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Distance 149 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Friday, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday, 5 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Wednesday, 8.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Thursday, 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, 21 m. Currawang
ARMSTRONG John grazier --- Currawang
BARDON Edwin farmer Spring Valley Currawang
BATTEN James householder --- Currawang
BOYD Robert householder --- Currawang
BROGAN James farmer Clairfield Currawang
BROGAN Peter farmer Spring Valley Currawang
BROWN John householder Willeroo Currawang
BYRNES John farmer Spring Valley Currawang
CHAPMAN James farmer Spring Valley Currawang
CHARLSTON William farmer --- Currawang
COIL George farmer --- Currawang
CONROY William farmer Clairfield Currawang
COOPER James V. grazier Willeroo Currawang
COOPER Robert C. grazier Willeroo Currawang
COOPER William farmer --- Currawang
COTTER Sylvester farmer --- Currawang
CULLEN Bernard farmer Lake George Currawang
CURTIN William householder --- Currawang
DAY William householder Willeroo Currawang
DEER Eynon --- #NAME? Currawang
EVANS David householder --- Currawang
FIELD John householder --- Currawang
FOX Thomas storekeeper --- Currawang
FRAZER William householder --- Currawang
GAFFNEY Patrick farmer Lake George Currawang
GALVIN Patrick farmer Clairfield Currawang
GOOLD John householder --- Currawang
HADLOW Stephen householder --- Currawang
HAMILTON Alexander farmer Spring Valley Currawang
HANNEN Michael farmer Lake George Currawang
HENSEY Thomas farmer Willeroo Currawang
HICKS James householder --- Currawang
HIGGINS Thomas householder --- Currawang
HOLLAM Thomas farmer Clairfield Currawang
HOWES Robert householder --- Currawang
HUDSON Thomas householder --- Currawang
HUMPHRIES George farmer --- Currawang
HURST Edward farmer --- Currawang
JONES William W. householder --- Currawang
KENNY Edward farmer Lake George Currawang
KENNY John F. farmer Lake George Currawang
LEARY Cornelius farmer --- Currawang
LUKE Richard householder --- Currawang
MILLS William householder --- Currawang
MORPHITT George farmer --- Currawang
MURPHY Denis farmer Spring Valley Currawang
MCCARTHY Cornelius farmer --- Currawang
MCCARTHY John farmer --- Currawang
MCCARTHY Thomas farmer --- Currawang
MCCARTHY William farmer --- Currawang
MCGRATH John householder --- Currawang
MCGROGAN William farmer Clairfield Currawang
MCGUIGAN Thomas farmer --- Currawang
MCNERNEY Bernard farmer Clairfield Currawang
O'BRIEN John farmer Clairfield Currawang
O'BRIEN Patrick farmer Clairfield Currawang
O'BRIEN Patrick farmer Clairfield Currawang
O'BRIEN Thomas farmer Clairfield Currawang
OLD Edward farmer --- Currawang
PARK Matthew householder --- Currawang
PARKER William householder Willeroo Currawang
PAYNE William innkeeper --- Currawang
PECKHEM John farmer Spring Valley Currawang
PHILLIPS N. George householder --- Currawang
POOLE Isaac farmer --- Currawang
PRICE Edward householder --- Currawang
RAWACK George householder --- Currawang
REARDON John farmer --- Currawang
RICKARD William H. householder --- Currawang
ROSEWARN Richard farmer Spring Valley Currawang
ROWLANDS George farmer Spring Valley Currawang
ROW William householder Willeroo Currawang
RUDD Thomas farmer --- Currawang
RUSE Simon farmer Spring Valley Currawang
RYAN John farmer --- Currawang
SPIERS William farmer Spring Valley Currawang
STEPHENSON William farmer Willeroo Currawang
SYKES George farmer Spring Valley Currawang
SYKES Stephen farmer --- Currawang
THALSMAN W. G. storekeeper --- Currawang
TOBAN Patrick householder --- Currawang
TREVELEAN Thomas householder --- Currawang
WALKER William householder --- Currawang
WALLACE John householder --- Currawang
WALSH William B. teacher --- Currawang
WARN Henry farmer --- Currawang
WEST William farmer --- Currawang
WHEATLEY James householder --- Currawang
WHELDON John farmer --- Currawang
WHITE William farmer Spring Valley Currawang
WILLIAMS Benjamin householder --- Currawang
WILLIAMS John H. householder --- Currawang
WILLIAMS William householder --- Currawang
WINTERS George farmer Spring Valley Currawang
WINTERS Joseph householder --- Currawang

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here