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Distance 173 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Saturday, via Nowra, 4 p.m., Tuesday, via Braidwood, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Monday, via Nowra, 7 p.m., Wednesday, via Braidwood, 5p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Wednesday, via Nowra, 5 p.m., Monday, via Braidwood, 7p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Saturday, via Nowra, 1 p.m., Thursday, via Braidwood, 7.15 a.m.
Route - Steam Shoalhaven, and Nowra, 55m. Corang; or rail Goulburn and coach Braidwood, 28 m. Corang.
ALDCORN Andrew M.D. Narriga Corang
ALDCORN John farmer Narriga Corang
ALLEY George U. farmer Sassefras Corang
ANGELO --- miner Corang River Corang
BAINBRIGGS John farmer Narriga Corang
BECKEM John farmer Wag Wag Corang
BRIDLE Robert farmer Nimba Nimble Corang
BRITTEN George farmer Narriga Corang
CARROLL Mary farmer Jerricknora Corang
CHIDLEY Robert miner Corang River Corang
CLARK John stockman Narriga Corang
DENIS James miner Corang River Corang
DONNELLY Thomas carrier Narriga Corang
ENGLISH Michael farmer Nimba Nimble Corang
FLYNN Cornelius farmer Sassefras Corang
FORSTER William farmer Narriga Corang
FRANKHAM George farmer Narriga Corang
GANDERTON Thomas farmer Narriga Corang
HARRINGTON Thomas miner Nimba Nimble Corang
HENRY David farmer Narriga Corang
HENRY Hugh farmer Timberlight Corang
HENRY Isaac miner Timberlight Corang
HENRY James farmer Narriga Corang
HOLLANDS Thomas farmer Narriga Corang
HOLLANDS Thomas jun. farmer Narriga Corang
HOLLANDS William farmer Narriga Corang
HOLLANDS William L. farmer Jerricknora Corang
MAYHEW James miner Timberlight Corang
MAYHEW William miner Timberlight Corang
MCGRATH Bernard farmer Corang
MCGRATH Denis farmer Jamboyne Corang
MCGRATH Dudley storekeeper 
& postmaster Corang
MCGRATH Francis farmer Corang
MCGRATH John farmer Corang
MCGRATH Joseph farmer Corang
MCGRATH Mark farmer Corang
MCGRATH Patrick farmer Corang
MCGUIRE John farmer Narriga Corang
MCLELLAN Andrew miner Timberlight Corang
MCNAMARA Michael farmer Narriga Corang
NOLAN Michael teacher Narriga Corang
OLVEN Edward farmer Bangor Corang
OMAN James P. overseer Narriga Corang
ORFORD George farmer Burly River Corang
ORFORD George jun. farmer Burly River Corang
ORFORD Thomas farmer Burly River Corang
ORFORD William farmer Narriga Corang
ORFORD William farmer Narriga Corang
PIERCY Mark farmer Redground Corang
QUILTY Patrick farmer Wag Wag Corang
ROLFE Edward farmer Narriga Corang
ROLFE John farmer Narriga Corang
ROLFE Mrs. farmer Narriga Corang
SHEPHERD William farmer Narriga Corang
SHIPLEY William farmer Narriga Corang
SMITH John farmer Narriga Corang
SPAIN John farmer Jerricknora Corang
STEADMAN James miner Timberlight Corang
STEWARD Peter farmer Jamboyne Corang
STREET Thomas farmer Sassefras Corang
SZARKA George teacher Jerricknora Corang
TAPER James farmer Jerricknora Corang
WALSH Richard farmer Narriga Corang
WARWICK Thomas farmer Sassefras Corang
WHALEN William farmer Narriga Corang

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here