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Distance 155 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Friday, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday noon
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Thursday 5 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, 22m. Gullen
ABBEY Alexander farmer Grabbengullen Gullen
ALLEN George farmer --- Gullen
BAILEY Joseph farmer --- Gullen
BANFIELD Henry blacksmith --- Gullen
BENNETT James farmer --- Gullen
BREEN Anne --- Gurrunda Gullen
BREEN John farmer Grabbengullen Gullen
BRODERICK Michael farmer Gurrunda Gullen
BRODERICK Owen postmaster --- Gullen
BROGAN Michael farmer --- Gullen
BROGAN Steven labourer --- Gullen
CALLIGAN Patrick farmer Gurrunda Gullen
CHURCHEL Alfred farmer --- Gullen
CHURCHEL Charles --- --- Gullen
CHURCHEL Isaac farmer --- Gullen
CHURCHEL Isaac jun. farmer --- Gullen
CHURCHEL Isaac sen. farmer --- Gullen
CHURCHEL Jacob farmer --- Gullen
CHURCHEL Nathan farmer --- Gullen
CHURCHEL Pursella --- --- Gullen
CHURCHEL Sarah A. --- --- Gullen
CHURCHEL William farmer --- Gullen
CLANCY Patrick farmer Grabbengullen Gullen
COSGROVE Thomas farmer --- Gullen
COSTIGAN James farmer --- Gullen
COUGHLEN Alice teacher --- Gullen
COVES John farmer Gurrunda Gullen
DEVITT Patrick farmer Grabbengullen Gullen
DEVITT William farmer --- Gullen
DOIEL Timothy farmer --- Gullen
DOWNEY James farmer --- Gullen
DOWNEY Edward farmer --- Gullen
DOWNEY John farmer --- Gullen
DOWNEY Miles farmer --- Gullen
DOWNEY Peter farmer --- Gullen
FOLEY Denis farmer Gurrunda Gullen
GAY George farmer --- Gullen
GAY John farmer --- Gullen
GAY Thomas farmer --- Gullen
GIBSON John farmer Wons Spring Gullen
GILLESPIE James shepherd Wheeo Gullen
GILLESPIE William farmer Wheeo Gullen
GRANVIL Richard jun. labourer Gurrunda Gullen
GRONVILLE Richard farmer Grabbengullen Gullen
GURNEY William farmer --- Gullen
HACKETT Michael farmer Grabbengullen Gullen
HAREN John farmer --- Gullen
HAYWARD Thomas farmer --- Gullen
HEFFEREN John farmer Gurrunda Gullen
HEFFEREN Patrick farmer Gurrunda Gullen
HENNESSY Michael farmer Gurrunda Gullen
HOBLEY Anne --- --- Gullen
HODGE John farmer --- Gullen
HODGE Thomas farmer --- Gullen
HOGAN Martin farmer --- Gullen
HOGAN Patrick farmer --- Gullen
HOLLEHEN Patrick farmer Gurrunda Gullen
KEEFE Francis farmer Gurrunda Gullen
KEEFE Jeremiah farmer Gurrunda Gullen
KENNEDY Hugh farmer --- Gullen
KENNEDY Patrick farmer --- Gullen
KENNEDY William farmer --- Gullen
LANGDEN William farmer --- Gullen
LANE Charles farmer --- Gullen
LINCH James farmer --- Gullen
LOUGHNAN James farmer Grabbengullen Gullen
LOUGHNAN John farmer Grabbengullen Gullen
LOUGHNAN Michael farmer --- Gullen
MILLANE John farmer Grabbengullen Gullen
MORTIMER George farmer Middle Ck. Gullen
MOTE John farmer --- Gullen
MCALEER Cormack farmer --- Gullen
MCCABE Charles farmer --- Gullen
MCCABE James farmer --- Gullen
MCCARTY Daniel farmer Gurrunda Gullen
MCCAULIFFE Marget cooper --- Gullen
MCCAULIFFE Robert cooper --- Gullen
MCCUTCHEN John farmer Middle Ck. Gullen
MCCUTCHEN Mary --- Middle Ck. Gullen
MCGARVEY Maria teacher Grabbengullen Gullen
MCLORLEY Bernard farmer Grabbengullen Gullen
MCMILLIN Thomas farmer Middle Ck. Gullen
MCPALL John farmer Wons Spring Gullen
NEWMAN John farmer Grabbengullen Gullen
NOOKS William carpenter --- Gullen
NOSEWORTHY William farmer Mummell Gullen
NUGENT Michael carpenter --- Gullen
NUGENT William labourer --- Gullen
O'BRYAN John farmer --- Gullen
O'NEIL Denis farmer Gurrunda Gullen
O'NEIL Owen farmer Gurrunda Gullen
O'NEIL Patrick farmer Gurrunda Gullen
PARKER Robert farmer --- Gullen
PRICE Andrew farmer --- Gullen
PRICE Henry farmer --- Gullen
PRICE William farmer --- Gullen
REANEY Annie --- Middle Ck. Gullen
REANEY Thomas blacksmith Middle Ck. Gullen
RIXON John farmer --- Gullen
ROGERS Michael farmer --- Gullen
ROSSETER E. G. storekeeper Grabbengullen Gullen
RYAN Michael farmer Grabbengullen Gullen
SCANLAN Patrick farmer Humise's Ck. Gullen
SHEPHERD John farmer Reed's Flat Gullen
SKEEHEN Denis farmer --- Gullen
SKEEHEN John shepherd --- Gullen
SLEAVIN Edward farmer --- Gullen
SMITH Edward farmer --- Gullen
SMITH George farmer --- Gullen
SMITH James farmer --- Gullen
SMITH John farmer --- Gullen
SMITH Kate --- --- Gullen
SMITH Thomas farmer --- Gullen
SPACKMAN Charles farmer --- Gullen
STAPLETON Steven farmer --- Gullen
STORRIER John farmer --- Gullen
SUREY John farmer Middle Ck. Gullen
TULLEY Michael farmer Grabbengullen Gullen
TULLEY Patrick jun. farmer --- Gullen
TULLEY Patrick sen. farmer Byolla Gullen
TULLEY Sarah --- --- Gullen
WALL Edward labourer Grabbengullen Gullen
WALSH Denis farmer Burrowa Gullen
WEATHERS George farmer Gurrunda Gullen
WEATHERS Richard farmer Gurrunda Gullen
WEATHERS Samuel farmer Grabbengullen Gullen
WHOLEHEN John farmer Gurrunda Gullen
WILLION Axem farmer Wons Spring Gullen
WOODS John farmer Gurrunda Gullen

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here