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Distance 50 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday Thursday 4.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday Friday noon
Mail leaves for Sydney Wednesday Saturday 4 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday Saturday 5.30 p.m.
Route - Steam Brisbane Water, Gosford
ALDRICK William innkeeper --- Gosford
ANDERSON Henry sawyer Erina Gosford
ANDERSON Henry splitter Wyoming Gosford
BARTLETT Richard sawyer --- Gosford
BATTLEY Thomas C. --- --- Gosford
BAYLISS Frederick shipwright --- Gosford
BEATTIE John bootmaker --- Gosford
BEATTIE John jun. bushman Orimbah Gosford
BLAKE John sawyer Erina Gosford
BOSTON William storekeeper --- Gosford
BROWN Charles sawyer Blue Gum Flat Gosford
BROWN James storekeeper --- Gosford
BROWN William sawyer Erina Gosford
BUCKTON George sawyer Blue Gum Flat Gosford
BUCKTON Joseph sawyer Erina Gosford
BUSHBY Ephraim sawyer Erina Gosford
CADBY James sawyer Erina Gosford
CAIN William N. shell miner Woy Woy Gosford
CALVERT James splitter Mooney Mooney Gosford
CAMPBELL Hugh innkeeper --- Gosford
CAPPER Ann storekeeper --- Gosford
CAPPER James sawyer Erina Gosford
CATER Charles sawyer Orimbah Gosford
CHENWELL William sawyer Terragal Gosford
CHILLCOTT John sawyer Orimbah Gosford
CLARKE John sawyer --- Gosford
CLIFFORD James farmer Duralong Gosford
COCKCROFT John carrier --- Gosford
COLE James farmer Pent's Ferry Gosford
COLLINS Thomas sawyer Wyong Gosford
COOK Mountford carrier Narara Gosford
COOK William carrier Narara Gosford
COTTRELL James splitter --- Gosford
COTTRELL James splitter Blue Gum Flat Gosford
COUCHE Edward shell miner Broadwater Gosford
COULTER Irvine butcher --- Gosford
COULTER Samuel shell miner Woy Woy Gosford
CRAFT Edward farmer Wyong Gosford
CRAFT William farmer Wyong Gosford
CRANE William splitter Erina Gosford
CRAUSE Henry storekeeper --- Gosford
CREIGHTON Robert wheelwright --- Gosford
DAVIS Rock shipbuilder Blackwall River Gosford
DAY James sawyer Orimbah Gosford
DICKSON William sawyer --- Gosford
DONLON Thomas storekeeper --- Gosford
DOWNER Charles mariner --- Gosford
DRANE Thomas C. --- --- Gosford
DUFFY Peter J. carrier Narara Gosford
DUFFY William sawyer Blue Gum Flat Gosford
DUNCAN Thomas carrier Erina Gosford
EARLE William sawyer Blue Gum Flat Gosford
EMMETT George sawyer Erina Gosford
FAGAN Charles C. --- Narara Gosford
FAGAN Peter settler Narara Gosford
FANNING James J. farmer Wyong Gosford
FANNING John sawyer Blue Gum Flat Gosford
FLETCHER James innkeeper --- Gosford
FLETCHER William sawyer Narara Gosford
FOOT Henry sawyer Orimbah Gosford
FOOT William sawyer Orimbah Gosford
FORESTER Robert sawyer Wamberal Gosford
FORSTER Richard jun. sawyer Erina Gosford
FOSTER William sawyer Erina Gosford
FOUNTAIN John --- Narara Gosford
FRASER Simon storekeeper --- Gosford
FREWIN Joseph sawyer Blue Gum Flat Gosford
FRY Christopher storekeeper Narara Gosford
GAVENLOCK Christopher sawyer Narara Gosford
GILKISON Andrew sawyer Wyong Gosford
GLEESON Thomas sawyer Wamberal Gosford
GLEESON Timothy sawyer Wamberal Gosford
GOLDIE David sawyer Golden Point Gosford
GOLDIE Robert sawyer Golden Point Gosford
GOLDIE William sawyer Golden Point Gosford
GRANT Edward sawyer Erina Gosford
GRANT Thomas sawyer Erina Gosford
HAYES John splitter Narara Gosford
HEATH George --- Narara Gosford
HELEY Hovendon --- Wyoming Gosford
HITCHCOCK Richard sawyer Erina Gosford
HUNT Alfred sawyer --- Gosford
IZZARD Thomas splitter Orimbah Gosford
JONES William sawyer Erina Gosford
KAY James M. sawyer Terragal Gosford
KEENE Mary Ann widow --- Gosford
KEENE Stephen K. blacksmith --- Gosford
KELLY Alfred sawyer Wamberal Gosford
KENSEY Eli sawyer Duralong Gosford
KILDEY Edward sawyer Orimbah Gosford
KLUMP Christopher splitter Erina Gosford
KOHLHOFF Christian teacher --- Gosford
LAD Joseph sawyer Blue Gum Flat Gosford
LAMBKIN George Henry carpenter --- Gosford
LEES Joseph carrier Kangy Angy Gosford
MARCHANT William sawyer Blue Gum Flat Gosford
MILES William B. sawyer Erina Gosford
MOORE John gardener --- Gosford
MORRIS John bootmaker Orimbah Gosford
MORRIS Joseph blacksmith Narara Gosford
MUDGE Henry S. shell miner Broadwater Gosford
MCCULLEM Duncan settler Broadwater Gosford
MCGRATH Honora teacher --- Gosford
MCINTOSH T. storekeeper --- Gosford
MCKEECHNIE Thomas sawyer Erina Gosford
NEURY James carrier Narara Gosford
NEURY William sawyer Erina Gosford
NEWMAN Rev. Chas. D. (C. E.) --- Gosford
NEWMAN E. splitter Blue Gum Flat Gosford
O'NEIL John farmer Wyong Gosford
OPPERMAN Joseph sawyer Chittaway Gosford
ORGAN William labourer --- Gosford
PARKES Edwin H. shell miner Woy Woy Gosford
PARKINSON John bootmaker --- Gosford
PARRY Griffiths W. labourer --- Gosford
PATEMAN Samuel sawyer Orimbah Gosford
PENNINGTON John sawyer --- Gosford
PIGGOTT William sawyer Erina Gosford
QUIGLEY Samuel mariner --- Gosford
READ John blacksmith Erina Gosford
ROBLEY John splitter Orimbah Gosford
RYDE John sawyer Blue Gum Flat Gosford
SCOTT Thomas --- Point Clare Gosford
SMITH John butcher --- Gosford
SMITH Thomas sawyer --- Gosford
SMITH Thomas sawyer Erina Gosford
SPEARS Francis sawyer --- Gosford
SPEARS George jun. innkeeper --- Gosford
SPEARS George sen. --- --- Gosford
STAMP George bootmaker --- Gosford
STANTON John sawyer Narara Gosford
STOCKDALE John R. carrier Orimbah Gosford
SWADLING Cornelius carrier Erina Gosford
SWADLING George carrier Erina Gosford
SWADLING James carrier Erina Gosford
SWADLING William carrier Erina Gosford
SWITZER Frederick wheelwright Narara Gosford
TAYLOR Edward carrier Tumby Umby Gosford
TAYLOR George splitter Tumby Umby Gosford
TAYLOR Henry sawyer Tumby Umby Gosford
UNDERWOOD A. sawyer Blue Gum Flat Gosford
WADE George bailiff --- Gosford
WAMSLEY Edward farmer Blue Gum Flat Gosford
WAMSLEY W. farmer Orimbah, Chittaway Gosford
WARBURTON Samuel sawyer Blue Gum Flat Gosford
WATERS Ezekiel farmer Yarramalong Gosford
WATERS James farmer Yarramalong Gosford
WATKINS Charles sawyer Wamberal Gosford
WEAVER Charles T. P. M. --- Gosford
WHELAN James labourer --- Gosford
WHELAN William labourer --- Gosford
WHITE Robert sawyer --- Gosford
WHITE Simon sawyer Blue Gum Flat Gosford
WILKINSON John sawyer --- Gosford
WILLIAMS George farmer Orimbah Ck. Gosford
WILLIAMS Henry farmer --- Gosford
WILSON Albert V. carrier Wamberal Gosford
WOOD Ralph sawyer Blue Gum Flat Gosford
WOODBURY Matthew farmer Wyong Ck. Gosford
WRIGHT Richard sawyer Erina Gosford
YOUNG George storekeeper --- Gosford

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here