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Distance 121 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 3 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, Thursday 9 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday evenings
Route - Steam Morpeth or Newcastle, rail Maitland East, coach Paterson, 15m. Gresford
ARTHUR James farmer Myall Ck. Gresford
BAMBACH George storekeeper Toryburn Gresford
BEANE James farmer Norwood Gresford
BIDNER Adam farmer Kelburn Gresford
BIRD James farmer Camyrallyn Gresford
BIRD William gardener Colstoun Gresford
BOWEN Thomas labourer Trevallyn Gresford
BOYDELL James W. farmer Camyrallyn Gresford
BOYDELL William B. vigneron Caergurle Gresford
BRENNAN Patrick farmer Lewinsbrook Ck. Gresford
BROOKER George stockholder Tea Tree Gresford
BROOKER George jun. innkeeper --- Gresford
BURNS Hugh farmer --- Gresford
BUSH John postmaster --- Gresford
CASEY James farmer Camyrallyn Gresford
CASEY John farmer Camyrallyn Gresford
CASEY Thomas farmer Tambo Gresford
CHAMPAIN Gilbert --- Glenthorne Gresford
CHICK Wiliam farmer Camyrallyn Gresford
CONOLLY John farmer Toryburn Gresford
CONOLLY Patrick labourer Trevallyn Gresford
CONOLLY Thomas labourer Trevallyn Gresford
COSGRIFF Martin farmer --- Gresford
COWLEY Daniel P. labourer Trevallyn Gresford
COWLEY Daniel cooper Trevallyn Gresford
CUSICK Edward farmer Camyrallyn Gresford
CUSICK John farmer Camyrallyn Gresford
DAGG William farmer Elms Hall Gresford
DEIM Adam labourer Cawarra Gresford
DIVINE Matthew farmer Colstoun Gresford
DOOHEN John farmer Lewinsbrook Ck. Gresford
DOOSEY James farmer Toryburn Gresford
DOYLE E. W. tobacco manufacturer  Clevedon Gresford
DRINKWATER Charles shepherd Myall Ck. Gresford
DUNN James farmer Myall Ck. Gresford
EBBECK Frederick W. builder Wallarah Gresford
EDWARDS Edmund farmer Colstoun Gresford
EIDLER Godleib farmer Camyrallyn Gresford
EVELEIGH Charles farmer Glenthorne Gresford
EVELEIGH Edwin farmer Camyrallyn Gresford
EVELEIGH George farmer Glenthorne Gresford
EVELEIGH William farmer Camyrallyn Gresford
EVERETT William bootmaker Camyrallyn Gresford
FURNER Edmund farmer Colstoun Gresford
FURNER George farmer Colstoun Gresford
GERNER Philip farmer Lewinsbrook Ck. Gresford
GILWYLER Christian farmer Toryburn Gresford
GLENNIE John vigneron Orindinna Gresford
GOSLING Isaac farmer Trevallyn Gresford
GRAY Martin farmer Norwood Gresford
HAMBURGER Martin farmer Toryburn Gresford
HARRIS George farmer Colstoun Gresford
HARRIS John farmer Colstoun Gresford
HARRIS Thomas farmer Carlton Place Gresford
HAWKEY John T. fencer Trevallyn Gresford
HAYES Michael farmer Park's Ck. Gresford
HOLZ Philip farmer Trevallyn Gresford
HONNESS Charles farmer & tobacco twister  Lostock Gresford
HONNESS John farmer Lostock Gresford
HUDSON Robert labourer Lewinsbrook Ck. Gresford
HYLAND Thomas farmer Lewinsbrook Ck. Gresford
JONES Edward farmer Kelburn Gresford
JONES Edward twister Clevedon Gresford
JONES Eustace tobacco twister Clevedon Gresford
KAISER Valentine labourer Cawarra Gresford
KELLY Denis farmer Clifford Gresford
KRAMER Frederick farmer Colstoun Gresford
LEE Henry farmer Lewinsbrook Gresford
LEWIS Joseph farmer Colstoun Gresford
LINDEMAN Arthur F. vigneron Cawarra Gresford
LINDEMAN Arthur H. vigneron Cawarra Gresford
LINDEMAN Henry John vigneron Cawarra Gresford
LONG Charles --- Colstoun Gresford
MAYNE William farmer Clevedon Gresford
MEEHAN John farmer Camyrallyn Gresford
MITCHELL George dealer Clevedon Gresford
MCCORMACK James squatter Clevedon Gresford
MCKEOWN Thomas farmer Tambo Gresford
PARK Alex. vigneron Lewinsbrook Ck. Gresford
PARK Robt. vigneron Lewinsbrook Ck. Gresford
PHILLIPS James farmer Branch Ck. Gresford
PHILLIPS Stephen farmer Branch Ck. Gresford
PHILLIPS Thomas bootmaker Branch Ck. Gresford
PRYOR Joseph labourer Clevedon Gresford
RANDALL Francis storekeeper --- Gresford
RANDALL William tobacconist --- Gresford
RAYMOND James farmer Clevedon Gresford
REIFSTINGER Philip farmer Trevallyn Gresford
RICHARDSON James farmer Lewinsbrook Ck. Gresford
ROBINSON Robert farmer Norwood Gresford
RODWELL George poundkeeper --- Gresford
RODWELL Thomas labourer Cawarra Gresford
ROETH George farmer Glendon Brook Gresford
ROHRMAN Martin farmer Toryburn Gresford
ROSS Leonard labourer Orindinna Gresford
RUMSBY William farmer Myall Ck. Gresford
SECCOMBE George T. surveyor Colstoun Gresford
SHERWOOD Charles farmer Trevallyn Gresford
SHORT John farmer Lewinsbrook Ck. Gresford
SKAINES Thomas labourer Trevallyn Gresford
SKEGGS Benjamin fencer Trevallyn Gresford
STEER Stephen farmer Dunvegan Gresford
STEER William farmer Dunvegan Gresford
STOLTZENBACH John farmer Kelburn Gresford
TOWNSHEND Geo. B. stockholder Trevallyn Gresford
TOWNSHEND George --- Trevallyn Gresford
WALKER Thomas blacksmith Camyrallyn Gresford
WALKER Wm. sen. blacksmith Camyrallyn Gresford
WALTERBACK John farmer Trevallyn Gresford
WILMOT James farmer Toryburn Gresford
WOOLLARD George bootmaker Trevallyn Gresford

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here