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Distance 189 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 8.20 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 2.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Rydal. Cobb's coach Cowra
ARKINS John C. P. S. --- Cowra
ALFORD Stephen J. storekeeper 
& squatter Milton Cowra
AUSTIN William wheelwright --- Cowra
CALDWELL Alex. squatter Watermandera Cowra
CAMERON Hugh farmer Glenmore Cowra
CAMPBELL George squatter Jerula Cowra
CARSON S. teacher Back Ck. Cowra
CASEY Thomas --- --- Cowra
CHALLACOMB Nicholas innkeeper --- Cowra
CHIVERS Frederick farmer Binnie Ck. Cowra
CHIVERS Robert farmer Back Ck. Cowra
COLLINS Daniel blacksmith --- Cowra
COLLIT John selector Back Ck. Cowra
CONNEL John selector Back Ck. Cowra
COPSON John selector Back Ck. Cowra
DALY Robert innkeeper --- Cowra
DAVIS George farmer Binnie Ck. Cowra
DICKSON Robert farmer Lachlan River Cowra
DUGAN Richard farmer --- Cowra
ELLIS Robert farmer Lachlan River Cowra
FITZGERALD John carpenter --- Cowra
FORD Henry painter --- Cowra
GREEN George innkeeper Bang Bang Cowra
GRANT George D. squatter Merriganowry Cowra
GRANT Jeremiah squatter Rose Hill Cowra
GRANT Robert selector Back Ck. Cowra
GREEN William farmer Soldier's Flat Cowra
HARRIS Francis squatter Bennett's Springs, 
Hovel's Ck. Cowra
HARRIS William squatter Cockatoo Cowra
HENNESSY --- selector Merriganowry Cowra
HOBAN John squatter Melbourne Ck. Cowra
HOOD William squatter Conimbla, 
Lachlan River Cowra
HOWARTH Thomas innkeeper --- Cowra
JOHNSTON F. --- Bang Bang Cowra
JORDON John farmer Lachlan River Cowra
JORDON Nicholas --- Clifton Park Cowra
JORDON Patrick farmer Lachlan River Cowra
LANE Francis farmer Hovel's Ck. Cowra
LANE Mrs. farmer Cocomingla Cowra
LAWRENCE George blacksmith --- Cowra
LEE James farmer --- Cowra
LOCKYER George farmer --- Cowra
LYNCH Andrew squatter The Islands Cowra
LYNCH James innkeeper Sheet of Bark Cowra
MIDDLEMAS David farmer --- Cowra
MOORE Charles butcher --- Cowra
MORRISON James --- Back Ck. Cowra
MUIR John storekeeper --- Cowra
MURRAY P. --- --- Cowra
MYLEACRANE Philip --- Bumbaldry Cowra
MCCLYMONT Andrew farmer Binnie Ck. Cowra
MCDIARMID Mrs. --- --- Cowra
MCGILL Michael mail contractor --- Cowra
NEVILLE Patrick farmer Hovel's Ck. Cowra
NEVILLE Thomas farmer Lachlan River Cowra
NEWHAM John --- Read's Flat Cowra
NOBLE Joseph selector Back Ck. Cowra
O'DOWD John squatter Groot Cowra
O'LEARY F. J. squatter Melbourne Ck. Cowra
O'NEIL Andrew brickmaker --- Cowra
O'SHAUGHNASSY Thomas miner --- Cowra
OUSBY James squatter Wagoola Cowra
OUSBY Mrs. W. innkeeper --- Cowra
PATON --- selector Back Ck. Cowra
PORTER Temple farmer Lachlan River Cowra
RANKIN James squatter Shields Cowra
REGAUT Theodore farmer --- Cowra
ROBERTSON David innkeeper --- Cowra
ROBINSON Peter selector Back Ck. Cowra
RUSSEL M. road inspector Bourton Retreat Cowra
RYAN James squatter Breakfast Ck. Cowra
RYAN William squatter --- Cowra
SLOAN J. J. squatter North Logan Cowra
SLOAN Mrs. --- North Logan Cowra
SMITH Joseph squatter Brew River Cowra
SMITH William teacher --- Cowra
SMITH William squatter Brew River Cowra
SMITH Joseph sen. farmer Cocomingla Cowra
STEVENSON Robert carpenter --- Cowra
STINSON John farmer Lachlan River Cowra
SUTHERLAND Andrew sergeant of police --- Cowra
TASKER --- innkeeper Brundah Cowra
THOMPSON John selector Back Ck. Cowra
TINDALL George --- Binnie Ck. Cowra
UNSWORTH Henry contractor --- Cowra
WALSH James farmer Merriganowry Cowra
WALSH Patrick selector Back Ck. Cowra
WATSON John H. butcher --- Cowra
WATT Victor squatter Farleigh Cowra
WATT William R. squatter Bumbaldry Cowra
WEST Alfred squatter Warrangobbra Cowra
WEST  Brothers squatters Binda Cowra
WEST John --- Back Ck. Cowra
WEST Thomas H. squatter Cudgele Cowra
WHITTAKER Peter jun. selector Back Ck. Cowra
WHITTAKER Peter sen. selector Back Ck. Cowra
WHITTY John farmer --- Cowra
WHITTY Thomas selector --- Cowra
WINCH Arthur farmer Lachlan River Cowra
WINSLEY John farmer --- Cowra
WOOD J. B. squatter Brundah Cowra

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here