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Distance 333 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, 9.45 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday, 2.15 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, 7.10 a.m.
Route - Steam Merimbula, coach Bombala, 21 m. Cragie
AH Long & Co. storekeepers --- Cragie
AH Chin interpreter --- Cragie
AH Foy storekeeper --- Cragie
AH Kin carrier --- Cragie
AH King bootmaker --- Cragie
AH Say blacksmith --- Cragie
AH Yin blacksmith --- Cragie
ALLEN Henry squatter Delegate Cragie
ALLEN John miner Upper Bendock Cragie
ARBON Robert miner Delegate Cragie
ARCHER Henry quartz mill owner Bendock Cragie
ARMFIELD Edward --- Delegate Cragie
BARCLAY George innkeeper Delegate Cragie
BATTERSHILL George miner Bendock Cragie
BEATTIE David miner --- Cragie
BEGLEY Neild miner Bendock Cragie
BEVERIDGE Charles farmer Queedong Cragie
BEVERIDGE Henry miner Queedong Cragie
BEVERIDGE Samuel miner Queedong Cragie
BINGAN Samuel P. miner Delegate Cragie
BLACKBIRD William G. miner --- Cragie
BLACKBURN Wm mining manager Bendock Cragie
BOWDEN William mining manager Bendock Cragie
BRENNAN Thomas miner Bendock Cragie
BROWN Andrew miner Bendock Cragie
BROWN Edward miner Upper Bendock Cragie
BROWN Thomas storekeeper Bendock Cragie
BURKE Thomas dairy Upper Bendock Cragie
BUSHMAN George stock-keeper Julibrang Cragie
CAMERON John miner Bendock Cragie
CAMERON Norman stockowner Delegate Cragie
CAMPBELL Henry squatter Delegate Cragie
CAN Sing bootmaker --- Cragie
CHALK Edward dairy Bendock Station Cragie
CHANDLER William bootmaker Delegate Cragie
CHONG E. & Co. storekeepers --- Cragie
CUNNINGHAM Thomas miner Delegate Cragie
CLANCEY William storekeeper Bendock Cragie
CLARK William butcher Bendock Cragie
COLLINS Thomas miner Delegate Cragie
COTTERELL Thomas farmer --- Cragie
DAVID James miner Bendock Cragie
DAVIS Jas. mining manager Upper Bendock Cragie
DAVIS Joseph miner Upper Bendock Cragie
DAVIS Joseph J. miner Delegate Cragie
DAVY John shepherd --- Cragie
DENT George farmer Bendock Cragie
DE SIGE Frank mining manager Delegate Cragie
DORRAN George mining manager Delegate Cragie
FAGAN Patrick miner --- Cragie
FAULKNER William mining manager Bendock Cragie
FELTIS Francis miner Dunlop Cragie
FITZGERALD George superintendent Bendock Cragie
FORREST William gardener Little Plain Cragie
GALE William surveyor --- Cragie
GARDNER George teamster --- Cragie
GUTHRIE Charles miner --- Cragie
HAYDEN Henry stockowner Delegate Cragie
HAYDEN James stockowner Delegate Cragie
HENSLEIGH Henry squatter Bendock Cragie
HENSLEIGH John squatter Bendock Cragie
HEYDEN Charles stockowner Delegate Cragie
HICKMAN Thomas boarding house --- Cragie
HILL George mason Bendock Cragie
HITE Thomas miner --- Cragie
HORTON Henry bootmaker Delegate Cragie
HUTCHINSON George squatter Delegate Cragie
HUTCHINSON Robert squatter Delegate Cragie
JACKSON George miner --- Cragie
JACKSON John miner --- Cragie
JACKSON Joseph miner --- Cragie
JACKSON Thomas sen. miner --- Cragie
JAMIESON James stockowner Delegate Cragie
JEFFREYS Thomas miner --- Cragie
JOHNSON Thomas innkeeper --- Cragie
JOHNSTON William blacksmith Bendock Cragie
JOHNSTON William miner Little Plain Cragie
JONES John shepherd near Bendock Cragie
JOSEPHS H. M. squatter Mahratta Cragie
KEEFE James miner Upper Bendock Cragie
KELEY John miner --- Cragie
KELEY John C. carrier --- Cragie
KENNEDY O'Brien blacksmith Upper Bendock Cragie
LAW Hawk storekeeper --- Cragie
LAWSON Charles H. squatter Bendock Cragie
LAWSON Charles sen. squatter --- Cragie
LAWSON John squatter --- Cragie
LEVY Lionel machine proprietor Bendock Cragie
LOCK John stockowner Upper Bendock Cragie
LOCK Thomas miner Dunlop Cragie
LOCK William miner Dunlop Cragie
LOVE James carrier --- Cragie
LOVE Joseph carrier --- Cragie
MARRIOTT Charles stockowner Bendock Cragie
MARRIOTT William stockowner Bendock Cragie
MATHESON William P. miner Bendock Cragie
MEITCH John miner Upper Bendock Cragie
MINT Charles hawker --- Cragie
MOORSE David miner --- Cragie
MOORSE William --- --- Cragie
MOSES Alfred storekeeper Delegate Cragie
MOSES Alexander storekeeper Bendock Cragie
MCDONALD A. superintendent Bendock Cragie
MCGUIGAN John miner Delegate Cragie
MCKEATCHIE A., JP stockowner Delegate Cragie
NICHOLS G. mining registrar Upper Bendock Cragie
NICHOLSON John, JP squatter Little Plain Cragie
NICHOLSON T. squatter & mining registrar Julibrang Cragie
OLIVER Adam farmer Little Plain Cragie
OLIVER William farmer Little Plain Cragie
O'NEIL John miner --- Cragie
ONSTAR John teamster --- Cragie
PATTERSON Alexander miner Delegate Cragie
PATTERSON Walter miner Delegate Cragie
PIKE James miner Dunlop Cragie
RAMSAY James miner Bendock Cragie
RANKIN Archibald miller Delegate Cragie
RANKIN Donald squatter Delegate Cragie
RAWACK J. quartz mill owner Upper Bendock Cragie
REED Hamilton innkeeper Upper Bendock Cragie
RIDLEY James miner Bendock Cragie
ROBB Thomas miner Bendock Cragie
ROBERTS George miner Bendock Cragie
ROBERTS James storekeeper --- Cragie
ROBERTS William farmer & carrier --- Cragie
ROBINSON Charles miner Bendock Cragie
RYAN Jeremiah squatter Delegate Park Cragie
RYAN William squatter Delegate Cragie
SANDON Peter surveyor Delegate Cragie
SELLERS William G. storekeeper Bendock Cragie
SHEPPARD Charles stockman --- Cragie
SIMPSON Charles innkeeper Delegate Cragie
SLATTERY Francis carrier Little Plain Cragie
SMITH George innkeeper Bendock Cragie
SMITH William engineer Delegate Cragie
SMITH William innkeeper Bendock Cragie
SOLOMON M. quartz mill owner Bendock Cragie
SOLOMON Michael storekeeper Delegate Cragie
STANLEY William miner --- Cragie
STEVENSON Captain squatter Bondi Cragie
STEVENSON Ceighton squatter Bondi Cragie
STEVENSON George squatter Bondi Cragie
STEVENSON John squatter Bondi Cragie
STOCKDALE John teacher Bendock Cragie
TERRY John storekeeper --- Cragie
TIN War & Co. storekeepers --- Cragie
TY Chong storekeeper --- Cragie
TY Yin & Co. storekeepers --- Cragie
VALENTINE Daniel carpenter --- Cragie
VELT William H. gardener Lock's Flat Cragie
WALKER John shepherd Julybrang Cragie
WARBURTON Richard carrier --- Cragie
WILLIAMS David storekeeper Delegate Cragie
WILLIAMS John miner Delegate Cragie
WILLIAMS Richard storekeeper Delegate Cragie
WILLIAMS Samuel brewer --- Cragie
WITTON Richard storekeeper --- Cragie
WITTON Richard storekeeper Bendock Cragie
WY Pong gardener --- Cragie
YOUNGE Gustavus miner Delegate Cragie

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here