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Distance 298 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Sunday, Wednesday, 6 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town ---
Mail leaves for Sydney Thursday, Monday, 6 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday, 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Wallerawang, coach Mudgee, 130 m. Coonamble
ALLISON William jun. grazier Dahomey Coonamble
BACIJALUPO F. storekeeper Tooloom St. Coonamble
BARILSTUD William overseer Youic Coonamble
BARTLETT James bootmaker Castlereagh St. Coonamble
BEATTLEY John J. teacher Namoi St. Coonamble
BENNETT James poundkeeper Bimble St. Coonamble
BLAKE Henry P. superintendent Neabea Coonamble
BLOODSWORTH  Mrs. --- Merri Merri Coonamble
BROAD Harry saddler Namoi St. Coonamble
BROWN Charles carpenter Bimble St. Coonamble
BYRNES James innkeeper Namoi St. Coonamble
BUCHANAN F. W. grazier Wanana Coonamble
BUCHANAN W. F. grazier Wanana Coonamble
BURKE Charles innkeeper Tooloom St. Coonamble
BURROWS George superintendent Tunder Coonamble
CANN William sawyer Tooloom St. Coonamble
CAP George E. musician Castlereagh St. Coonamble
COOPER Mrs. --- Bimble St. Coonamble
CORNISH John carpenter Bimble St. Coonamble
COUSENS Walter grazier Urawilkie Coonamble
CUNNEFORD Martin bootmaker Namoi St. Coonamble
DEVERAL H. --- Dahomey Coonamble
DUNCAN Finlay carpenter Tooloom St. Coonamble
EDWARD Joseph --- Castlereagh St. Coonamble
FOSBERRY Leonard superintendent Nimbici Coonamble
FRAZER Donald grazier Bimbeo Coonamble
FRASER John grazier Bimbeo Coonamble
GOODALL Thomas innkeeper Dubbo St. Coonamble
GORDON Adam builder Castlereagh St. Coonamble
HALL John grazier Urawilkie Coonamble
HARRISON John butcher Tooloom St. Coonamble
HART Alfred superintendent Bemba Coonamble
HART George superintendent Bemba Coonamble
HASSARD John --- Castlereagh St. Coonamble
HERRMAN & NELSON storekeepers Namoi St. Coonamble
HICKEY Roderick --- Namoi St. Coonamble
HUTCHINSON F. H. grazier Gulgalman Coonamble
JEW John gardener Tooloom St. Coonamble
JONES Mrs. Paul innkeeper Buggle West Coonamble
KEOGH Sydney carpenter Castlereagh St. Coonamble
KING George musician Castlereagh St. Coonamble
LEHANE Jeremiah overseer Warrana Coonamble
LLOYD George A. grazier Terembone Coonamble
LORIMER James superintendent Youic Coonamble
MAIDEN George superintendent Ballaroona Coonamble
MATHEWS Samuel carrier Namoi St. Coonamble
MATTHEWS --- superintendent Balagaler Coonamble
MCCULLOUGH David innkeeper Namoi St. Coonamble
MCCULLOUGH Ernest grazier Ballaroona Coonamble
MCCULLOUGH J. mail contractor Namoi St. Coonamble
MCCULLOUGH Joseph --- Bumble St. Coonamble
MCGARRY Neil labourer Tooloom St. Coonamble
MCMAHON John grazier Budgeon Coonamble
MCMAHON Michael jun. grazier Gowamin Coonamble
MCMAHON Michael sen. grazier Tooloom Coonamble
MCMAHON Patrick grazier Coonamble Coonamble
MCMAHON William grazier Cambara Coonamble
MCRAE Mrs. Duncan --- Tooloom St. Coonamble
NOLAND James carpenter Tooloom St. Coonamble
PURKISS J. A. barracks Tooloom St. Coonamble
READ Charles carrier Castlereagh St. Coonamble
SMITH Henry grazier Warraway Grange Coonamble
SMITH William grazier Warraway Grange Coonamble
STEWART Samuel grazier Buggle West Coonamble
STEWART Thomas tailor Namoi St. Coonamble
STOTHARD James superintendent Bundy Coonamble
THOMPSON James superintendent Teredgerie Coonamble
TOOHEY Dominick barracks Tooloom St. Coonamble
TYNAN William storekeeper Namoi St. Coonamble
WESTON William C.C. P. S. Tooloom St. Coonamble
WHITE George --- Castlereagh St. Coonamble
WILLMOTT Arthur storekeeper Namoi St. Coonamble
WILLMOTT Wm. coach builder Tooloom St. Coonamble

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here