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Distance 196 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Sunday 7 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Wednesday 11.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Friday 7.15 a.m.
Route  Rail Goulburn, coach Braidwood, or steam to Clyde River, via Nelligen,
Braidwood, 16 miles Ballalaba.

ARMSTRONG E.		labourer	Harrolls Cross	Ballalaba
ARNESON	Peter		farmer		Palom Ck.	Ballalaba	
ASTON	Thomas		labourer	---		Ballalaba	
BATE	Edwin		farmer		Jerebatgully	Ballalaba	
BERESFORD Mark		squatter	Run of Water	Ballalaba
BILTON	George		farmer		Farringdon	Ballalaba
BILTON	William		labourer	Farringdon	Ballalaba
BOND	Alfred		labourer	Malcomb	        Ballalaba
BOND	Andrew		farmer		---		Ballalaba	
BRADLEY	John		farmer		Jerebatgully	Ballalaba	
BRUCE	William		farmer		Wild Cattle Flat Ballalaba
BURNS	John		brickmaker	---		Ballalaba	
CAMPBELL William	farmer		Gundillon	Ballalaba	
CAWTHORNE William	farmer		Red Hill	Ballalaba	
CLARKE	James		farmer		Nithsdale	Ballalaba	
COLE	Thomas		bootmaker	Nithsdale	Ballalaba		
COLES	James		miner		Majors Ck.	Ballalaba
DEMPSEY	Denis		farmer		Emu Flat	Ballalaba		
DEMPSEY	James		farmer		---		Ballalaba		
DUNN	James		farmer		---		Ballalaba	
DUNN	Robert		farmer		Farringdon	Ballalaba
FAGG	William		farmer		---		Ballalaba	
FERGUSON William	squatter	---		Ballalaba		
FFRENCH	Paul		farmer		---		Ballalaba	
FFRENCH	Peter		farmer		Vernelly	Ballalaba		
FFRENCH	Richard		farmer		Vernelly	Ballalaba		
GARDENER William	labourer	---		Ballalaba		
GRAY	George		teacher		Gundillon	Ballalaba	
GRIFFIN	Michael		farmer		Aranmeir	Ballalaba		
GRIFFIN	Patrick		farmer		Aranmeir	Ballalaba
GRIFFIN	Robert		farmer		Nithsdale	Ballalaba	
GUNNING	---		squatter	---		Ballalaba		
HARTE	Joseph		farmer		Gilstone	Ballalaba
HARTE	Thomas		farmer		Gilstone	Ballalaba
HURLY	John		labourer	Ornmeir		Ballalaba	
HUTCHINSON James	carpenter	---	        Ballalaba		
JACKSON	John		farmer		Mountain Ck.	Ballalaba	
JINKS	James		labourer	---		Ballalaba	
JOHNSTONE Charles	constable	---		Ballalaba		
KANE	Michael		farmer		Jerebatgully	Ballalaba	
KANE	Patrick		farmer		Jerebatgully	Ballalaba	
KEEVIL	John		farmer		Mountain Ck.	Ballalaba
KELLY	Thomas		labourer	Jerebatgully	Ballalaba	
KINGSLEY John		labourer	Jerebatgully	Ballalaba		
KINGSLEY William	farmer		Ornmeir		Ballalaba		
KIRBY	John		teacher		Nithsdale	Ballalaba	
LINFORD	William		farmer		Jerebatgully	Ballalaba		
LACEY	George		teacher		Ornmeir		Ballalaba	
LANG	John		labourer	Jerebatgully	Ballalaba	
LENEHAN	John		constable	---		Ballalaba		
LYNN	James		farmer		Emu Flat	Ballalaba	
LYNN	James		labourer	Emu Flat	Ballalaba	
MCCURLEY Henry		farmer		Harrolls Cross	Ballalaba	
MCCURLEY Henry		labourer	---		Ballalaba		
MCKEN	William		gardener	Nithsdale	Ballalaba	
MONAHAN	John		farmer		Ornmeir		Ballalaba		
MORGAN	James		farmer		Burkes Ck.	Ballalaba		
MORGAN	Edward		labourer	Burkes Ck.	Ballalaba		
MORGAN	Thomas		labourer	Burkes Ck.	Ballalaba		
MURPHY	John		labourer	---		Ballalaba		
NASH	Michael		labourer	Nithsdale	Ballalaba	
OCONNELL James		labourer	Stoney Ck.	Ballalaba		
O'CONNELL Michael	farmer		Stoney Ck.	Ballalaba		
OWENS	Abraham		carpenter	---		Ballalaba	
OWERS	James		labourer	---		Ballalaba	
OWERS	John		labourer	---		Ballalaba	
OWERS	William		labourer	---		Ballalaba	
PATTERSON William	labourer	---		Ballalaba		
RODGERS	John		labourer	Stoney Ck.	Ballalaba		
SEELEY	John		farmer		Jerebatgully	Ballalaba	
SMART	James		labourer	---		Ballalaba	
SMART	Samuel		labourer	---		Ballalaba	
SOLE	Edwin		farmer		Bredbo		Ballalaba	
SOUTH	Henry		labourer	---		Ballalaba	
SPOONER	Benjamin	farmer		Jerebatgully	Ballalaba		
SWANSEY	Samuel		labourer	Norongo		Ballalaba	
TYYIE	Andrew		labourer	Norongo		Ballalaba	
WALLACE	John		squatter	Nithsdale	Ballalaba		
WALLS	Edwin		farmer		Ballinafad	Ballalaba
WALLS	John		farmer		Ballinafad	Ballalaba
WARREN	Henry		shepherd	Ornmeir		Ballalaba
WHITTAKER Richard	farmer		Harrolls Cross	Ballalaba		
WILLIS	Edwin		farmer		Kiln Ck.	Ballalaba	
WILMINGTON Thomas	shepherd	---		Ballalaba		

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here