Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  LUNATIC REEFS

Page 297
Distance --- miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, Thursday 2.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Tuesday, Friday 10 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday evenings

Route  Steam Grafton, - Lunatic Reefs

ALVAS		Antonio		miner		Lunatic Reefs
ANDERSON	Andrew		miner		Lunatic Reefs
ARMSTRONG	George		miner		McLeods Ck.
ARMSTRONG	Robert		miner		McLeods Ck.
BAILEY		William		contractor	Lunatic Reefs
BALDZER		George		butcher		Lunatic Reefs
BANNON		William		constable	Drake
BARNETT		Thomas		miner		Lunatic Reefs
BAUKHAM		John		miner		Lunatic Reefs
BEDWELL		Thomas		miner		Perseverance Reefs
BLANE		Robert		miner		Perseverance Reefs
BOORMAN		James		miner		Perseverance Reefs
BOYLE		Hubert		miner		Lunatic Reefs
BROWN		George		innkeeper	Drake
BROWN		Samuel		miner		Perseverance Reefs
BUSTARD		Charles		miner		McLeods Ck.
BUTLER		Michael		miner		Golden Crown Reefs
BYRNE		Thomas		miner		Perseverance Reefs
CABLE		Robert		miner		McLeods Ck.
CALVERT		Joseph		miner		Lunatic Reefs
CAMPBELL	Hugh		miner		Emu Ck.
CAP		William		miner		Perseverance Reefs
CHAUVAL		Arthur, JP	squatter	Lunatic Reefs
CLIFTON		Raymond		miner		McLeods Ck.
CORNISH		Captain W. M.	mining overseer	Lunatic Reefs
CRISP		Alfred		miner		Perseverance Reefs
DREW		Charles		miner		McLeods Ck.
EARNEGY		George		engineer	Drake
EARP		J.		saddler		Lunatic Reefs
FINCHAM		John		miner		McLeods Ck.
FORD		William		carrier		Lunatic Reefs
FRAZER		Henry		miner		Emu Ck.
GARTLEME	M.		miner		Golden Crown Reefs
GAY		Peter		miner		Lunatic Reefs
GILES		John		machine manager	Lunatic Reefs
GRAY		J.		miner		Golden Crown Reefs
HALES		Samuel		cook		Lunatic Reefs
HALL		William		miner		Lunatic Reefs
HANCOCK		William		miner		Victoria Reefs
HAUHER		Joseph		miner		Perseverance Reefs
HAWKINS		Samuel		miner		Lunatic Reefs
HEIR		John		miner		Lunatic Reefs
HOLLINGDALE	G.		miner		Perseverance Reefs
HORNE		George W.	---		Lunatic Reefs
HORTON		Joseph		miner		Perseverance Reefs
HORTON		Richard		miner		Perseverance Reefs
HORTON		Thomas		mining registrar Lunatic Reefs
IRVINE		James		innkeeper	Lunatic Reefs
JACKSON		William		engine driver	Lunatic Reefs
JENNER		Henry		miner		Victoria Reefs
JENNER		James		miner		Victoria Reefs
JONES		Richard		miner		Perseverance Reefs
LAIRD		Allen		miner		Golden Crown Reefs
LAMBERT		---		miner		Golden Crown Reefs
LANGTON		John		miner		McLeods Ck.
LARDINER	James		miner		Perseverance Reefs
LEBON		Francis		miner		Golden Crown Reefs
LIMEBURNER	H.		miner		Perseverance Reefs
LYONS		Joseph		miner		Perseverance Reefs
MAYJAR		George		miner		Perseverance Reefs
MERCHANT	Thomas		miner		Perseverance Reefs
MUIRSON		---		machine proprietor Lunatic Reefs
MULHERIN	John		carrier		Lunatic Reefs
MULHERIN	Martin		assistant storekeeper Lunatic Reefs
MURRAY		Robert		miner		Golden Crown Reefs
MCKENZIE	James		carpenter	Lunatic Reefs
MCLEAN		Donald		miner		Perseverance Reefs
MCNALLY		John		contractor	Lunatic Reefs
ONEIL		W.		miner		Golden Crown Reefs
PATTERSON	James		miner		Perseverance Reefs
PATTERSON	William		miner		Victoria Reefs
PATTERSON	Samuel		miner		Golden Crown Reefs
QUINN		Nicholas	miner		Golden Crown Reefs
RITCHIE		Wm.		postmaster & storekeeper Lunatic Reefs
RYAN		James		miner		Lunatic Reefs
SALMOND		James		miner		Emu Ck.
SALMOND		John		carrier		Lunatic Reefs
SAUNDERS	Richard		miner		Perseverance Reefs
SCOTT		Edward		miner		Lunatic Reefs
SCOTT		William		miner		Lunatic Reefs
SHANNON		James		miner		Golden Crown Reefs
SHANNON		J.		miner		Golden Crown Reefs
SHANNON		W. V.		mining overseer	Lunatic Reefs
SHERWOOD	G.		miner		Golden Crown Reefs
SKIPPAGE	---		miner		McLeods Ck.
SMITH		A.		storekeeper	Perseverance Reefs
SMITH		George		miner		Perseverance Reefs
SMITH		John		miner		Perseverance Reefs
SMITH		Merton		squatter	Cheviot Hills
SPARGO		Thomas		miner		Lunatic Reefs
SULLIVAN	John		butcher		Lunatic Reefs
THOMPSON	Charles		miner		Lunatic Reefs
WARE		George		carrier		Drake
WEBB		Geo.		innkeeper	Perseverance Reefs
WHEREAT		Isaac		miner		Perseverance Reefs
WHEELER		E.		miner		Golden Crown Reefs
WHITE		Alex.		miner		Golden Crown Reefs

Greville 1872

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