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Distance 166 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Saturday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Sunday 8.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday 1.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, 43m. Fullerton
ALLPORT Joseph farmer & grazier  Bolong Levels Fullerton
ALLPORT Sarah farmer Bolong Levels Fullerton
ARMSTRONG Philip farmer Leighwood Levels Fullerton
ARMSTRONG T. farmer Leighwood Levels Fullerton
ARMSTRONG William farmer Boree Ck. Fullerton
BOOTH C. farmer & grazier  --- Fullerton
BURNETT James grazier Leighwood Levels Fullerton
CADDEN Hugh grazier Bolong Fullerton
CAMERON James farmer Leighwood Fullerton
CARTWRIGHT John farmer Reedy Ck. Fullerton
CONLAN James farmer --- Fullerton
COPELAND William farmer --- Fullerton
CORBY Thomas shepherd --- Fullerton
CORNWALL Samuel farmer near Abercrombie Fullerton
CROAKER Charles farmer Reedy Ck. Fullerton
CROAKER George farmer Reedy Ck. Fullerton
CROAKER Nathaniel farmer Reedy Ck. Fullerton
CROAKER Thomas farmer Reedy Ck. Fullerton
CUMMINS Bridget farmer Mianga Ck. Fullerton
CUMMINS William farmer Mianga Ck. Fullerton
FITZGIBBONS Michael farmer --- Fullerton
FRANCIS Thomas grazier Abercrombie Fullerton
GRUNDY Thomas farmer Boree Ck. Fullerton
HAWKESLEY W. shepherd Bolong Levels Fullerton
JOHN Jordon farmer Leighwood Levels Fullerton
KEOUGH John shepherd --- Fullerton
KING W. A. labourer Leighwood Levels Fullerton
LACY Robson shepherd --- Fullerton
LAWLER Michael farmer Mianga Ck. Fullerton
MAHER James shepherd --- Fullerton
MARMONT John grazier Boree Ck. Fullerton
MAYWARD George farmer Leighwood Levels Fullerton
MAYWARD Henry farmer Leighwood Levels Fullerton
MORMONT Thomas grazier Bolong River Fullerton
MURRAY George farmer Leighwood Levels Fullerton
MCDONALD William farmer Reedy Ck. Fullerton
MCGAW John farmer --- Fullerton
MCKENZIE W. farmer & grazier  Phill's River Fullerton
RITCHIE James labourer --- Fullerton
RITCHIE William grazier Bolong Levels Fullerton
RYAN Patrick --- Bolong Levels Fullerton
SEAMAN Edward grazier Bolong Levels Fullerton
SHARWOOD Alfred landholder Bolong Levels Fullerton
SHARWOOD John farmer & grazier  near Abercrombie Fullerton
SHORTER John --- --- Fullerton
SMITH John farmer --- Fullerton
SULLIVAN Robert farmer Boree Ck. Fullerton
TOOLE David farmer & grazier  Reedy Ck. Fullerton
TOOLE John farmer Mianga Ck. Fullerton
TOOLE Matthew H. farmer Reedy Ck. Fullerton
TURNER A. landholder Bolong River Fullerton
VAUGHAN Thomas farmer & grazier  near Reedy Ck. Fullerton
VAUGHAN T. jun. farmer near Reedy Ck. Fullerton
WACE Charles farmer Boree Ck. Fullerton
WALDERON Christina teacher --- Fullerton
WALDERON Henry A. mail contractor --- Fullerton
WEEKES George farmer Bolong Levels Fullerton
WEEKES Thomas farmer Bolong River Fullerton

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here