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Distance 143 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 2 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday evenings.

Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Muswellbrook, coach Jerrys Plains.

ALCORN		Richard		---		Jerrys Plains
ALCORN		Richard jun.	cattle dealer	Jerrys Plains
ALFORD		E.		sheep inspector	Birnam Wood
ALFORD		J., JP		farmer & grazier Maryville
ALLEN		Daniel		farmer		Doyles Ck.
ALLEN		Matthew		farmer		Hampdon Park
ALLEN		Robert		farmer		Jerrys Plains
BALE		Charlotte	farmer		Jerrys Plains
BARREY		Daniel		farmer		Doyles Ck.
BAXTER		Jesse W.	farmer		Jerrys Plains
BAXTER		William		farmer		Jerrys Plains
BENNET		James		farmer		Jerrys Plains
BOLTEN		Lawrence	farmer		Chain of Ponds
BOWMAN		James		grazier		Strachan
BOWMAN		John W.		grazier		Arrowfield
BRANN		David		farmer		Jerrys Plains
BRIDGER		William		blacksmith	Jerrys Plains
BRIGGS		Luke		bootmaker	Jerrys Plains
BROWN		John		grazier		Ellerslie
BROWN		John J.		farmer		Apple Tree Flat
BROWN		Thomas		butcher		Jerrys Plains
CALLIBY		Richard		drover		Jerrys Plains
CARROLL		Richard		teamster	Jerrys Plains
CATTLEDINE	Thomas		farmer		Doyles Ck.
CHALKER		Thomas		drover		Jerrys Plains
CHURCH		James		carpenter	Jerrys Plains
COLLINS		John		farmer		Doyles Ck.
COX		Jacob		farmer		Doyles Ck.
DEWHURST	William		farmer		Jerrys Plains
DILLON		John		farmer		Jerrys Plains
DILLON		Thomas		farmer		Jerrys Plains
DOYLE		Edward		grazier		Montrose
DOYLE		Edward A.	grazier		Carrington
DOYLE		Robert A.	grazier		Eulongo
DUFF		James		farmer		Oak Range
DUFF		Peter		farmer		Hampton Park
DUNGERY		W. Sanford	bootmaker	Jerrys Plains
EDWARD		James		farmer		Chain of Ponds
ELLIS		Joseph		farmer		Jerrys Plains
ELLIS		Thomas		poundkeeper	Jerrys Plains
ELLIS		William		grazier		Oak Range
FOAZER		James		grazier		Dural
FRANCIS		Emanuel		bushman		Jerrys Plains
FRAZER		James jun.	drover		Jerrys Plains
FRAZER		John		drover		Jerrys Plains
FREEMAN		Robert		drover		Jerrys Plains
GEDDIES		John		labourer	Jerrys Plains
GILBERT		William		farmer		Doyles Ck.
GRACE		George		grazier		Oak Vale
GUYATT		William		teamster	Jerrys Plains
HAM		Henry		farmer		Jerrys Plains
HARDMAN		James W.	carpenter	Jerrys Plains
HARDY		Benjamin	carpenter	Doyles Ck.
HAURAHAN	John		farmer		Doyles Ck.
HAURAHAN	Michael		labourer	Jerrys Plains
HOLDEN		Richard		farmer		Great Lodge
HOLDEN		Robert		miller		Great Lodge
HONORARY	Edward		farmer		Apple Tree Flat
HOOKER		William		labourer	Jerrys Plains
HOPKINS		John		farmer		Pine Grove
HOWARD		Anthony		teamster	Arrowfield
HOWARD		John		labourer	Jerrys Plains
HOWARD		Michael		labourer	Arrowfield
HOWARD		Thomas		farmer		Chain of Ponds
HUXLEY		Richard		innkeeper	Jerrys Plains
HYNES		David		drover		Jerrys Plains
HYNES		Owen		blacksmith	Jerrys Plains
HYNES		Owen jun.	teamster	Jerrys Plains
JAMIESON	Thomas		labourer	Jerrys Plains
JEFFERY		John		labourer	Jerrys Plains
KIBBLE		George		drover		Jerrys Plains
KILLEN		William		farmer		Doyles Ck.
KING		John		farmer		Plashett
KRUST		Carlos		farmer		Jerrys Plains
LANE		James		blacksmith	Jerrys Plains
LANE		James jun.	blacksmith	Jerrys Plains
MACMORROW	Patrick		constable	Jerrys Plains
MOODY		John		carpenter	Jerrys Plains
MURPHY		Daniel		farmer		Doyles Ck.
MURPHY		Michael		carpenter	Maison Dieu
MYRES		Henry		drover		Jerrys Plains
NEIBOUR		Eugene		vigneron	Jerrys Plains
NEILSON		Christian	carpenter	Doyles Ck.
ODONNELL	Thomas		farmer		Carrington
OHARAH		Christopher	farmer		Doyles Ck.
OXFORD		Henry		mason		Jerrys Plains
PEARSE		William, JP	grazier		Plashett
POWERS		David		teamster	Chain of Ponds
READMAN		George		tailor		Jerrys Plains
READMAN		George jun.	farmer		Jerrys Plains
REDMAN		William		shearer		Jerrys Plains
REGAN		Michael		farmer		Doyles Ck.
ROSE		Henry		farmer		Doyles Ck.
SAUNDERS	Oliver, JP	storekeeper	Jerrys Plains
SHAW		Rev. Thomas Head minister	Parsonage	
SHAW		William		farmer		Great Lodge
SMAILE		Henry		farmer		Jerrys Plains
STAIR		Charles		vigneron	Jerrys Plains
STEPHENSON	Jane		teacher		Jerrys Plains
STOKES		Frederick	farmer		Plashett
TUDOR		Henry		drover		Redbank Ck.
TURNER		John		sawyer		Jerrys Plains
VIGORS		John		farmer		Jerrys Plains
WILD		William		farmer		Plashett
YORK		Henry		innkeeper	Jerrys Plains

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here