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Distance 383 miles North of Sydney 
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday via Armidale, Tuesday, Saturday
via Bendemeer 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Sunday 8 a.m. via Armidale, Friday, Tuesday noon via
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Wednesday 10.30 a.m. via Bendemeer, Friday,
Tuesday 9 a.m. via Armidale.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday evenings via Armidale, Tuesday, Saturday
evenings via Bendemeer.

Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobbs coach Armidale, 70m. Inverell.

AINSWORTH	William		carpenter	Inverell
AMBROSE & GILLESPIE		butchers	Inverell
AMBROSE		Misses		school		Inverell
ANDERSON	Mrs. Mary	grazier		Newstead
ANDERSON	Patrick W.	grazier		Bannockburn
ARMSTRONG	William		accountant	Inverell
AUSELL		John		labourer	Inverell
AYRES		James W.	contractor	Inverell
BAILEY		Nicholas	labourer	Inverell
BARTLETT	William		farmer		Inverell
BAYLAN		John		farmer		Inverell
BAYLAN		Patrick		farmer		Inverell
BELL		Joseph		carrier		Inverell
BERCINI		George		cabinet maker	Inverell
BIBEND		Edward		gardener	Newstead
BLAIN		William		engineer	Inverell
BLAKE		James		saddler		Inverell
BRACKEN		James		innkeeper	Inverell
BRADY		James		labourer	Inverell
BRIDEKIRK	William		overseer	Auburn Vale
BRYCE		William		brickmaker	Inverell
BULL		Edward		farmer		Inverell
BULL		William		farmer		Inverell
BURNS		William		labourer	Inverell
BUTLER		George		superintendent	Auburn Vale
BYRNES		John		farmer		Inverell
CALTHORPE	Christopher	cooper		Inverell
CAMERON		Robert		overseer	Waterloo
CAMPBELL	C.		grazier		Apple Tree Gully
CAMPBELL	D. A.		grazier		Inverell
CAMPBELL	John		grazier		Apple Tree Gully
CANNON		Dudley		farmer		Inverell
CANNON		James		carrier		Inverell
CANNON		John		farmer		Inverell
CASSIDY		Robert		sawyer		Inverell
CHARTERS	Thomas		labourer	Inverell
CHEADLE		James		innkeeper	Inverell
CHISHOLM	John		mason		Inverell
CLEBBURN	Robert		saddler		Bukkulla
DALY		Edward W.	constable	Inverell
DAVIS		Charles		farmer		Inverell
DAVIS		George		labourer	Inverell
DAVIS		William		farmer		Inverell
DAVIS		William H.	carrier		Inverell
DEAN & ROSS			tanners, curriers &c. Inverell
DEAN		George		tanner		Inverell
DITZELL		John		farmer		Inverell
DOWSE		John		labourer	Inverell
DRAKE		W. H.		manager, Commercial Bank, Inverell
DUFF		Colin		labourer	Inverell
DUFF		James		labourer	Inverell
DUNBAR		George		sawyer		Inverell
DUNBAR		Lewis		labourer	Inverell
EAMES		John		telegraph & postmaster Inverell
EHSMAN		Albert		labourer	Inverell
ELLIS		William		farmer		Inverell
ENGLAND		Henry		farmer		Inverell
EVANS		David		sawyer		Inverell
EVANS		Thomas		sawyer		Inverell
FARNSWORTH	John F.		senior constable Inverell
FLYNN		Cornelius	bootmaker	Inverell
FLYNN		Hugh		bootmaker	Inverell
FLYNN		John		bootmaker	Inverell
FRASER		Colin A.	grazier		Bannockburn
FRAZER		David		carpenter	Inverell
GENTZ		Frederick	farmer		Inverell
GIBSON		Arthur		miller		Inverell
GIBSON		J. J. R.	grazier		Reedy Ck.	
GILLESPIE	John		butcher		Inverell
GLASS		James A.	accountant, Commercial Bank, Inverell	
GLEESON		Bartholomew	farmer		Inverell
GLEESON		James		carrier		Inverell
GOLMAN		William		farmer		Inverell
GORDON		Hugh		grazier		Inverell
GORDON		Rev. T. A.	(Presbyterian)	Inverell
GOULD		Benjamin	splitter	Inverell
GRANT		Alexander	farmer		Inverell
GRANT		W.		baker & cordial manufacturer 
GREENWOOD	James		drover		Inverell
GRIFFIN		Charles		carrier		Inverell
GRIMES		Peter		carrier		Inverell
HAMMOND		William		currier		Inverell
HANLON		Thomas		labourer	Inverell
HARLAND		Thomas		teacher		Inverell
HASHER		Peter		labourer	Inverell
HATCHER		James		farmer		Inverell
HEATH		Henry		overseer	Inverell
HEFFERNAN	John		farmer		Glen Patrick
HINDMARSH	James H.	solicitor	Inverell
HOEY		David		labourer	Inverell
HOUGHTON	Daniel		dam maker	Inverell
HOWARD		Henry		farmer		Inverell
HUMPHRIES	Henry		farmer		Inverell
HUNT		Jacob		farmer		Inverell
HUNTLEY		Edgar		overseer	Inverell
HUNTLEY		William A.	MRCS		Inverell
IRVING		William		boarding house	Inverell
JACK		David		carpenter	Inverell
JOHNSON		John		farmer		Inverell
JOHNSON		Michael		farmer		Inverell
JOHNSON		Thomas		farmer		Inverell
JONES		John		labourer	Inverell
JONES		Robert B.	hawker		Inverell
JUDGE		Jessie		boarding house	Bukkullu
KELLER		Simon		labourer	Inverell
KENNEDY		Alexander	currier		Inverell	
KENNEDY		Angus		farmer		Inverell
KENNIWELL	George		bootmaker	Inverell
KENNIWELL	Thomas		labourer	Inverell
KIRK		Thomas		farmer		Inverell
KOINA		Christopher	farmer		Inverell
LEGH		Christopher	grazier		Newstead
LEHANE		John		farmer		Inverell
LESLIE		James		farmer		Inverell
LEWIN		Ellen		dressmaker	Inverell
LEWIN		Francis		farmer		Inverell
LIMBERG		Caspar		carpenter	Inverell
LOCKREY		Richard		farmer		Inverell
LOCKREY		William		farmer		Inverell
LONG		Francis		carrier		Inverell
LOWE		Denis		sawyer		Inverell
LUNNEY		James		innkeeper	Inverell
LUNNEY		Robert		innkeeper	Inverell
MACKENZIE	Alexander K.	manager		Byron Station
MAHONY		Peter J.	tinsmith	Inverell
MAIDENS		Elijah		farmer		Inverell
MANN		John J.		saddler		Inverell
MARQUARDT	Frederick	bootmaker	Inverell
MARTIN		John A.		poundkeeper	Inverell
MARTIN		William		storekeeper	Inverell
MATHER		Thomas		innkeeper	Inverell
MEPHAM		George		vigneron	Bukkulla
MILES		Henry		vigneron	Bukkulla
MITCHELL	Thomas		farmer		Inverell
MOORE		Andrew		farmer		Inverell
MOORE		John		farmer		Inverell
MOORE		Michael		currier		Inverell
MOORE		Samuel		farmer		Inverell
MOORE		William		currier		Inverell
MOORE		William		farmer		Inverell
MULLIGAN	Francis B.	storekeeper	Inverell
MUNSIE		George		farmer		Inverell
MURRAY		Andrew		grazier		Hillside
MURRAY		John		baker		Inverell
MCDONALD	Alexander	farmer		Inverell
MCGREGOR	John		grazier		Dunstaffunge
MCGREGOR	Peter		grazier		Dunalpine
MCILVEEN	Alexander	farmer		Inverell
MCINTYRE	Margaret	grazier		Inverell
MCIVOR		Angus		shepherd	Inverell
MCIVOR		Donald		currier		Inverell
MCKAY		Hugh		builder		Inverell
MCKECHNIE	William		farmer		Inverell
MCKENZIE	Alexander	grazier		Inverell
MCKENZIE	Francis		farmer		Inverell
MCLAUGHLIN	George		engineer	Inverell
MCLEAN		D. W.		shepherd	Inverell
MCLEAN		George		farmer		Inverell
MCLENNAN	George		farmer		Inverell
MCLENNAN	James		farmer		Inverell
NASH		George		farmer		Inverell
NELSON		Alexander	farmer		Inverell
NICHOLLS	Thomas		currier		Inverell
NUGENT		John		labourer	Inverell
ODONNELL	Francis		tailor		Inverell
OMALLY		Patrick		farmer		Inverell
OSBORNE		Mrs. Allen	farmer		Inverell
OSHAUGHNASSY	Thomas		farmer		Inverell
PARSONS		William		farmer		Inverell
PENNINGTON	Benjamin	fencer		Inverell
PIGOTT		Robert		sawyer		Inverell
PIGOTT		William		sawyer		Inverell
PILCHER		Ann		grazier		Auburn Vale
PRESTON		Joseph		farmer		Inverell
RILEY		W. R.		fruiterer	Inverell
ROBIN		Albert B.	drapers assisitant Inverell
ROBINSON	James		auctioneer	Inverell
ROLFE		E.		farmer		Inverell
ROSS		Colin		storekeeper & miller Inverell
RYAN		Michael		blacksmith	Inverell
SEITZ		Christian	vigneron	Inverell
SEITZ		Jacob		vigneron	Inverell
SELBY		William		storekeeper & miller Inverell
SINCLAIR	John		overseer	Bannockburn
SMITH		Thomas		bootmaker	Inverell
SOUTH		William		sawyer		Inverell
SPEIGHT		James O.	Colonial Wine Depot Inverell
STENZ		William		farmer		Paradise Ck.
STEWART		Colin		---		Inverell
STEWART		Duncan		overseer	Reedy Ck.
SWEENEY		Charles		blacksmith	Inverell
SWEENEY		James		farmer		Inverell
SWINTON		Edward		grazier		Copes Ck.
THORN		George		sawyer		Inverell
THORN		John		sawyer		Inverell
TOMLINSON	John		carrier		Inverell
TOMLINSON	Samuel		farmer		Inverell
TOPPER		Edward		labourer	Inverell
TRESTRAIL	John		labourer	Inverell
TUCKER		Sarah		teacher		Inverell
TURNER		Edmond G.	farmer		Inverell
TURNER		Edward		farmer		Inverell
TURNER		Ezua		farmer		Inverell
TURNER		George		farmer		Inverell
TURNER		John		farmer		Inverell
TYLER		Thomas		farmer		Inverell
WALSH		John		blacksmith	Inverell
WALSH		Thaddius	lock-up keeper	Inverell
WALSH		Thomas		clerk		Inverell
WATERS		Jeremiah	dam maker	Inverell
WELLS		Philip		farmer		Inverell
WESTON		John		bricklayer	Inverell
WHISKINS	Edward		farmer		Inverell
WHITBY		Joseph		farmer		Inverell
WHITE		Charles		grazier		Inverell
WHITE		Edwin		farmer		Inverell
WHITE		George		farmer		Inverell
WHITE		James		farmer		Inverell
WHITE		John W. A.	CPS		Inverell
WHITE		John		labourer	Inverell
WHITE		Richard		farmer		Inverell
WHITE		William		carrier		Inverell
WILLIAMSON	James		grazier		Swan Vale
WILLIS		Jeremiah	farmer		Inverell
WILSON		Joseph		bootmaker	Bukkulla
WIXON		Joseph		sawyer		Inverell
WOODS		George		storekeepers assistant Inverell
WOODS		William		farmer		Inverell
WYNDHAM		Alword		grazier		Bukkulla
WYNDHAM		Charles		grazier		Bukkulla
WYNDHAM		Guy		grazier		Bukkulla
WYNDHAM		Hugh		grazier		Bukkulla
WYNDHAM		Reginald	grazier		Bukkulla
YOUNG		William		farmer		Swan Vale

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here