Greville's Post Office Directory 1872  LOCHINVAR
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Page 290

Distance 102 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 8.32 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 8.32 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening

Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Lochinvar

ADAMS		James		blacksmith	Lochinvar
BARBER		John		farmer		Oswald
BARBER		Jonathan	miner		Nailer
BELLEMY		Robert		farmer		Lochinvar
BEVIS		Ann		midwife		Lochinvar
BIRD		Robert		farmer		Lochinvar
BOLAND		James		farmer		Luskentyre
BOLAND		John		farmer		Gordon Hill
BOLAND		John		farmer		Luskentyre
BROWN		James		vigneron	Lochinvar
BROWN		J. S.		builder		Lochinvar
BURGESS		Samuel		farmer		Irish Town
CAPP		Charles		squatter	Windermere
CAVES		Thomas		painter		Lochinvar
CHICK		John		carrier		Lochinvar
CHICK		Thomas		bootmaker	Lochinvar
CHICK		William		bootmaker	Lochinvar
CLIFT		William		vigneron	Lochinvar
COFFEY		Michael		farmer		Lochinvar
CONNOLY		F.		farmer		Lochinvar
CONNOLY		M.		farmer		Luskentyre
COOGAN		Edward		farmer		Tockingra Rd.
CRINNAN		James		vigneron	Oswald
CROSS		Charles		fencer		Black Hill
CROSS		Edward		groom		Harpers Hill
CRUSE		James		constable	Lochinvar
CULLEN		D.		---		Lochinvar
DANGERFIELD	James		carrier		Lochinvar
DAVIES		F. E.		farmer		Luskentyre
DAVIES		James		carrier		Wilderney
DAVOREN		John		farmer		Irish Town
DAWSON		George		farmer		Oswald
DAY		George		drover		Black Hill
DONOHOE		John		farmer		Lochinvar
DONOHOE		R. O.		storekeeper	Lochinvar
DOON		Peter		vigneron	Cedar Bush
DOYLE		Edward		farmer		Black Hill
DOYLE		James		vigneron	Keludah
DOYLE		J. F.		vigneron	Keludah
DOYLE		J. G.		---		Black Hill
DOYLE		William		---		Lochinvar
DWYER		Peter		farmer		Windermere
EASEY		James		farmer		Luskentyre
EMANUEL		Lewis		saddler		Luskentyre
FAIRBALL	William		farmer		Luskentyre
FARRELL		James		farmer		Lochinvar
FARRELL		John		butcher		Lochinvar
FERRIS		James		station master	Lochinvar
FRUIDE		William jun.	farmer		Oswald
FRUIDE		William sen.	farmer		Oswald
GILMORE		John		carrier		Lochinvar
GOLDEN		George		farmer		Oswald
GOLDEN		Thomas		carrier		Lochinvar
GOOINGS		Henry		farmer		Oswald
GRAHAM		William		blacksmith	Lochinvar
GREEDY		Joseph		wheelwright	Lochinvar
GREEN		Peter, JP	vigneron	Windermere
HALL		John		farmer		Luskentyre
HALLMAN		John		teacher		Lochinvar
HARPER		William		---		Oswald
HEAGNEY		Martin		carrier		Lochinvar
HEAGNEY		Patrick		farmer		Lochinvar
HICKEY		John		farmer		Oswald
HICKEY		Martin		farmer		Oswald
HOLMES		T. B.		vigneron	Wilderney
HORDER		Edwin		carrier		Lochinvar
HORDER		George		carrier		Lochinvar
HOSKINS		Joseph		poundkeeper	Lochinvar
HOWEL		Charles		storekeeper	Lochinvar
HUMPHREYS	Robert		railway porter	Lochinvar
IRVING		Thomas		teacher		Lochinvar
KANDAH		Christian	farmer		Lochinvar
KANDAH		Hermon		farmer		Lochinvar
KEY		Charles		butcher		Lochinvar
KEY		J. A.		farmer		Oswald
KEY		John		innkeeper	Lochinvar
KEY		William		butcher		Lochinvar
KINNE		Frank		gardener	Lochinvar
KING		Ely		builder		Lochinvar
KING		Henry		farmer		Lochinvar
LAMBERT		Alice		farmer		Oswald
LAMBERT		Charles		farmer		Oswald
LAMBERT		James		farmer		Oswald
LEAVER		William		storekeeper	Lochinvar
LEE		C. M.		teacher		Lochinvar
LONDON		William		sawyer		Wilderney
MARKHAM		Patrick		carrier		Lochinvar
MILLER		Charles		carrier		Lochinvar
MILLER		James		carrier		Lochinvar
MOLONY		Thomas		blacksmith	Lochinvar
MUNS		James		carrier		Lochinvar
MCMANN		Hugh		farmer		Lochinvar
MCMANN		Patrick		farmer		Lochinvar
NEW		Emanuel		carrier		Lochinvar
PALMER		Matthew		storekeeper	Lochinvar
PANKHURST	Henry		farmer		Oswald
PECK		Philip		farmer		Oswald
PECK		Thomas		farmer		Allandale
PRING		James		fishmonger	Lochinvar
PRYOR		Philip		farmer		Oswald
PRYOR		Philip		storekeeper	Oswald
PRYOR		William		farmer		Lochinvar
PULVER		J. B.		farmer		Luskentyre
READ		Charles		storekeeper	Lochinvar
REEVES		William jun.	farmer		Lochinvar
REEVES		William sen.	farmer		Lochinvar
RENHAM		Henry		---		Lochinvar
SHINNER		William		farmer		Lochinvar
SMITH		Joseph		farmer		Lochinvar
SNEESBY		James		farmer		Oswald
SNEESBY		Robert		fencer		Lochinvar
TAYLOR		James		drover		Lochinvar
TAYLOR		William		vigneron	Lochinvar
TOOHEY		Denis		farmer		Lochinvar
TOOZE		Thomas		carrier		Lochinvar
TOOZE		William		bootmaker	Lochinvar	
TRAVELLER	L.		teacher		Oswald
TUCKER		James		carrier		Black Hill
WALKEN		James		carrier		Lochinvar
WALSH		Rev. Charles	minister	Lochinvar
WELSH		Thomas		innkeeper	Lochinvar
WAY		Robert		farmer		Lochinvar
WALSH		Patrick		carrier		Lochinvar
WILLIAMS	William		farmer		Oswald
WINDERS		Thomas		farmer		Lochinvar

Greville 1872

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