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Distance 117 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 5 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 6.50 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Rydal, Cobb's coach Glanmire
AH SEE Tom storekeeper --- Glanmire
BEATTY James brewer --- Glanmire
BELDON William shepherd Winburndale Glanmire
BLACKMAN  Henry farmer Winburndale Glanmire
BOBINEN Frederick miner Napoleon Glanmire
BOURKE Thomas --- --- Glanmire
BOURKE Thomas --- Sydney Rd. Glanmire
BRUMLEY Sydney teacher Sydney Rd. Glanmire
CAMPBELL  Andrew farmer Sydney Rd. Glanmire
CAMPBELL  Archibald squatter --- Glanmire
CAMPBELL  John woodcutter Green swamp Glanmire
CARTER George stockkeeper Woodside Glanmire
CHRISTIAN  Richard contractor Raglen Glanmire
CHURCH Tom farmer --- Glanmire
CLANCEY John chaff cutter --- Glanmire
CLARK Hedges miner Napoleon Reef Glanmire
CLARKSON  William labourer Napoleon Reef Glanmire
COOPER Stephen miner --- Glanmire
COOMBES Edward --- Coombesside Glanmire
COOPER William miner --- Glanmire
COX Thomas brewer --- Glanmire
COZIER Henry C. --- --- Glanmire
CUN Les gardener --- Glanmire
DAVIDSON  Daniel farmer Raglen Glanmire
DAVIDSON  John farmer Brown's Hill Glanmire
DAVIDSON  Jonathan miner Brown's Hill Glanmire
DEVILOR Frederick fencer --- Glanmire
FISHER Frederick quarryman Sydney Rd. Glanmire
GARTEY Charles gardener --- Glanmire
GENHA Morriss --- --- Glanmire
GORMAN John farmer Sydney Rd. Glanmire
GRAY Edward resident --- Glanmire
GREEN Frank miner --- Glanmire
HAINSWORTH  Joe innkeeper Raglen Glanmire
HARRADINE  James --- --- Glanmire
HONNACHIN  James melter --- Glanmire
HOWARD Mrs. farmer Brown's Hill Glanmire
HOURIGAN  Dan. stock-keeper Blaney Glanmire
HYLAND Thomas innkeeper --- Glanmire
INGRAM Sydney brewer --- Glanmire
IRVING David nursery Binberdig Littleton Glanmire
JILKS Henry miner --- Glanmire
KELLY Charles contractor --- Glanmire
KEY Yey storekeeper --- Glanmire
LEE William shepherd Winburndale Glanmire
LEVERING  Lawrence miner Napoleon Glanmire
LITTLE D. G. nursery Binberdig Littleton Glanmire
LITTLE John W. --- Binberdig Glanmire
MCKENZIE  Kenneth engineer --- Glanmire
MANONGE Patrick farmer Cornee Station Glanmire
MEEKMANN  Maurice shepherd --- Glanmire
MELOY Edward contractor --- Glanmire
MUIR Robert blacksmith --- Glanmire
NORSY Julius resident --- Glanmire
POOLE James --- --- Glanmire
POOLE William engineer --- Glanmire
POTTER Robert miner --- Glanmire
REA James --- Sydney Rd. Glanmire
RICHARDS  Henry miner Napoleon Reef Glanmire
ROBERTSON  William gardener Sorrow Bank Glanmire
ROBERTSON  Wm. innkeeper Green Swamp Glanmire
ROBERTSON  William innkeeper Woodside Glanmire
ROCK John miner --- Glanmire
ROPPER John farmer Green Swamp Glanmire
ROSS John miner Napoleon Reef Glanmire
RYAN Richard woodcarter Sydney Rd. Glanmire
SEACH Joseph woodcarter Brown's Hill Glanmire
SEACH William carrier Green Swamp Glanmire
SHAW Samuel --- --- Glanmire
SHEEN Adam fencer --- Glanmire
SHENEGHERN  Henry farmer --- Glanmire
SHOREMAN  John innkeeper --- Glanmire
SIMONS Thomas woodcarter Brown's Hill Glanmire
SMYTH John chaff cutter --- Glanmire
TUGUM --- storekeeper Green Swamp Glanmire
WOODS John watchman --- Glanmire
WORTH William farmer Green Swamp Glanmire
WRIGHT William toll-bar Green Swamp Glanmire

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here