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Distance 338 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday, 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday, Tuesday, 10.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, 11.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday evenings
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobb's coach Armidale, 25m. Falconer
ARMSTRONG William farmer Lake Mount Falconer
BAGOT C. T. squatter Ben Lomond Falconer
BAKER George horsebreaker --- Falconer
BARKER John squatter Mount Mitchell Falconer
BOURKE Michael shepherd Aberfoil Falconer
BOURKE Thomas shepherd Aberfoil Falconer
BURNHAM Thomas stockman Guyra Falconer
CAMERON Allan stockman --- Falconer
CAMERON Donald farmer --- Falconer
CAMERON John dairy --- Falconer
CAMPBELL John selector --- Falconer
CATTELL George farmer --- Falconer
CATTELL Henry farmer --- Falconer
CHISHOLM John shepherd Aberfoil Falconer
COVENTRY Andrew squatter Kangaroo Hill Falconer
COVENTRY Andrew sen. squatter Oban Falconer
COVENTRY Charles manager Oban Falconer
COVENTRY James cattle manager Oban Falconer
COVENTRY John superintendent Aberfoil Falconer
COVENTRY Wm. squatter Aberfoil Falconer
CROUGH John farmer Red Farm Falconer
DITTON John farmer --- Falconer
DOWNIE Hugh carpenter Ben Lomond Falconer
DREW Thomas farmer Ben Lomond Falconer
EDGAR John farmer --- Falconer
FERGUSON George farmer --- Falconer
FORD John farmer Red Farm Falconer
GILES J. shepherd Aberfoil Falconer
GILL John squatter --- Falconer
GREINE Walter stockman Mount Mitchell Falconer
JONES Thomas shepherd Aberfoil Falconer
MILLIS James manager Guyra Falconer
MILLIS Wm. squatter Guyra Falconer
MOORE Frank farmer Guyra Falconer
MOORE Stevenson farmer Guyra Falconer
MCINTYRE William superintendent --- Falconer
MCLEAN John farmer Guyra Falconer
MCRAE Alexander storekeeper --- Falconer
MCRAE Donald farmer --- Falconer
MCRAE John farmer --- Falconer
RAE James W. farmer --- Falconer
RAE Thomas innkeeper --- Falconer
RAE Thomas storekeeper & postmaster  --- Falconer
ROSS John carrier Ben Lomond Falconer
SMITH John squatter Malpas Falconer
WATT R. H. cattle manager Mount Selina Falconer

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here