Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  LYNDHURST

Page 298
Distance 162 miles West of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 3.20 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 7 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 7 p.m.

Route  Rail Rydal, Cobbs coach Lyndhurst

ALBON		S. H.		engine driver	Junction
AMBERY		Michael		shepherd	Limestone Ck.
BAKER		Chas.		shepherd	Grubbenbong Ck.
BALE		Thomas		miner		Frenchmans Reef
BALLIE		David		miner		Junction
BARNETT		Walter		miner		Frenchmans Reef
BASH		Antonie		farmer		Grubbenbong Ck.
BATTY		William		grazier		Abercrombie
BEAVER		George		shepherd	Abercrombie
BERRYMAN	John		blacksmith	Junction
BLAZLEY		A.		storekeeper	Frenchmans Reef
BOWEN		Thomas		miner		Junction
BOWLES		Joseph		miner		Frenchmans Reef
BUNTING		Robert		farmer		Wattle Flat
BURKE		Rev. John A.	minister	Burkeville
BURKE		Richard		shepherd	Abercrombie
BURNS		W.		carpenter	Frenchmans Reef
BUTLER		William		innkeeper	Cowra Rd.
BYRNE		John		farmer		Marrengulla Ck.
CALLOW		Robert E.	teacher		Burkeville
CANT		Abraham		farmer		Grubbenbong Ck.
COBB		Lithgow J.	squatter	Fernside
COOKSON		F.		miner		Frenchmans Reef
COWLEY		Alfred		miner		Frenchmans Reef
COX		George		farmer		Marrengulla Ck.
COX		William		farmer		Marrengulla Ck.
CRICHTON	D. R.		engineer	Junction
DAVIS		William		carpenter	Lyndhurst
DEATH		William		farmer		Cowra Rd.
DOCKRELL	Frederick	farmer		Snakes Ck.
DONALDSON	David		farmer		Lyndhurst
DONALDSON	John		saddler		One Tree Flat
DUNSTER		Isaac		grazier		Abercrombie
EDDY		John		miner		Frenchmans Reef
EGAN		Thomas		innkeeper	Euroka
ELDER		James		miner		Junction
ELDER		John		miner		Junction
EMMS		A.		farmer		Grubbenbong Ck.
EUGINE		Martin		miner		Frenchmans Reef
FINN		Peter		miner		Junction
FLEMING		William		miner		Frenchmans Reef
FLOOD		James		farmer		Marrengulla Ck.
FLOOD		Patrick		farmer		Marrengulla Ck.
FORCITTI	Charles		miner		Frenchmans Reef
FRASER		James		bootmaker	Frenchmans Reef
FRENCH		Edward		farmer		Grubbenbong Ck.
GESS		George		miner		Learies Mount
GLEESON		Thomas		farmer		Marrengulla Ck.
HARRIS		Harley		---		Mendorma Ponds
HINES		John		farmer		Lyndhurst
HOAD		John		innkeeper	Frenchmans Reef
HORAN		Patrick		miner		Junction
HUDSON		Charles		farmer		Cowra Rd.
HUGHES		George		miner		Frenchmans Reef
JAMES		William J.	farmer		Grubbenbong Ck.
JOHNSTON	Thomas		miner		Frenchmans Reef
KELLY		James		miner		Frenchmans Reef
KELLY		Michael		innkeeper	Frenchmans Reef
KILFOYLE	Martin		miner		Frenchmans Reef
KINGHORNE	Alexander	squatter	Sunnyside
KIRKMAN		Edward		miner		Junction
KIRKPATRICK	Jas.		saddler		Grubbenbong Ck.
LAWRINE		Louis		butcher		Frenchmans Reef
LEADBEATOR	Jas.		farmer		Grubbenbong Ck.
LEADBEATOR	Wm.		farmer		Grubbenbong Ck.
LITTLEFIELD	Chas.		miner		Frenchmans Reef
LONDON		John		grazier		Grubbenbong Ck.
MARSHALL	A.		miner		Frenchmans Reef
MARSHALL	James		farmer		Fernside
MOORE		William		farmer		Marrengulla Ck.
MURPHY		Hugh		miner		Frenchmans Reef
MURPHY		John		miner		Frenchmans Reef
MCCLOSKEY	John		storekeeper	Lyndhurst
MCFAWN		Leslie		farmer		Grubbenbong Ck.
MCGREGOR	Charles		miner		Frenchmans Reef
MCKENNA		Martin		miner		Junction
MCKEOWN		Patrick		farmer		Limestone Ck.
OSBORNE		John		blacksmith	Junction
OWENS		George		labourer	Fernside	
PALMER		Edward		miner		Junction
PARKER		John		shepherd	Grabine
PARKHILL	John		miner		Junction
PASCOE		George		miner		Junction
PLUMMER		H.		blacksmith	Frenchmans Reef
PURLY		H. E.		miner		Frenchmans Reef
RAILTON		James		shepherd	Marrengulla Ck.
ROBERTS		Wm.		engineer	Frenchmans Reef
ROBINSON	Thomas		farmer		Grubbenbong Ck.
ROWLANDS	George		sheep inspector	Rockville
ROWLANDS	Henry		farmer		Rockville
RUSSELL		Charles		wood carter	Junction
SAWYERS		William		engine driver	Junction
SCELLER		D. G.		storekeeper	Frenchmans Reef
SHEHAN		Martin		innkeeper	Junction
SNOWDON		Henry		farmer		Snakes Ck.
STEER		Joseph		carpenter	Mendorma Ponds
STRAGHAN	James		road contractor	Lyndhurst
SUDDELL		Jane		farmer		Marrengulla Ck.
TAYLOR		William		miner		Frenchmans Reef
THOMAS		John		miner		Frenchmans Reef
THOMAS		Stephen		miner		Junction
TINDALE		William		miner		Frenchmans Reef
TITOR		Peter		miner		Junction
TOSHACK		James		farmer		Burkeville
TOSHACK		John		farmer		Wood Hill
TOSHACK		Robert		miner		Wood Hill
TOSHACK		William		farmer		Wood Hill
TRAYNOR		William		miner		Frenchmans Reef
ULPH		Benjamin	farmer		Grubbenbong Ck.
WALKER		R. H.		farmer		Grubbenbong Ck.
WALSH		Thomas		innkeeper	Junction
WATSON		Michael		miner		Junction
WEEKS		William		farmer		Limestone Ck.	
WEST		Joseph		squatter	James Park
WESTLAKE	Robert		miner		Frenchmans Reef
WHITE		Thomas		storekeeper	Junction
WILLIAMS	Alfred		farmer		Marrengulla Ck.

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