Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  LOWTHER

Page 295
Distance 87 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday 8.15 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday 2.15 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday 7 a.m.

Route  Rail Hartley Vale, 6m. Lowther

BARROW		William		farmer		Bindo
BATES		James		farmer		Upper Run
BOYD		William		farmer		Upper Run
BOYLE		William		farmer		Lowther
CARNEY		James		labourer	Lowther
CONLON		John		farmer		Lowther
CONLON		Patrick		farmer		Lowther
CONLON		Peter		farmer		Lowther
CONLON		Thomas		farmer		Lowther
CURRAN		Francis		farmer		Lowther
DALZIELL	Alexander	farmer		Rose Vale
DELANY		Charles		farmer		Lowther
DELANY		John jun.	drover		Lowther
DELANY		William		butcher		Lowther
DOWDALL		Maurice		farmer		Off Flats
DOWDALL		William		farmer		Off Flats
DOYLE		Hugh		farmer		Lowther
DOYLE		James		farmer		Lowther
DUGGAN		Daniel		farmer		Bindo
DWYER		Mrs. Ellen	farmer		Lowther
DWYER		Pierce		drover		Lowther
ENGLAND		Henry		farmer		Lowther
FINNIGAN	Denis		teacher		Lowther
FLANAGAN	Hugh		farmer		Marsdens Swamp
FLANAGAN	Terence		farmer		Marsdens Swamp
FLANAGAN	Denis		teacher		Lowther
GILMORE		James		farmer		Bindo
HODDER		William		farmer		Off Flats
KEENAN		Andrew		farmer		Cullenberbung
KEENAN		Patrick		farmer		Cullenberbung
KELLY		Daniel		farmer		Marsdens Swamp
KELLY		Michael		farmer		Bindo
KELLY		Michael		farmer		Marsdens Swamp
KILROY		James		farmer		Long Swamp
KIRK		David		farmer		Lowther
KIRK		Mrs. Catherine	farmer		Fern Hill
LEITH		John		teacher		Upper Run
LUCHETT		Alexander	farmer		Lowther
MADDEN		Peter		labourer	Marsdens Swamp
MCCAULEY	Arthur		farmer		Long Swamp
MCCAULEY	Dominick	farmer		Long Swamp
MCCLARENCE	J.		labourer	Marsdens Swamp
MCDONALD	Neil		farmer		Blaxland Swamp
MCKENZIE	James		farmer		Upper Run
MCKILLOP	Archibald	farmer		Upper Run
MCPHERSON	Mrs.		farmer		Marsdens Swamp
OCONNOR	John		farmer		Marsdens Swamp
ONEIL		Michael		farmer		Upper Run
ONEIL		William		farmer		Off Flats
POWYER		William jun.	farmer		Lowther
POWYER		William sen.	farmer		Main Swamp
ROURKE		William		farmer		Lowther
ROURKE		William		farmer		Lowther
RYAN		Daniel		farmer		Lowther
RYAN		James		farmer		Springs
RYAN		Michael jun.	farmer		Lowther
RYAN		Michael		farmer		Springs
TAYLOR		Charles		labourer	Upper Run
TAYLOR		John		farmer		Marsdens Swamp
WILSON		Arthur		farmer		Marsdens Swamp

Greville 1872

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