Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  LOSTOCK

Page 293
Distance 131 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Friday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Friday, Monday 10 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Monday 3 p.m
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday evenings

Route  Steam Newcastle, or Morpeth, rail East Maitland, coach Paterson, 25m.

ARTHUR		Phillip		farmery		Gingallyn
BIRD		Edward		farmer		Gingallyn
BOGAN		John		farmer		Anns Grove
BOGAN		Patrick		farmer		Anns Grove
BRENNAN		Caesar		labourer	Mount Rivers
BRIAN		Michael		farmer		Loch Erin
CREIGHTON	Richard		selector	Carrabola
CUNNINGHAM	James		farmer		Emerald Vale
DENNIS		William		labourer	Strathisla
DUGGAN		William		farmer		Gingallyn
DUGGAN		William sen.	farmer		Coulston
FANNEL		James		farmer		Lostock
GALESPICE	Charles A.	farmer		Lostock
GARLAND		Charles		labourer	Penshurst
GARVIN		John		---		Lostock
GILLIES		John		farmer		Lostock
GILLIES		Neil		farmer		Lostock
GOTT		William		farmer		Lostock
HANDFORD	Joseph		farmer		Gingallyn
HANDFORD	Thomas		bootmaker	Gingallyn
HIPWELL		Robert		wheelwright	Lostock
HOLDEN		Alick O.	grazier		Penshurst
HOLDEN		Alfred		grazier		Penshurst
HORNWOOD	Edward		farmer		Ivy Bank
HORN		John		farmer		Lostock
HORNESS		Charles		tobacco twister	Lostock
HUMBLES		John		farmer		Coulston
HUPTED		Jacob		labourer	Mount Rivers
HURLEY		Charles		labourer	Penshurst
JARVIS		William		sawyer		Carrabola
JOLLIFF		William		farmer		Carrabola
KELEHER		Edward		tobacco twister	Lostock
KELEHER		James		farmer		Gingallyn
KELEHER		William		farmer		Carrabola
KIMBER		Asher		farmer		Carrabola
KRUTCHER	Thomas		farmer		Gingallyn
LARAGEY		William		labourer	Carrabola
LAWRENCE	Henry		farmer		Hows Valley
LAWRENCE	John		farmer		Lostock
LAWRENCE	Richard		farmer		Lostock
LAWRENCE	Thomas		farmer		Lostock
LILL		George		farmer		Lostock
LUCK		George		farmer		Lostock
MCCULLOCH	William		farmer		Penshurst
MCNAMARA	Frank		postmaster	Mount Rivers
NOWLAN		Edward		blacksmith	Emerald Vale
NOWLAN		Thomas		farmer		Emerald Vale
ONEIL		William		farmer		Mount Rivers
PATFIELD	Joseph		farmer		Gingallyn
PETERS		John		resident	Lostock
SIMMONS		William		farmer		Seven Oaks
SMITH		James		farmer		Carrabola
SOPER		George		farmer		Lostock
SOPER		Samuel		farmer		Strathisla
SULLIVAN	Patrick		farmer		Carrabola
SULLIVAN	Patrick jun.	farmer		Carrabola
THOMPSON	Charles		labourer	Penshurst
TURNBULL	John		farmer		Gingallyn
TURNER		John		farmer		Lostock
TURNER		Ralph jun.	farmer		Lostock
TURNER		Ralph sen.	farmer		Lostock
TURNER		Thomas		farmer		Lostock
WETHERILL	Joseph		farmer		Gingallyn
WILSON		Edward		farmer		Lostock
WILSON		Frank		farmer		Hollimwell
WILSON		William		farmer		Simmons Ck.

Greville 1872

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