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Distance 251 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday, 5.30 p.m. and steamer direct
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, 4 p.m. and steamer
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Monday, 10 a.m. and steamer direct
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday, mornings and by steamer
Route - Steam direct, or steam Port Macquarie, 10m Ennis
ALLEN James farmer Rawdon Island Ennis
ANDREWS Isaac farmer Wauchope Ennis
ANDREWS James farmer Wauchope Ennis
ANDREWS Joseph farmer Wauchope Ennis
ANDREWS Robert farmer Wauchope Ennis
ANDREWS Samuel farmer Wauchope Ennis
BAIN Alexander farmer Crossland Ennis
BAIN Alexander farmer Letterewe Ennis
BAIN Duncan farmer Crossland Ennis
BAIN Duncan farmer Red Bank Ennis
BAXTER Andrew farmer Morton's Ck. Ennis
BAXTER John J. farmer Morton's Ck. Ennis
BEATIE Archibald butcher --- Ennis
BOLTWOOD James farmer --- Ennis
BRANCH William farmer Prospect Ennis
CALVIN Andrew farmer Morton's Ck. Ennis
CAMERON Donald farmer Crossland Ennis
CAMERON John farmer Crossland Ennis
CAMERON William farmer Crossland Ennis
CAMPBELL Robert J. bootmaker --- Ennis
CASEY Matthew farmer Red Bank Ennis
CAVANAGH Peter farmer Rawdon Island Ennis
CROSS William --- Wauchope Ennis
DAWES George F. farmer --- Ennis
DENCHEIR Catherine farmer Red Bank Ennis
DENCHEIR Patrick farmer Red Bank Ennis
DOUGHERTY Bernard farmer Wauchope Ennis
DOWNES John farmer --- Ennis
EDWARDS John bootmaker --- Ennis
EDWARDS Thomas bootmaker --- Ennis
EGGERT Henry farmer Wauchope Ennis
ELLIOTT Lewis farmer Rawdon Island Ennis
GARRETT George farmer --- Ennis
GARRETT William jun. farmer --- Ennis
GARRETT William sen. farmer --- Ennis
HANLY Daniel farmer Red Bank Ennis
HARRIOTT Alexander farmer Rawdon Island Ennis
HARRIOTT Archibald farmer Rawdon Island Ennis
HARRIOTT George engineer Rawdon Island Ennis
HARRIOTT John herbalist Rawdon Island Ennis
HARRIOTT Thomas farmer Rawdon Island Ennis
HAWES Ann farmer Wauchope Ennis
HUGHES Patrick farmer Rawdon Island Ennis
HUME Hamilton farmer Red Bank Ennis
HUME John teacher Wauchope Ennis
HUME Kendall teacher Beechwood Ennis
KERR Finlay storekeeper --- Ennis
KNIGHT Charles farmer Rawdon Island Ennis
KNIGHT George farmer Rawdon Island Ennis
LIVINGSTONE Hugh teacher Letterewe Ennis
MARTIN John farmer Greenbourne Ennis
MARTIN William farmer Greenbourne Ennis
MARTIN William jun. farmer Greenbourne Ennis
MATHERSON Angus farmer Beechwood Ennis
MATHERSON John farmer Beechwood Ennis
MATTAN Samuel farmer Rosewood Ennis
MILLER John G. farmer Wauchope Ennis
MOODY Philip farmer --- Ennis
MORRIS George farmer Little Rawdon Island Ennis
MUSCIO Bernardo farmer Ballook Ennis
MUSCIO Peter farmer Oxley Head Ennis
MCKAY Hugh farmer Beechwood Ennis
MCLEAN James farmer Wauchope Ennis
MCLEAN William sawyer Wauchope Ennis
MCMILLAN William carpenter Rosewood Ennis
MCMULLIN Alexander farmer Morton's Ck. Ennis
MCMULLIN John farmer Morton's Ck. Ennis
NAUGHTON John farmer Rawdon Island Ennis
NEVILLE John farmer Beechwood Ennis
O'BRIEN Patrick farmer Red Bank Ennis
OSBORNE Henry farmer Stoney Brook Ennis
PALMER James farmer Stoney Brook Ennis
PARKER Ann M. farmer Rosewood Ennis
PARKER George farmer Rosewood Ennis
PARKER Henry farmer Rosewood Ennis
PARKER Richard farmer Rosewood Ennis
PARKER William farmer Rosewood Ennis
PATTERSON Mervyn K. farmer Morton's Ck. Ennis
PAYNE Caracticus farmer Red Bank Ennis
PAYNE Justinian butcher --- Ennis
PEAD Alexander carpenter --- Ennis
PEAD James farmer Greenbourne Ennis
PEIRCE William farmer Rawdon Island Ennis
PLUMMER William teacher --- Ennis
ROACHE John farmer Red Bank Ennis
ROACHE William farmer Red Bank Ennis
ROBINSON Alexander farmer King Ck. Ennis
ROSE James farmer Rawdon Island Ennis
ROSE Thomas farmer --- Ennis
RYAN John grazier Wauchope Ennis
SICOMBE Josiah farmer --- Ennis
STEELE George farmer --- Ennis
SUTTERS Thomas farmer Wauchope Ennis
VIVIAN Walter farmer King Ck. Ennis
WARRALL Charles farmer Red Bank Ennis
WARRALL James sawyer --- Ennis
WEBB James farmer --- Ennis
WHITE James farmer Rawdon Island Ennis
WHITE Joseph farmer Rawdon Island Ennis
WISELEY John farmer Wauchope Ennis

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here