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Distance 130 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 5.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 7.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, evenings
Route - Steam Clarence Town, 10m. Dungog, or steam Morpeth, coach Dungog.
ABBOTT Joseph farmer Dowling St. Dungog
ABBOTT Mrs. Thos. farmer Violet Hill Dungog
ALDRICH William chemist Lord St. Dungog
ALEXANDER Thos. S. storekeeper Dowling St. Dungog
ALLENDER & Co. storekeepers Dowling St. Dungog
ALISON Robert L. --- Cooreii Dungog
ALLEN Mrs. Alice --- Hooke St. Dungog
ANDERSON George farmer Thalaba Dungog
ARROWSMITH John farmer Crown Park Dungog
ARROWSMITH William farmer Crown Park Dungog
BAKER James farmer Dungog Dungog
BAKER John farmer Kelleton Grove Dungog
BANISTER James farmer Tabbill Ck. Dungog
BARBY Mrs. Henry householder Allendale Dungog
BARBY Mrs. George farmer Fosterton Dungog
BERRY James farmer Thalaba Dungog
BERRY Robert  farmer Thalaba Dungog
BEVAN John sawyer Brown St. Dungog
BOSWORTH Benjamin farmer Fosterton Dungog
BREWER Henry farmer Wire Gully Dungog
BREWER Isaac farmer Wire Gully Dungog
BROWN Arthur farmer Bendolba Dungog
BROWN George farmer Bendolba Dungog
BRUYN Daniel blacksmith Brown St. Dungog
BRUYN Joseph farmer near Dungog Dungog
BYRON Jeremiah farmer Bendolba Dungog
CHAMBERLAIN George labourer Mary St. Dungog
COFFEY John bootmaker Dowling St. Dungog
COLLIER Joseph P. teacher Bendolba Dungog
CONWAY Mrs. Margaret householder Dowling St. Dungog
COOKE Ann --- Wire Gully Dungog
COOKE Benjamin wheelwright Abelard St. Dungog
CORNISH George farmer Bendolba Dungog
CORNISH James jun. farmer Bendolba Dungog
CORNISH James sen. farmer Bendolba Dungog
COX Daniel farmer Wire Gully Dungog
COX James farmer Main Ck. Dungog
COX John farmer Crown Park Dungog
COX Mrs. Thomas farmer Bendolba Dungog
CROSS George labourer Windeyer St. Dungog
CROWFOOT James sen. farmer Wire Gully Dungog
CULBERT James tobacco twister Chapman St. Dungog
DARK Mrs. Eliza storekeeper Dowling St. Dungog
DEAN F. S. teacher Windeyer St. Dungog
DIXON John farmer Rocky Hill Dungog
DOHERTY Michael labourer Allendale Dungog
DORSE Thomas farmer Thalaba Dungog
DOWLING Vincent --- Cannongalla Dungog
DUNNING William labourer Cairnmore Dungog
EASON Edward farmer Wire Gully Dungog
ELLIOTT William farmer Thalaba Dungog
FALLON Mrs. Ellen householder Brown St. Dungog
FITZGERALD Joseph farmer East Bank Dungog
FITZGERALD Patrick farmer Sunville Dungog
FITZSIMMONS Bernard labourer Lord St. Dungog
FITZSIMMONS Mrs. --- Wire Gully Dungog
FLETCHER Thomas farmer Thalaba Dungog
GALVIN Thomas farmer Thalaba Dungog
GEOMAN John farmer Thalaba Dungog
GORDON Henry --- Mackay St. Dungog
GORTON George farmer Main Ck. Dungog
GREEN William farmer Thalaba Dungog
GREGSON Joseph carpenter Brown St. Dungog
GRIFFIN Alfred C. teacher Thalaba Dungog
HANDCOCK John dealer Dowling St. Dungog
HANNA Thomas householder Brown St. Dungog
HAYMAN Edwin J. tanner Hooke St. Dungog
HEFFERNAN Rody farmer Dungog Dungog
HENRY John farmer Myall Ck. Dungog
HICKS James carrier Dowling St. Dungog
HICKS John farmer near Dungog Dungog
HOARE John farmer Tabbill Ck. Dungog
HOARE Pierce farmer Tabbill Ck. Dungog
HOCKAM Thomas sawyer Dungog Dungog
HODGES Charles dealer Mill St. Dungog
HOOKE Alfred farmer Round Hill Dungog
HOOKE Benjamin --- Wire Gully Dungog
HOOKE Henry farmer Rocky Hill Dungog
HOOKE James squatter Wire Gully Dungog
HOOKE John, JP --- Dingadee Dungog
HOUGUET Philip builder Sugar-loaf Ck. Dungog
HUBANDSMITH Rev. E. minister Parsonage Dungog
JENNINGS Edward bootmaker Dowling St. Dungog
KEARNEY Bryan labourer Myall Ck. Dungog
KELLY Robert farmer Bendolba Dungog
KENNEDY James farmer Bendolba Dungog
KENNEDY Mrs. George baker Hooke St. Dungog
KEOUGH John blacksmith Mill St. Dungog
KELLY George bootmaker Bendolba Dungog
KRANSTWYVER  Henry farmer Fosterton Dungog
LANDERS Pierce tailor Tabbill Ck. Dungog
LANDERS Pierce jun. grazier Tabbill Ck. Dungog
LEAKE John householder Allendale Dungog
LEAN Christopher farmer Fig Tree Farm Dungog
LEAN Christopher jun. farmer Hatfield Park Dungog
LEAN Robert farmer Hatfield Park Dungog
LEGHORN John farmer Rocky Hill Dungog
LEONARD Charles farmer Mount Pleasant Dungog
LLOYD J. tobacco manufacturer  Mackay St. Dungog
LUNEY John blacksmith Dowling St. Dungog
LOWREY Thomas farmer East Bank Dungog
LOWREY William farmer East Bank Dungog
LYSAGHT Mrs. householder Abelard St. Dungog
LYSAGHT Patrick labourer Abelard St. Dungog
MACKAY George, JP farmer Melbee Dungog
MACKAY John station owner Cangon Dungog
MARSH Benjamin farmer Thalaba Dungog
MARSH Edward cabinet maker Lord St. Dungog
MARSH Edwin farmer Thalaba Dungog
MARSH George farmer Thalaba Dungog
MARSH William farmer Thalaba Dungog
MEIKLEJOHN J. F. teacher Chapman St. Dungog
MIDDLEBROOK Charles farmer Tabbill Ck. Dungog
MIDDLEBROOK Turfit farmer Bendolba Dungog
MINNS Frederick farmer Thalaba Dungog
MONTGOMERY John surgeon Hatfield Park Dungog
MOYLAN Michael surgeon Main Ck. Dungog
MOYLAN Thomas farmer Crown Park Dungog
MUDDLE George labourer Brown St. Dungog
MUDDLE Mrs. Luke householder Dowling St. Dungog
MULLENS Michael labourer Crown Park Dungog
MYERS Thomas farmer Harewood Dungog
MCCARTY Michael farmer Dungog Dungog
MCKENLAY E. surgeon Dowling Ck. Dungog
MCNAMARRA Michael farmer Tabbill Ck. Dungog
MCWILLIAM Mrs. P. storekeeper Dowling St. Dungog
MCWILLIAM T. tobacco manufacturer  Carlton Hill Dungog
NASH George jun. farmer Sugar Loaf Ck. Dungog
NASH George sen. farmer Sugar Loaf Ck. Dungog
NEWELL Andrew farmer Dromore Dungog
NEWELL James farmer Fosterton Dungog
NEWELL John farmer Fosterton Dungog
NEWELL James tinsmith Dowling St. Dungog
NEWELL John saddler Dowling St. Dungog
NEWELL William farmer Fosterton Dungog
OSMOND Charles farmer Spring Ck. Dungog
OSMOND John farmer Spring Ck. Dungog
PARKER Thomas W. labourer Dowling St. Dungog
PERRIN Mrs. farmer Hatfield Park Dungog
PERRIN George labourer Crown Park Dungog
PHILLIPS John farmer Crown Park Dungog
PICKERING Rev. G. (Wesleyan) Lord St. Dungog
PILBEAM Mrs. householder Dowling St. Dungog
PIPER James draper Dowling St. Dungog
POTTER William farmer Bendolba Dungog
PURNELL John bootmaker Dowling St. Dungog
REDMAN Samuel --- Dowling St. Dungog
REEVES Henry farmer Thalaba Dungog
RIBBONS Mrs. Mary --- Bendolba Dungog
ROBERTSON John E. grazier Cairnmore Dungog
ROBERTSON Mrs. A. stockholder Cairnmore Dungog
ROBSON John butcher Dowling St. Dungog
ROBSON Mrs. J. householder Mackay St. Dungog
ROBSON William labourer Windeyer St. Dungog
ROY Timothy carrier Dowling St. Dungog
RYAN Cornelius farmer Tabbill Ck. Dungog
SCOTT Robert labourer Dowling St. Dungog
SCOTT Thomas farmer Thalaba Dungog
SMITH John wheelwright Dowling St. Dungog
SIMMONS William blacksmith Bendolba Dungog
SOURES George fencer Nooke St. Dungog
SULLIVAN Jeremiah farmer Bendolba Dungog
TAME Thomas dealer Mackay St. Dungog
TATE Hewitt poundkeeper Windeyer St. Dungog
TAYLOR Stephen carrier Tabbill Ck. Dungog
TAYLOR Timothy farmer Cox's Ck. Dungog
TICKLE John farmer Beulah Dungog
TICKLE Richard farmer Sugar Loaf Ck. Dungog
TIERNEY Denis wheelwright Mackay St. Dungog
TITCUME John householder Dowling St. Dungog
TONKS Charles innkeeper Dowling St. Dungog
TOWERS Thomas farmer Bendolba Dungog
WADE John storekeeper Brown St. Dungog
WADE Samuel innkeeper Brown St. Dungog
WADE William farmer Crown Park Dungog
WALKER John miller Allendale Dungog
WALKER Thomas miller Allendale Dungog
WALKER William farmer Main Ck. Dungog
WARNER William farmer Thalaba Dungog
WEBBER Eli builder Dowling St. Dungog
WEBBER James bootmaker Dowling St. Dungog
WESTLEY George tanner Dowling St. Dungog
WILCE Jonathan farmer Dungog Dungog
WILKERSON Samuel fencer Mary St. Dungog
WILSON Andrew carpenter Lord St. Dungog
WOODS William J. carrier Spring Ck. Dungog
YATES Edward farmer Thalaba Dungog
YATES James labourer Crown Park Dungog
YATES Mrs. Mary farmer Thalaba Dungog

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here