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Distance 493 miles South of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Friday via Wagga Wagga, Tuesday via Deniliquin 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Friday, Tuesday via Wagga Wagga 5 a.m., Sunday via Deniliquin 11.30 a.m. 
Mail leaves for Sydney Wednesday via Deniliquin 6 p.m., Friday, Monday via Wagga Wagga 7 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday via Deniliquin, Tuesday, Friday via Wagga Wagga 7.15 a.m.
Route - Steam Melbourne, rail Echuca, coach Hay
ANDREWS John printer Wharf House Hay
ARNOTT Robert S. Telegraph & Postmaster  --- Hay
BALDERSON John baker Lachlan St. Hay
BARNES George innkeeper One Tree Hay
BASFORD John baker near River Hay
BATES J. H. newsagent Lachlan St. Hay
BLAKE John F. CPS Bush Inn Hay
BLEWETT Thomas E. storekeeper Wharf Store Hay
BOURKE David bootmaker Lachlan St. Hay
BREHENEY John innkeeper Lachlan St. Hay
BURT John squatter Tubbo Hay
BUTTERWORTH George poundkeeper --- Hay
CARTER William innkeeper Lachlan St. Hay
CHAMBERS Frederick squatter Pevensey Hay
CLARKE John squatter Kerarbury Hay
COHEN  Brothers storekeepers Lachlan St. Hay
CREAGHE R. Sub-Inspector Police  ---  Hay
DARCHY Thomas squatter Oxley Hay
DOBSON John innkeeper --- Hay
DONOHOE Andrew butcher Lachlan St. Hay
DOW John squatter Toganmain Hay
ESPLIN George innkeeper Lachlan St. Hay
EYRE William senior constable  --- Hay
FAIRBAIRN j. sheep inspector Simpson St. Hay
FORSYTH  & LOUGHLAN agents Lachlan St. Hay
FRANKLIN T. A. engineer Simpson St. Hay
GALLAGHER James constable Barracks Hay
GAMBLE Robert constable Barracks Hay
GARDINER F. W. accountant AJS Bank  Lachlan St. Hay
GEYER Henry watchmaker Lachlan St. Hay
GORDON J. M. surgeon Belmore St. Hay
GORMLEY Thomas butcher Lachlan St. Hay
HALBISH Peter innkeeper Lachlan St. Hay
HAMILTON Rev. S. W. (Presbyterian) --- Hay
HERRIOTT William innkeeper South --- Hay
HEWITSON & Co. saddlers Lachlan St. Hay
HIGGINS J. clerk Lachlan St. Hay
HUNTER John teacher --- Hay
HYDE R. C. teacher --- Hay
JOHNS Frank punt keeper Wharf House Hay
JOHNSTON Mrs. boarding house Lachlan St. Hay
JOHNSTONE William innkeeper --- Hay
LABINE William innkeeper Lachlan St. Hay
LEMON M. O. tinsmith near Reserve Hay
LENNING John innkeeper Lachlan St. Hay
MAHER M. V. squatter Eli Elivah Hay
MANOGUE John blacksmith Lachlan St. Hay
MARKEY William bootmaker Lachlan St. Hay
MATHEWS Charles boarding house Rivers St. Hay
MILNE P. G. chemist Lachlan St. Hay
MOORE J. jun. commission agent Moore St. Hay
MOSS Harry --- Lachlan St. Hay
MOSS Simon storekeeper Lachlan St. Hay
MURRAY & Co. tailors Lachlan St. Hay
MCAVEAN John squatter Thelangerin Hay
MCDONALD Charles storeman Moore St. Hay
MCDONALD John squatter Benerembah Hay
MCDONALD Mrs. Charles teacher Moore St. Hay
MCEVOY William squatter Woolondool Hay
MCFARLAND Thomas squatter Nap Nap Hay
MCGAW Joseph squatter Burrabogie Hay
MCGREGOR J. manager AJS Bank  Lachlan St. Hay
MCIEVOR I. Clerk AJS Bank  Lachlan St. Hay
MCKENZIE John agent Lachlan St. Hay
MCLARTY David squatter Groongol Hay
O'ROURKE & BLOCKER saddlers Lachlan St. Hay
PALMER John wool classer Simpson St. Hay
PALMER Matthew squatter Canoon Hay
PEARCE Joseph E. PM Lachlan St. Hay
POLLARD J. H. --- --- Hay
REED F. W. solicitor Lachlan St. Hay
RICHARDSON John storeman Lachlan St. Hay
RITCHIE J. coach agent Punt Hotel Hay
SEVERNE  Bros. squatters Benduck Hay
SIMPSON Thomas brewer Brewery Hay
SIMPSON James blacksmith Lachlan St. Hay
SIMSON Colin squatter Mungadel Hay
SMITH W. L. storekeeper Lachlan St. Hay
STEWART Robert constable Lachlan St. Hay
SYNNOT Walter squatter Cowl Cowl Hay
TARTAKOVER  Bros. storekeepers Lachlan St. Hay
THERLKELD William builder --- Hay
TREVENA N. J. blacksmith Lachlan St. Hay
TULLY Walter squatter Illillawa Hay
TWYNAM W. E. solicitor Simpson St. Hay
TYSON Peter squatter Coorong Hay
TYSON William squatter Juanbong Hay
TYSON William sen. squatter Juanbong Hay
VIVIAN H. C. bailiff Simpson St. Hay
WALLER W. N. squatter Cuba Hay
WARBY James E. storekeeper Lachlan St. Hay
WELSH Henry B. squatter Walgiers Hay
WHILCOME  Bros. builders Simpson St. Hay
WRAGG & HEARNE squatters Wardry Hay
YOURK C. W. fruiterer Lachlan St. Hay

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here