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Distance 74 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 4. 30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 4.45 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Steam Wollongong, 8m. Dapto, or rail Campbelltown and coach Wollongong, 8 m. Dapto
ALLISON John farmer Marshall Mount Dapto
ARMSTRONG James farmer Avondale Dapto
ATKINSON David farmer Avondale Dapto
BARRETT John freeholder West Dapto
BARRETT Joseph freeholder West Dapto
BARTLETT John leaseholder Karrara Dapto
BARTLETT Windham leaseholder Karrara Dapto
BAXTER James freeholder West Dapto
BODYIOTE John farmer Macquarie River Dapto
BOULTON Abraham farmer Avondale Dapto
BOULTON William farmer Avondale Dapto
BOVARD Alexander freeholder --- Dapto
BOVARD John farmer --- Dapto
BRIEN Thomas leaseholder Bong Bong Rd. Dapto
BROHAN William teacher West Dapto
BROWN George William --- Brown's Dapto
BROWN John freeholder Brown's Dapto
BROWN Matthew farmer Log Bridge Dapto
BUCHANAN George leaseholder Yalla East Dapto
BUCHANAN Henry farmer West Dapto
BUCHANAN John farmer Yalla Dapto
BUCHANAN Thomas H. butcher --- Dapto
BUCHANAN William farmer Yalla Dapto
BURNS Michael freeholder Calderwood Dapto
BUXTON William blacksmith --- Dapto
CALDWELL James carpenter East Dapto
CALDWELL John carpenter East Dapto
CLAREY J. leaseholder Gate Farm, Marshall's Mount Dapto
CLARK Hugh leaseholder Avondale Dapto
CLARKE Alexander leaseholder Avondale Dapto
CONNELLY William leaseholder Calderwood Dapto
COOPER Isaac leaseholder West Horsley Dapto
COOK William leaseholder Avondale Dapto
DARE James leaseholder Avondale Dapto
DAWES Edward sen. leaseholder Calderwood Dapto
DOWD John leaseholder Cleveland Dapto
DULEY James farm servant --- Dapto
DULEY James sen. gardener & leaseholder --- Dapto
EGAN John leaseholder Sunnyside Dapto
EGAN Thomas leaseholder Sunnyside Dapto
EVANS Evan R., JP freeholder Penrose Villa Dapto
GIBSON Edward leaseholder Benare's Dapto
GOODYER John leaseholder West Dapto
GORRELL James leaseholder West Dapto
GRAHAM Charles farmer Avondale Dapto
GRAHAM John leaseholder Avondale Dapto
GRAHAM William leaseholder Avondale Dapto
GRIFFITH John leaseholder Calderwood Dapto
GRIFFITH Robert farmer Calderwood Dapto
GRIFFITH William farmer Calderwood Dapto
HALPIN James leaseholder West Dapto
HAMPTON George freeholder Calderwood Dapto
HARGYART William J. teacher Marshall Mount Dapto
HARNAN William leaseholder Calderwood Dapto
HARRIS Henry leaseholder Newtown Dapto
HARRIS William freeholder West Dapto
HART John leaseholder Calderwood Dapto
HAYWARD Thos. leaseholder McQuarie River Dapto
HEINEWYER Conrad butcher --- Dapto
HEWITT John jun. carpenter --- Dapto
HEWITT John sen. carpenter --- Dapto
HEWITT William carpenter --- Dapto
HOARE Charles leaseholder West  Dapto
HURRY Napoleon leaseholder Avondale Dapto
IRWINE Henry Giles leaseholder West Dapto
JOLIFFE John leaseholder Mullet Ck. Dapto
JOLIFFE Mrs. Thomas leaseholder Stream Hill, West Dapto
JONES James bootmaker East Dapto
KEEFE John gardener East Dapto
LARKIN John freeholder West Dapto
LARKIN Martin freeholder West Dapto
LARKIN Patrick freeholder West Dapto
LARKIN Patrick leaseholder Calderwood Dapto
LARKIN Patrick sen. freeholder West Dapto
LEEPER James leaseholder Avondale Dapto
LYNCH Stephen leaseholder McGunie Gift Dapto
MARKHAM Wm. leaseholder Marshall Mount Dapto
MARSHALL Benjamin freeholder West Dapto
MARSHALL Robert J. freeholder Daisey Bank Dapto
MILLER Francis labourer Avondale Dapto
MORAN John leaseholder Log Ridge Dapto
MURLEY John leaseholder Avondale Dapto
MUSGRAVE Charles leaseholder --- Dapto
MUSGRAVE William L. leaseholder --- Dapto
MCKENZIE Kenneth leaseholder, postmaster & storekeeper --- Dapto
MCKINLAY John stockman Lake Dapto
MCLAUGHLAN James labourer Calderwood Dapto
MCPAUL Robert leaseholder Calderwood Dapto
MCRAE Duncan blacksmith --- Dapto
NUNAN John freeholder --- Dapto
NUNAN Timothy freeholder West Dapto
O'BRIEN Daniel leaseholder Avondale Dapto
O'BRIEN Terrance leaseholder Calderwood Dapto
O'BRIEN Thomas leaseholder Avondale Dapto
O'MEALLY M. leaseholder Marshall Mount Dapto
O'MEALLY Michael leaseholder Calderwood Dapto
O'NEILL Michael freeholder Calderwood Dapto
O'NEILL Thomas freeholder Calderwood Dapto
OSBORNE George innkeeper --- Dapto
OSBORNE H. H. freeholder Avondale House Dapto
OSBORNE Mrs. Sarah sen. --- Avondale House Dapto
OSBORNE Patrick H. freeholder Lake Lands Dapto
PATTERSON John jun. labourer --- Dapto
PEARSON Isaac labourer Marshall Mount Dapto
PEARSON James leaseholder Marshall Mount Dapto
PEARSON Robert leaseholder Calderwood Dapto
PEARSON William leaseholder Marshall Mount Dapto
PHILLIPS Frederick storekeeper --- Dapto
PIPER George --- Log Ridge Dapto
PIPER James leaseholder --- Dapto
PIPER William leaseholder --- Dapto
PIPER William leaseholder McGuanie Gift Dapto
PLUCKNETT Elijah leaseholder West Dapto
PORTER George A. leaseholder Avondale Dapto
PRIOR Benjamin freeholder West Dapto
QUINN John labourer West Dapto
REDDALL T. A. freeholder Osborne House Dapto
REID William leaseholder Log Ridge Dapto
REEN Matthew leaseholder Avondale Dapto
ROSE William sen. freeholder West Dapto
ROWSELL Rev. Julian H. clergy Parsonage Dapto
SAUNDERS William labourer Avondale Dapto
SIMPSON James labourer Avondale Dapto
SIMPSON Robert carpenter West Dapto
SMITH Denis leaseholder Calderwood Dapto
SMITH James leaseholder West Dapto
SMITH John leaseholder Marshall Mount Dapto
SMITHERS Henry constable --- Dapto
SPETTEGNE Phillip bootmaker --- Dapto
SPITTLEHOUSE S.  leaseholder Marshall Mount Dapto
SPITTLEHOUSE R. farmer Marshall Mount Dapto
SUMMERS Richard leaseholder Avondale Dapto
SWAN Edward freeholder Rosehill Dapto
SWAN James --- Avondale Dapto
SWAN William H. leaseholder Avondale Dapto
SWAN William sen. freeholder Rosehill Dapto
SWEENEY J. jun. leaseholder Lakelands Dapto
SWEENEY J. sen. leaseholder Lakelands Dapto
TARBUTT Martin leaseholder Calderwood Dapto
THOMAS Wm. jun. leaseholder Log Ridge Dapto
THOMAS Wm. sen. leaseholder Log Ridge Dapto
THOMPSON F. A. freeholder West Horsley Dapto
THOMPSON William freeholder West Dapto
TIBBLES T. leaseholder Marshall Mount Dapto
TOWNS Phillip leaseholder McGuanie Gift Dapto
TURNBULL J. leaseholder Marshall Mount Dapto
TURNBULL J. leaseholder Marshall Mount Dapto
TURNBULL R. leaseholder Marshall Mount Dapto
TURNBULL W. leaseholder Marshall Mount Dapto
VAUGHAN Owen leaseholder West Dapto
WARREN Michael leaseholder Avondale Dapto
WARRINGTON James labourer West Dapto
WHITAKER James blacksmith East Dapto
WILLIAMSON James leaseholder West Dapto
WILLIAMSON Thomas leaseholder West Dapto
WILLOT Arthur freeholder West Dapto
WOODFIELD John bricklayer Avondale Dapto

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here