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Distance 199 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday, 5.30 p.m. and steamer direct
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Sunday, noon and steamer
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Wednesday, 7 a.m. and steamer direct
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Saturday, mornings and steamer
Route - Steam Cundletown, or steam via Port Macquarie, 50 m. Cundletown
AHRONSON Herman storekeeper --- Cundletown
ALBURY William builder --- Cundletown
ALLAN Alexander hawker --- Cundletown
ARMSTRONG John farmer --- Cundletown
BAKER George farmer Landsdowne River Cundletown
BARRY John farmer --- Cundletown
BELLINGHAM Joseph farmer Camden Haven Cundletown
BIRD William farmer John's River Cundletown
BLORE Edward farmer --- Cundletown
BLYTHE Walter farmer Landsdowne River Cundletown
BLYTHE William farmer Landsdowne River Cundletown
BOWMAN John farmer --- Cundletown
BRADLEY Joseph pilot Manning River Cundletown
BRADSTREET John farmer Holey Flat Cundletown
BRIMSTONE James farmer --- Cundletown
BROAD Joseph F. storekeeper --- Cundletown
BROWN William farmer Oxley Island Cundletown
BROWNE Frederick farmer --- Cundletown
BROWNE Frederick squatter Holey Flat Cundletown
BULLY James farmer Hanging Rock Cundletown
BULMER George farmer --- Cundletown
BURCHELL William innkeeper --- Cundletown
BURKE John labourer --- Cundletown
BURNETT Samuel teacher --- Cundletown
CAFFREY Mrs. Ann squatter Coopernook Cundletown
CALOR Mrs. --- --- Cundletown
CAMPBELL George farmer --- Cundletown
CAMPBELL William farmer --- Cundletown
CARL Carl joiner --- Cundletown
CASSIE William joiner --- Cundletown
CLARKE Seward dealer --- Cundletown
CLUNE Cornelius farmer --- Cundletown
CLUNE John farmer --- Cundletown
CLUNE Mrs. Thomas farmer --- Cundletown
COCHRANE Thomas mariner Pilot Station Cundletown
COLEY Henry squatter Holey Flat Cundletown
COLLINS James farmer --- Cundletown
CONVERY William contractor --- Cundletown
CORBETT Michael farmer --- Cundletown
CORNISH Henry J. storekeeper --- Cundletown
COWAN David farmer --- Cundletown
COWAN James farmer --- Cundletown
COWAN William jun. storekeeper --- Cundletown
COWAN William sen. --- --- Cundletown
COX James farmer --- Cundletown
COX John farmer --- Cundletown
COX Robert farmer --- Cundletown
CRASSINGHAM Joseph farmer Holey Flat Cundletown
CRASSINGHAM Richard farmer Holey Flat Cundletown
CRASSINGHAM Thomas farmer Holey Flat Cundletown
CREAGH Mrs. Ann dressmaker --- Cundletown
CRITTENDEN James farmer Chatham Cundletown
CRITTENDEN John farmer --- Cundletown
CRITTENDEN Robert farmer --- Cundletown
CROSS William squatter Landsdowne River Cundletown
CUNNINGHAM Alexander farmer --- Cundletown
CUNNINGHAM David farmer --- Cundletown
DAVIS John farmer Coopernook Cundletown
DONOHOE Bernard farmer --- Cundletown
DORWARD A. boatbuilder Dumaresque Island Cundletown
EDWARDS William bootmaker --- Cundletown
GIBSON Robert hawker --- Cundletown
GILL Andrew farmer --- Cundletown
GODBOLT William butcher --- Cundletown
HEALEY Edward farmer --- Cundletown
HEALEY John farmer --- Cundletown
HEALEY Thomas farmer --- Cundletown
HENDERSON David blacksmith --- Cundletown
HOGG Thomas squatter John's River Cundletown
IRVINE --- farmer John's River Cundletown
JACKSON --- farmer Camden Haven Cundletown
JUHL Valentine farmer Landsdowne River Cundletown
KEANE Denis farmer --- Cundletown
KELL Allen farmer --- Cundletown
KENNEDY James farmer Landsdowne River Cundletown
KIDD James farmer Chatham Cundletown
LEAN Henry farmer Landsdowne River Cundletown
LEVICK James builder --- Cundletown
LILLIER Frank farmer --- Cundletown
LITTLE Thomas wheelwright --- Cundletown
LITTLE Wm. wheelwright John's River Cundletown
LOUIS William farmer --- Cundletown
MATHERS James farmer --- Cundletown
MIDDLEMISS David farmer Camden Haven Cundletown
MILLS Samuel sen. gardener --- Cundletown
MOORE John farmer Camden Haven Cundletown
MOSCATT Henry farmer --- Cundletown
MURDOCH George farmer --- Cundletown
MCCAFFREY H. road contractor John's River Cundletown
MCDOUGALL L. farmer Landsdowne River Cundletown
MCPHEE Donald farmer Oxley Island Cundletown
NEWBURY James farmer --- Cundletown
NEWBY Thomas farmer --- Cundletown
NICHOLSON Malcolm farmer --- Cundletown
NORTON John farmer --- Cundletown
O'BRIEN James farmer --- Cundletown
PARKER William farmer --- Cundletown
PETRIE John farmer --- Cundletown
PHILLIPS B. farmer Landsdowne River Cundletown
POWELL William boatman --- Cundletown
REYNOLDS Thomas farmer --- Cundletown
RITZER Gabriel farmer --- Cundletown
ROSS Frederick D. storekeeper --- Cundletown
SAVILLE Benjamin squatter Landsdowne River Cundletown
SCOTT George boatbuilder --- Cundletown
SCOTT George mariner Pilot Station Cundletown
SLYNEY John jun. farmer --- Cundletown
SLYNEY John sen. farmer --- Cundletown
SMITH Alex. farmer Landsdowne River Cundletown
SMITH William builder --- Cundletown
STEELE William stockman Coopernook Cundletown
STEVENSON James teacher --- Cundletown
STEWART William farmer --- Cundletown
STINTSON James farmer Landsdowne River Cundletown
SULLIVAN Michael farmer Landsdowne River Cundletown
SWAN Thomas farmer Camden Haven Cundletown
SWIFT Thomas farmer --- Cundletown
TARGETT David farmer --- Cundletown
WARD Timothy farmer --- Cundletown
WARREN John farmer Landsdowne Cundletown
WATSON Albert farmer --- Cundletown
WILEY William farmer --- Cundletown
WILKES Frederick farmer Holey Flat Cundletown
WILLIAMS John farmer Camden Haven Cundletown
WOLFFE Jacob farmer --- Cundletown
WOODGATE George farmer --- Cundletown

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here