homebush
KENNEDY		John		labourer	Burwood, Parramatta Rd.
KNIGHT		Henry		farmer		Concord
KNIGHT		John		storekeeper	Homebush
LANE		William		wood carter	Burwood, Parramatta Rd.
LOVE		Emily		teacher		Concord
MARTINEER	Henry		groom		Homebush
MOODIE		Andrew		station master	Homebush
MOORE		Elizabeth	gardener	Concord
MORGAN		Joseph		woodcutter	Concord
MORGAN		Richard		labourer	Concord
MORGAN		Robert		gardener	Concord
MORGAN		William		gardener	Concord
MURPHY		John		horse breaker	Wharf Rd.
MCCARTHY	Rev. Callaghan	(R. C.)		Concord
MCCULLOUGH	John		labourer	Concord
MCDONALD	Annie		---		Parramatta Rd.
MCDONALD	John		gardener	Concord
MCKENZIE	Simon		blacksmith	Burwood, Parramatta Rd.
NASH		John		gardener	Concord
NEICH		Emanuel		innkeeper	Burwood
NICHOLLS	George		brickmaker	Homebush
NOCTON		J.		labourer	Burwood, Parramatta Rd.
NOWLAND		James		labourer	Concord
OBRIEN		James		labourer	Concord
PAPWORTH	David R.	labourer	Concord
PARKINSON	John		labourer	Burwood, Parramatta Rd.
PATTERSON	Edmund		clerk		Concord
PEARSON		Charles		constable	Longbottom
PEARSON		J.		clerk		Burwood, Parramatta Rd.
POTTER		George W.	bootmaker	Parramatta Rd.
PRICE		Thomas		artist		Wharf Rd.
PRIOR		W.		dealer		Burwood, Parramatta Rd.
RILEY		John		labourer	Homebush
ROBBERDS	R. W.		solicitor	Homebush
ROBERTS		Charles		innkeeper	Homebush
ROWLAND		Denis		farmer		Wharf Rd.
ROWLEY		George		poundkeeper	Longbottom
SALKILLD	Benjamin	porter		Concord
SCAPLEHORN	Joseph		master mariner	Burwood, Parramatta Rd.
SINGLETON	Robert		labourer	Concord Rd.
SMITH		Thomas		coach proprietor Burwood, Parramatta Rd.
THORNE		Charles		---		Concord
TOOMEY		John		constable	Concord
TURNER		Charles M.	postmaster	Longbottom
WAINWRIGHT	Richard		tanner		Parramatta Rd.
WALKER		Thomas		---		Yaralla, Concord
WATERSON	William		gardener	Concord
WATTS		John		district registrar Concord
WELSH		George C.	horse dealer	Concord
WILKIE		John		labourer	Homebush
WILLIAMS	Margaret	---		Longbottom
WOODS		John		drover		Longbottom
WOODS		John jun.	drover		Longbottom
WOTTON		Richard		carpenter	Burwood
YEOLLER		Daniel		painter		Concord

Greville 1872

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