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Distance 226 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Tuesday excepted) 10 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Friday excepted) 1.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7a.m.
Route - Rail Rydal. Coach Dubbo
BARNES L. H. chemist McQuarie St. Dubbo
BLACKETT --- clerk --- Dubbo
BOLAND Joseph bailiff McQuarie St. Dubbo
BRETT J. B. innkeeper Minore Dubbo
BROUGHTON  E. accountant 
Bank NSW  McQuarie St. Dubbo
BROWN J. inspector of sheep  Reedy Corner Dubbo
BROWNING  J. E. innkeeper McQuarie St. Dubbo
BUCK George farmer --- Dubbo
BYRNE Alexander teacher Brisbane St. Dubbo
BYRNE J. O. tanner --- Dubbo
BYRNE Lawrence gaoler McQuarie St. Dubbo
CAMPBELL  R. J. Gov. surveyor Brisbane St. Dubbo
CAMPBLE John squatter Bunglegumbie Dubbo
COLLIER C. squatter Old Dubbo House Dubbo
COLLISS Charles painter McQuarie St. Dubbo
CRUICKSHANK  A. squatter Wamabah Dubbo
CURTIS Thomas watchmaker McQuarie St. Dubbo
DALE James saddler McQuarie St. Dubbo
DALEY Henry innkeeper McQuarie St. Dubbo
DUGAN J. selector Minore Dubbo
FREEHILL  F. B. solicitor --- Dubbo
KELLICK W. teacher McQuarie St. Dubbo
KELLY James tailor --- Dubbo
LACEY Henry selector Warrie Flat Dubbo
LANE N. O. soap manufacturer --- Dubbo
LIDDLE A. saddler --- Dubbo
LIDDLE James selector --- Dubbo
LINKS G. baker --- Dubbo
LYONS George bootmaker --- Dubbo
MACKEY James baker --- Dubbo
MANNING Martin --- --- Dubbo
MANNING Thomas --- --- Dubbo
MASON M. carpenter --- Dubbo
MATHEWS M. wheelwright --- Dubbo
MILLS T. E. innkeeper --- Dubbo
MITCHELL  Robert blacksmith --- Dubbo
MOFFATT & DAVIS builders --- Dubbo
MORGAN W. C. editor "Dubbo 
Despatch" --- Dubbo
MORRIS John farmer Kelburn Farm Dubbo
MORRISON  A. hairdresser --- Dubbo
MULLER A. blacksmith --- Dubbo
MULLER N. grocer --- Dubbo
MULLER William carpenter --- Dubbo
MUNRO H. innkeeper --- Dubbo
MURPHY W. L. commission agent  --- Dubbo
MURRAY R. teacher Minore Dubbo
MYLECHARANE  Charles innkeeper Minore Dubbo
MCCALLUM  A. innkeeper --- Dubbo
MCDERMOTT  Charles bootmaker --- Dubbo
MCDONOUGH  Thomas watchmaker --- Dubbo
MCGREGOR  Henry brickmaker --- Dubbo
MCKAY J. innkeeper Trimbrelungie Dubbo
MCKILLOP  John accountant 
Commercial Bank  --- Dubbo
MCMULLAN  A. carpenter --- Dubbo
MCQUINN Luke C. P. S. --- Dubbo
NICHOLAS  Thomas innkeeper Gin Gin Dubbo
NORTON J. O. Inspector of Police --- Dubbo
OLSON & TANGE storekeepers Trimbrelungie Dubbo
ORBELL W. G. innkeeper --- Dubbo
OSBORNE James farmer --- Dubbo
PARKER Joseph chemist --- Dubbo
PARKER Samuel blacksmith --- Dubbo
PAYNE George carpenter --- Dubbo
PETERS John storekeeper --- Dubbo
PURVIS Robert selector Talbragar Bridge Dubbo
PURVIS Thos. jun. selector Talbragar Bridge Dubbo
PURVIS Thomas sen. poundkeeper --- Dubbo
REAKES William squatter --- Dubbo
ROPER William nursery --- Dubbo
RYAN Martin selector --- Dubbo
RYRIE H. squatter Euromedha Dubbo
SAMUELS B. selector --- Dubbo
SAMUELS James jun. farmer --- Dubbo
SAMUELS James sen. innkeeper Fray Gully Dubbo
SAMPSON William --- --- Dubbo
SCOTT A. bricklayer --- Dubbo
SERISEER  J. C. storekeeper --- Dubbo
SKINNER W. B. carpenter --- Dubbo
SMITH W. K. auctioneer --- Dubbo
SPANAGEL  A. hairdresser --- Dubbo
SULLY Henry wheelwright --- Dubbo
TAYLOR Adam selector --- Dubbo
TAYLOR George H. commission agent  --- Dubbo
TAYLOR George solicitor --- Dubbo
TAYLOR Henry squatter Narramaine Dubbo
THOMPSON & BURFETT storekeepers --- Dubbo
TIBBETS Charles selector Bunglegumbie Dubbo
TIBBETS Walter surgeon --- Dubbo
TODHUNTER  Francis squatter Wambiana Dubbo
YEO --- farmer Elong Elong Dubbo
YEO James jun. --- --- Dubbo
YEO James sen. --- --- Dubbo
YEO William cordial manufacturer  --- Dubbo
YOUNG C. butcher --- Dubbo
YOUNG Charles tinsmith --- Dubbo
YOUNG G. B. butcher --- Dubbo
YOUNG William coach driver --- Dubbo

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here