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Distance 361 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday, Tuesday 4 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Thursday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Tuesday 7 a.m..
Route - Rail Rydal, Cobb's coach Forbes, 120 m. Hillston
BOOTH James selector Meni Meniwah Hillston
BRESSENDON James blacksmith --- Hillston
BUCKLEY James bootmaker --- Hillston
BUCKLEY Peter innkeeper --- Hillston
BUCKLEY T. manager Willandra Station, Willandra Hillston
COOPER James innkeeper Willanthry Hillston
FORREST J. selector Four Mile, Billabong Hillston
GALL J. manager Hunthawang Station, 
Hunthawang Hillston
GALLAND Bernard storekeeper --- Hillston
GREEN George storekeeper Cane Plains Hillston
HAINES W. B. squatter Ballingleamble Hillston
HENNES Charles innkeeper Roto Hillston
HILL Elizabeth --- --- Hillston
HOFFMANN William squatter Meni Wrenigal Hillston
JONES R. D. selector Gilgunnia Hillston
KERR John squatter Uabba Hillston
LANE George selector Menown Hillston
MACKINNON Donald --- --- Hillston
MACLINCAN J. H. accountant --- Hillston
MOSS Abraham storekeeper --- Hillston
MOSS Louis storekeeper --- Hillston
MOSS Simon storekeeper --- Hillston
MCGILL John stockman --- Hillston
O'BRIEN John innkeeper --- Hillston
O'DONNELL John storekeeper --- Hillston
O'SULLIVAN Daniel squatter Cudgelligo Hillston
O'SULLIVAN Silvester squatter Wooyes Hillston
OWENS Edward squatter Gunnyeldie Hillston
PATTERSON Mary innkeeper Willanthry Hillston
PEACOCK J. T. manager Weni Wenigal Station Hillston
PEARSON James J. H. selector Pearsonville Hillston
ROACH D. stockman Cowl Cowl Station Hillston
ROCHE J. selector --- Hillston
STONIER Jervis selector --- Hillston
SYNNOT George squatter Cowl Cowl Hillston
TAYLOR Samuel innkeeper Whealbah Hillston
TAYLOR W. G. innkeeper Whealbah Hillston
WALSH M. B. squatter North Uabba Hillston
WARD A. manager Urenown Hillston

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here