Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  LUCKNOW

Page 296
Distance 152 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) noon.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 11.30 a.m..
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 a.m.
Route  Rail Rydal, Cobbs coach Guyong 7m. Lucknow

ALLEN		Charles		farmer		Pretty Plains
ANDERSON	James		farmer		Pretty Plains
AYLAND		James		farmer		Frederick Valley
AYLAND		William		farmer		Frederick Valley
BARRY		Stone		farmer		Lucknow
BATES		Isaac		carrier		Lucknow
BLUNT		Charles		innkeeper	Lucknow
BOURKE		Cornelius	storekeeper	Lucknow
BOWER		Joseph		farmer		Pretty Plains
BROWNE		Andrew		miner		Lucknow
BROWNE		Joseph		farmer		Frederick Valley
BRYANT		D.		miner		Lucknow
BRYANT		E.		miner		Lucknow
BURNS		Thomas		farmer		Lucknow
BUSKIRK		Van		billiard marker	Lucknow
BYRUNT		Thomas		bootmaker	Lucknow
CAPPS		John		farmer		Spring Hill
CAPPS		Samuel		farmer		Spring Hill
CARROLL		William		innkeeper	Summer Hill
CARVER		William		farmer		Lucknow
CHAMONT		Frank		farmer		Pretty Plains
CHAPMAN		George		farmer		Frederick Valley
CHAPMAN		Stephen		farmer		Lucknow
CORNISH		John		farmer		Lucknow
CORNWALL	Francis		farmer		Lucknow
CUMMINGS	William		innkeeper	Summer Hill
DALTON BROS.			storekeepers	Lucknow
DAVIS		George		farmer		Spring Hill
DAVIS		John		farmer		Spring Hill
DAVIS		William		farmer		Spring Hill
DENNING		James		farmer		Cornish Settlement
DERRETT		Benjamin	miner		Lucknow	
DOUGLASS	James		farmer		Spring Hill
DOWNEY		Miss		teacher		Frederick Valley
DUNLOP		James		wheelwright	Summer Hill
EDWARDS		Samuel		blacksmith	Lucknow
ELDER		Thomas		miner		Lucknow
EVANS		Harley		farmer		Pretty Plains
FARDEY		Patrick		farmer		Pretty Plains
FAVELL		James		surgeon		Frederick Valley
FISHER		James		carrier		Lucknow
FUSSELL		James		farmer		Forest
GANDER		Charles		carrier		Lucknow
GILCHRIST	George		farmer		Frederick Valley
GILCHRIST	Robert		farmer		Frederick Valley
GOSPER		Charles		farmer		Lucknow
GOSPER		Joseph		farmer		Lucknow
GRAHAM		Archibald	miner		Lucknow
GREEN		James		farmer		Frederick Valley
HALL		Frederick	miner		Lucknow
HAMILTON	J.		innkeeper	Frederick Valley
HAWKE		George		storekeeper	Lucknow
HEFFERHAN	Mrs. Isabella	farmer		Lucknow
HIGMAN		John		miner		Lucknow
HOOPER		William		farmer		Spring Hill
HULHARD		Thomas		farmer		Spring Hill
JARA		William		farmer		Emu Swamp
JOHAN		Patrick		farmer		Forest
JOHNSON		Edward		---		Lucknow
KELLALHER	Richard		miner		Lucknow
KIDD		Mrs.		farmer		Pretty Plains
KINGHORN BROS.			butchers	Lucknow
KIRBY		Thomas		farmer		Frederick Valley
LAWLER		Edward		miner		Lucknow
LAWLER		Garret		miner		Lucknow
LAWSON		John		farmer		Pretty Plains
MACDERMOTT	James		butcher		Lucknow
MACINTYRE	Thomas		engineer	Lucknow
MAHONEY		James		storekeeper	Lucknow
MARONEY		James		road contractor	Lucknow
MARSDEN		James		carrier		Lucknow
MARSHALL	James		miner		Lucknow
MARTIN		John		innkeeper	Frederick Valley
MEAD		Robert		carpenter	Lucknow
MERRITT		Thomas		miner		Lucknow
MCMAHON		James		---		Lucknow
NICHOLLS	James		farmer		Lucknow
OBRIEN		John		jockey		Lucknow
OBRIEN		Matthew		carrier		Frederick Valley
OBRIEN		William		farmer		Lucknow
ODELL		Thomas		farmer		Pretty Plains
OSHEA		Edmund		miner		Lucknow
ODONNELL	Patrick		road contractor	Lucknow
PASCOE		Thomas		miner		Lucknow
PATON		Thomas		farmer		Pretty Plains
PAXTON		William		miner		Lucknow
PEARCE		Thomas		miner		Lucknow
PECKHAM		Henry		carrier		Emu Swamp
RANKIN		Hugh		miner		Lucknow
RAY		John		farmer		Spring Hill
REECE		Edwin		farmer		Spring Hill
RILEY		Thomas		farmer		Lucknow
ROBINS		Thomas		miner		Lucknow
SEATON		Daniel		farmer		Spring Hill
SHORT		Joseph		farmer		Lucknow
SHRIMPTON	Richard		farmer		Pretty Plains
SMITH		Christopher	farmer		Pretty Plains
SORRELL		William		blacksmith	Lucknow
STEPHENS	Alfred		farmer		Cornish Settlement
SWEENEY		James		farmer		Forest
TAYLOR		Edward		farmer		Frederick Valley
TAYLOR		William		farmer		Pretty Plains
THOMAS		Thomas		farmer		Frederick Valley
TIERNEY		John		farmer		Lucknow
TIERNEY		John		farmer		Frederick Valley
TOTTEN		James		miner		Lucknow
TOTTEN		Richard		miner		Lucknow
TOWNSEND	James		farmer		Pretty Plains
WALLACE		William		miner		Lucknow
WALSH		William		farmer		Lucknow
WARBOYS		Thomas		farmer		Spring Hill
WARBURTON	William		farmer		Spring Hill
WARD		Edward		farmer		Spring Hill
WARD		John		farmer		Spring Hill
WASS		Edward		farmer		Spring Hill
WHITBY		Charles		farmer		Spring Hill
WILLIAMS	Arthur		farmer		Lucknow
WILLIAMS	Thomas		farmer		Lucknow
WILLIAMS	William		farmer		Lucknow
WREN		James		farmer		Pretty Plains


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