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Distance 296 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, 5.30 p.m. and by steamer direct
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday, 2.30 p.m. and steamer
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, 10 a.m. and steamer direct
Mail arrives at Sydney Saturday morning and steamer
Route - Steam Ellenborough; or steam Port Macquarie, 50m. Ellenborough; or steam Manning River, 30m. Ellenborough
BROWNING John farmer Hastings Ellenborough
BROWNING Thomas farmer Lanthoney Ellenborough
BYRNES Michael labourer Upper Hastings Ellenborough
CAMERON William carrier Cookamerica Ellenborough
CHURCHILL Joseph farmer Lanthoney Ellenborough
COMBES James carrier Forbes River Ellenborough
COMBES Henry carrier Cookamerica Ellenborough
FIELDS John labourer Upper Hastings Ellenborough
GILLES John carrier Bullic Ellenborough
GORHING William sawyer Lonley Point Ellenborough
HENRY James farmer Hastings Ellenborough
HENRY Thomas farmer Hastings Ellenborough
HILLIS Newman grazier Cookamerica Ellenborough
HOLLIS George farmer Forbes River Ellenborough
HOLLIS Joseph farmer Bappenborough Ellenborough
HOLLIS Newman farmer Kindee Ellenborough
HOLLIS Robert farmer Bappenborough Ellenborough
JACKSON Robert grazier Upper Ellenborough
JOHNSTON Peter farmer Big Flat Ellenborough
JOHNSTON William grazier Upper Hastings Ellenborough
JOHNSTON William farmer Upper Hastings Ellenborough
KENNEDY Alexander farmer Caterback Ellenborough
KILMURRAY Denis farmer High Town Ellenborough
KIRKMAN John farmer Myrtle Grove Ellenborough
KIRKMAN Mathew farmer --- Ellenborough
LAHEY James grazier Katabally Ellenborough
LAHEY Johannah --- Cookamerica Ellenborough
LYONS George farmer Upper Ellenborough
MUMFORD Betsy --- Wall Ivory Ellenborough
MUMFORD Frederick sawyer Wall Ivory Ellenborough
MUMFORD Thomas carrier Thone Ck. Ellenborough
MCLENNON John farmer Upper Hastings Ellenborough
NAYLOR Frederick clerk Big Flat Ellenborough
NEVILLE William labourer Hastings Ellenborough
NOAKES James farmer Upper Hastings Ellenborough
TURNER Henry labourer Hastings Ellenborough
WALLIS James farmer Stumpy Flat Ellenborough
WALLIS John jun. labourer --- Ellenborough
WALLIS John sen. grazier --- Ellenborough
WILLIAMS Thomas farmer Thone Ck. Ellenborough
YELDON Joseph carrier Upper Hastings Ellenborough

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here