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Distance 165 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Friday, Sunday 2 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Tuesday, Friday 7.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Saturday evenings
Route -Steam Newcastle, rail Muswellbrook, coach Denman
ADNUM Sarah teacher Palace St. Denman
ARUNDELL William blacksmith Ogilvie St. Denman
BAKER E. householder Goulburn River Denman
BAKER John farmer Goulburn River Denman
BANNISTER W. H. farmer Anvill Ck. Denman
BARCLEY John farmer Piercefield Denman
BATCHER W. sawyer Piercefield Denman
BEALE Edward farmer Goulburn River Denman
BELL Archibald grazier Pickering Denman
BELL Henry W. grazier Pickering Denman
BELLEW Mary Ann grazier Piercefield Denman
BEUSCHELL Frederick farmer Goulburn River Denman
BOOTH Stephen farmer Goulburn River Denman
BRADFORD Mrs. M. grazier Mount Hope Denman
BRADFORD Thomas farmer Goulburn River Denman
BRECHT Carl farmer Rosemont Denman
BRECHT Henry farmer Goulburn River Denman
BRECHT William farmer Goulburn River Denman
BRINDLE Evan carrier Merton Denman
BUCKLEY John farmer Glenrock Denman
BUDDEN Stephen carrier Goulburn River Denman
CAMPBELL James teacher Goulburn River Denman
CLARK Charles drover Ogilvie St. Denman
CLARK Margaret storekeeper Ogilvie St. Denman
CLARK Samuel drover Ogilvie St. Denman
CLARK William drover Ogilvie St. Denman
CLARKE Agnes farmer Waybong Ck. Denman
CLARKE Stephen farmer Merriwa Rd. Denman
COBB Thomas drover Crinoline St. Denman
COBB George J. grazier Martindale Denman
COX David farmer Waybong Ck. Denman
COX William grazier Brogeda Denman
DANFORD Sophia farmer Waybong Ck. Denman
DEHN Frederick farmer Mount Dangar Denman
DOBBY William farmer Mountain Glen Denman
DOBBY W. jun. farmer Goulburn River Denman
DONOHOE John farmer Waybong Ck. Denman
DOYLE Michael constable Palace St. Denman
DUGGAN Michael fencer Paxton St. Denman
EDWARDS Mrs. G. fruiterer Ogilvie St. Denman
ELLIOT Walter farmer Goulburn River Denman
ELLIOTT Thomas farmer Goulburn River Denman
GALVIN James farmer Waybong Ck. Denman
GALVIN Michael farmer Waybong Ck. Denman
GALVIN Patrick farmer Waybong Ck. Denman
GANNON Patrick farmer Waybong Ck. Denman
GEORGE Harvey farmer Yarrowa Denman
GLASS Noble farmer Big Flat Denman
GODFREY Philip farmer Waybong Ck. Denman
GOSPER Edward drover Giant's Ck. Denman
GRAHAM Alex. farmer Richmond Grove Denman
HAM George farmer Giant's Ck. Denman
HAM James farmer Bloomfield Denman
HARRISON Hilton bootmaker Crinoline St. Denman
HERPE David drover Palace St. Denman
HEWETT Thomas A. grazier Ferndale Denman
HICKEY Michael farmer Reedy Ck. Denman
HICKEY William farmer Reedy Ck. Denman
HOONE Edwin farmer Giant's Ck. Denman
HOONERY John farmer Giant's Ck. Denman
HOONERY John jun. farmer Giant's Ck. Denman
HOOTON William farmer Goulburn River Denman
HUDSON Owen builder Palace St. Denman
HUNGERFORD Thomas grazier Baerami Denman
JONES Charles storekeeper Ogilvie St. Denman
KEYS John T. farmer Hunter Denman
KIBBLE George A. F. postmaster Palace St. Denman
KIRK William farmer Belmont Denman
KIRK W. jun. farmer Goulburn River Denman
LEEMING John farmer --- Denman
LOONEY Martin sawyer Ogilvie St. Denman
MALOWNEY Denis farmer Waybong Ck. Denman
MALONEY John farmer Waybong Ck. Denman
MASON John drover Palace St. Denman
MATHIESON Francis blacksmith Palace St. Denman
MERRY Mrs. Margaret innkeeper Woburn Denman
MILLER William bootmaker Palace St. Denman
MILLS John carrier Connor Farm Denman
MITCHELL Robert drover Paxton St. Denman
MORELAND Alex. shearer Crinoline St. Denman
MORRIS Frederick farmer Mount Dangar Denman
MORRISON John farmer Piercefield Denman
MUNN Stephen builder Ogilvie St. Denman
MUNRO Alexander innkeeper Ogilvie St. Denman
MURPHY Michael farmer Ogilvie St. Denman
MYER Joseph farmer Goulburn River Denman
MYERS Frederick farmer Rossbreen Denman
MCKENRIE Mrs. Andrew grazier Palace St. Denman
NAGEL John gardener Turtle St. Denman
NICHOLSON George storekeeper Palace St. Denman
NEWTON John drover Paxton St. Denman
NOOFOOD Edward farmer Hall's Ck. Denman
NUGENT James miller Ogilvie St. Denman
O'KEEFE Edward bootmaker Mount Dangar Denman
O'NEIL John bootmaker Palace St. Denman
PARKER William farmer Giant's Ck. Denman
PEBERDY James farmer Brightmead Denman
PEBERDY William grazier Hall's Ck. Denman
POOLE William carpenter Pickering Denman
PURVIS William H. --- Merriwa Rd. Denman
REILLY James farmer Woburn Denman
ROSS George mason Palace St. Denman
RUSSELL James farmer Piercefield Denman
SAUNDERS John blacksmith Goulburn River Denman
SAUNDERS John H. miller Ogilvie St. Denman
SMALL Henry farmer Big Flat Denman
SMITH James farmer Waybrong Ck. Denman
SMITH John farmer Palace St. Denman
SWEENEY John farmer Waybrong Ck. Denman
TRIBE Peter innkeeper Piercefield Denman
TRIGG Thomas farmer Palace St. Denman
TURNER George farmer Saddler's Ck. Denman
WATT Henry W. grazier Piercefield Denman
WHITE Edward grazier Merton Denman
WHITE Henry C. grazier Woodlands Denman
WHITE James grazier Martindale Denman
WOOD John tailor Ogilvie St. Denman
WOODHOUSE George farmer Merton Denman
WOODHOUSE George jun. carrier Merton Denman

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here