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Distance 156 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 5 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 5.45 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, and Cobb's coach Gunning
ALCHIN William farmer Gap Range Gunning
ALLEN Mrs. --- Gap Range Gunning
ANDERSDON Peter farmer Collingwood Gunning
BAILY Thomas farmer Gap Range Gunning
BAILY William farmer Gap Range Gunning
BARTLY Martin farmer --- Gunning
BATEUP Edward shepherd Stoney Hole Gunning
BATEUP Richard carpenter --- Gunning
BEAN Joseph innkeeper Frankfierld Gunning
BELL John teacher --- Gunning
BEST Peter squatter Albert Vale Gunning
BEST Peter A. squatter Oolong Ck. Gunning
BILLINGSLEY Samuel water carrier --- Gunning
BIRD J. shepherd Frankfield Gunning
BURNS John farmer --- Gunning
BUSH James farmer Gap Range Gunning
CALDWELL John carpenter --- Gunning
CALDWELL W. farmer Gap Range Gunning
CEENEY Thomas farmer Collingwood Gunning
CHAPPLE John farmer Stoney Hole Gunning
CLANCY Martin farmer Fish River Gunning
CLANCY Patrick farmer Fish River Gunning
CLARKE Henry farmer Stoney Hole Gunning
CLIFTON James carrier --- Gunning
COLLET Philip farmer --- Gunning
CONNELL Ellen --- --- Gunning
CONOLLY F. W. postmaster & 
storekeeper --- Gunning
COOPER John carrier --- Gunning
COOPER Joseph carrier --- Gunning
CRUNDWELL W. labourer --- Gunning
DENNY John labourer --- Gunning
DOWNES John carrier --- Gunning
DOWNEY John farmer Rockfield Gunning
DRENNAN Morris farmer Fish River Gunning
DUNCOMBE E. C. shepherd Fish River Gunning
EASTERBY Thomas farmer --- Gunning
FARQUHAR John miller --- Gunning
FENTON Richard shepherd --- Gunning
FISHER Edward farmer Larida Ck. Gunning
FISHER Robert farmer Larida Ck. Gunning
FISHER William farmer Larida Ck. Gunning
FOLEY Michael farmer --- Gunning
FOLEY Patrick farmer Collarin Ck. Gunning
GANNON Thomas farmer Collarin Ck. Gunning
GANNON William farmer Collarin Ck. Gunning
GILES --- farmer Gap Range Gunning
GINN Charles farmer Fish River Gunning
GLANVILLE William teacher Gap Range Gunning
GRANGER Benjamin farmer --- Gunning
GRANGER Jonas farmer --- Gunning
GRAVALIN C. blacksmith Gap Range Gunning
GREEN David blacksmith Frankfield Gunning
GROVENOR Richard innkeeper --- Gunning
GROVENOR William butcher --- Gunning
HARRIS George baker --- Gunning
HAZELL James farmer Gap Range Gunning
HEASLOP B. farmer Fish River Gunning
HINDS Edward innkeeper Gap Range Gunning
HORNBROOK F. H. surgeon --- Gunning
HOURN Christopher labourer --- Gunning
HUME F. R. squatter Frankfield Gunning
HUMPHRIES Robert brickmaker --- Gunning
JAMES Jesse labourer Frankfield Gunning
JOBSON Thomas carpenter --- Gunning
JOHNSON --- farmer Gap Range Gunning
JONES Brothers storekeepers --- Gunning
JONES William carpenter Keswick Gunning
JONES William farmer Collarin Ck. Gunning
KENNEDY Patrick farmer --- Gunning
KENNEDY R. H. squatter Collingwood Gunning
LAWLISS John farmer Erindale Gunning
LEARY James farmer --- Gunning
LEES Adam farmer --- Gunning
LEES Conrad farmer Stoney Hole Gunning
LEES David farmer Stoney Hole Gunning
LEWIS --- farmer Baltinglass Gunning
LINE T. H. innkeeper --- Gunning
LOCKETT Martha dressmaker --- Gunning
LOWE Margery farmer Barabangalo Gunning
LUCK Nelson farmer Collingwood Gunning
LYALL J. farmer --- Gunning
MADDEN John farmer Rockfield Gunning
MARA John constable --- Gunning
MARQULES Louis innkeeper Gap Range Gunning
MASON George farmer Fish River Gunning
MOONEY Thomas farmer --- Gunning
MOULD S. farmer Gap Range Gunning
MURRAY Denis farmer Golong Ck. Gunning
MCCONVILLE Thomas farmer Frankfield Gunning
MCCRYSTAL William farmer Fish River Gunning
MCDIVETT --- farmer --- Gunning
MCKAY Elizabeth dressmaker --- Gunning
MCMANUS Andrew farmer Fish River Gunning
NEWMAN Joseph squatter Inglewood Gunning
NEWMAN Joseph jun. farmer --- Gunning
NOBLE John labourer --- Gunning
NOBLE William farmer Fish River Gunning
O'BRIEN John shepherd Collingwood Gunning
O'BRIEN Silvester farmer --- Gunning
O'BRIEN Vincent blacksmith --- Gunning
PASMORE John saddler --- Gunning
PATERSON Anthony farmer Barabangalo Gunning
PATERSON Henry farmer Barabangalo Gunning
PATERSON Michael farmer Barabangalo Gunning
PATERSON Thomas farmer Barabangalo Gunning
PITTY Alfred farmer --- Gunning
PLANT Henry labourer --- Gunning
PLUMB Stephen blacksmith --- Gunning
POWER George shepherd Albert Vale Gunning
PURCELL --- farmer --- Gunning
PURSEHOUSE Edward farmer --- Gunning
PYE George farmer Baltinglass Gunning
RAMSAY F. A. farmer Keswick Gunning
RAYNOR E. B. CPS --- Gunning
REYNOLDS George squatter Baltinglass Gunning
REYNOLDS Richard squatter Rose Vale Gunning
REYNOLDS W. R. storekeeper --- Gunning
ROBERTS A. J. labourer --- Gunning
ROBERTS George sawyer --- Gunning
RUDD William poundkeeper --- Gunning
SANDS John squatter Boureong Gunning
SAXBY Henry storekeeper --- Gunning
SETZAR John farmer Stoney Hole Gunning
SHEA Bridget farmer --- Gunning
SHERRIFF Richard bootmaker --- Gunning
SMITH William farmer Waggalalah Gunning
STARR Caleb farmer Stoney Hole Gunning
STARR Richard --- --- Gunning
STEAD Rev. Charles (Wesleyan) --- Gunning
TAYLOR John shepherd --- Gunning
TOOHEY William farmer Gap Range Gunning
TOWNSEND William storekeeper --- Gunning
WALSH R. labourer --- Gunning
WATERS John farmer Stoney Hole Gunning
WAYE James farmer --- Gunning
WETTIG Charles farmer --- Gunning
WHEATLEY David farmer --- Gunning
WHEATLEY Henry farmer Waggalalah Gunning
WHEATLEY Josiah farmer Waggalalah Gunning
WILES G. R. constable --- Gunning
WILSON W. J. innkeeper --- Gunning
WINTER David farmer Stoney Hole Gunning
WOODHOUSE Elizabeth --- --- Gunning
WOODWARD Robert blacksmith --- Gunning
YOUNG Valentine farmer --- Gunning

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here