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Distance 294 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, via Boggabri 5.30 p.m., Wednesday, via Mudgee 4 p.m., Saturday, via Cassilis 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Friday, via Boggabri 7.30 p.m., Saturday via Mudgee 6 p.m., Tuesday, via Cassilis 5 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday via Cassilis 10 a.m., Wednesday via Gulligal 5 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday evening via Cassilis, Saturday evening via Gulligal
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Muswellbrook, coach Cassilis, 71 m. Coonabarabran
ALDRIDGE William shepherd Ullmanbri Coonabarabran
ANSTRISS John carpenter Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
ASHBY Alfred settler Goorianaroa Coonabarabran
ATKINSON W. boundary rider Garrawell Coonabarabran
BACON Thomas overseer Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
BARTER Thomas settler Greenbah Coonabarabran
BATES John settler Goorianaroa Coonabarabran
BEAN Patrick bushman Wallamrani Coonabarabran
BEAZLEY Amos G. stockman Wombolong Coonabarabran
BLACKBURN John settler Broomsgrove Coonabarabran
BLOWES John settler Binewa Coonabarabran
BORDER John settler Yarriman Coonabarabran
BOYCE Thomas settler Boreen Ck. Coonabarabran
BOYCE John settler Rocky Glen Coonabarabran
BOYCE Mary boarding house Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
BRADLEY Thomas butcher Girrawilla Coonabarabran
BRADSHAW Matthew mailman Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
BRIDE Bartholomew overseer Belar Coonabarabran
BRIGGS William teacher Springfield Coonabarabran
BUEL Frederick W. settler Belar Coonabarabran
BUTLER Charles shepherd Goorianaroa Coonabarabran
CAIN Thomas settler Rorah Ck. Coonabarabran
CARLON John settler Dandry Coonabarabran
CARLON William settler Dandry Coonabarabran
CASEY James boundary rider Garawilla Coonabarabran
CASEY Michael settler Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
CAVANAGH Michael shepherd Ullmanbri Coonabarabran
CHAMBERLAIN Thomas surveyor Bungabah Coonabarabran
CHAPMAN Charles H. jockey Keewong Coonabarabran
CLARE Theodore bailiff Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
CLARK William blacksmith Bilar Coonabarabran
CLARK William teamster Greenbah Coonabarabran
COCKBURN Anna settler Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
COCKBURN Julia A. postmistress Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
CONDER Francis squatter Bungabah Coonabarabran
CONDER W. J. govt. surveyor Bungabah Coonabarabran
COOPER Isaac squatter Wittenbrie Coonabarabran
COOPER James squatter Wittenbrie Coonabarabran
CORMIC Alexander mailman Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
CRISSEN Patrick settler Greenbah Coonabarabran
CROXON Alfred squatter Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
CUSSEN Samuel jun. settler Greenbah Coonabarabran
CUSSEN Samuel sen. settler Greenbah Coonabarabran
DALTRIE Thomas carpenter Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
DAVISON Alfred teacher Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
DAWSON Thomas gardener Primrose Point Coonabarabran
DEANS Thomas butcher Bungabah Coonabarabran
DISCE Thomas farmer Oaklands Coonabarabran
DOOLAN John settler Goorianaroa Coonabarabran
DOWNING George farmer Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
DOWNING George E. superintendent Nombi Coonabarabran
DOWNING John C. overseer Reewong Coonabarabran
EDWARDS Frederick W. P. M. Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
ENGLISH Andrew carpenter Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
ENNWRIGHT Anna Maria settler Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
EWING John P. senior constable Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
FALCONER D. medical student Springfield Coonabarabran
FALLS William shepherd Yarineen Coonabarabran
FARREL Edward stockman Mereyula Coonabarabran
FERGUSON Alexander squatter Merremen Coonabarabran
FERGUSON Alexander squatter Bogaldi Coonabarabran
FIELD James squatter Bogaldi Coonabarabran
FIELD John squatter Bogaldi Coonabarabran
FIELD John farmer Goondi Coonabarabran
FIELD Joshua farmer Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
FIELD Maria innkeeper Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
FIELD William squatter Neendi Coonabarabran
FITZGERALD Patrick A. bootmaker Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
FIZZARD William shepherd Goorianaroa Coonabarabran
FLEMING Robert mason Kirbin Coonabarabran
FLOOD William selector Dandry Ck. Coonabarabran
FORESTER Benjamin carpenter Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
FOSTER William shepherd Ulindah Coonabarabran
FRENCH James dairy Wallambarawang Coonabarabran
FRIESWELL John D. stockman Tanabar Coonabarabran
FURNESS Joseph musician Yarianan Coonabarabran
GARDINER William innkeeper Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
GERMAN Charles settler Womblong Coonabarabran
GLOVER Theodore stockman Goorianaroa Coonabarabran
GOLDSMITH James mailman Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
GRAINGER Hugh tutor Mundoora Coonabarabran
GRANT William shepherd Goonanawa Coonabarabran
GREELEY Henry selector Rocky Glen Coonabarabran
HANNAN Michael selector Borah Coonabarabran
HARDING James shepherd Ullmanbri Coonabarabran
HARPUR William butcher Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
HARPUR William settler Keewong Coonabarabran
HARVEY Cornelius shepherd Goonanawa Coonabarabran
HARVEY Daniel settler Yarianan Coonabarabran
HARVEY George shepherd Goonanawa Coonabarabran
HASTINGS William shepherd Yarianan Coonabarabran
HILLMEN William boundary rider Goagilla Coonabarabran
HINTON --- overseer Garawilla Coonabarabran
HODGE William selector Belmore Coonabarabran
HOLT John settler Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
HULLEY William bootmaker Goorianaroa Coonabarabran
HUMPHRIES J. superintendent Goorianaroa Coonabarabran
JACKSON John settler Turananda Coonabarabran
JONES John selector Big Flat Coonabarabran
KELLY George shearer Ullmanbri Coonabarabran
KELLY James shepherd Ullmanbri Coonabarabran
KENNEDY Hugh superintendent Ulindah Coonabarabran
KENNEDY John sheep inspector Ulindah Coonabarabran
KENNEDY Samuel squatter Wingreyon Coonabarabran
KENNEDY William squatter Tenandra Coonabarabran
KERR Alexander selector Greenbar Coonabarabran
KERR John farmer Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
KNIGHT John squatter Tanabar Coonabarabran
LEESON Alexander stockman Goorianaroa Coonabarabran
LESLIE James squatter Gorah Coonabarabran
LOUIS Henry shepherd Bungabah Coonabarabran
LYONS Edward innkeeper Springfield Coonabarabran
MACKIE Arthur superintendent Ullmanbri Coonabarabran
MAGUIRE John overseer Gumnin Gumnin Coonabarabran
MALONY John shepherd Goorianaroa Plains Coonabarabran
MATTHEWS David carrier Dandey Coonabarabran
MINEHAN John mailman Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
MONTGOMERY George settler Bective Coonabarabran
MCGRATH James settler Ullmanbri Coonabarabran
MCKELLAR Ormond farmer Kelven Grove Coonabarabran
NAVEBY Charles storekeeper Bennewa Coonabarabran
NEATE John J. builder Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
NELSON Alexander carrier Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
NELSON John carrier Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
NELSON Robert carrier Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
NELSON William settler Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
ORR Ebenezer squatter Garrawilla Coonabarabran
ORR James squatter Garrawilla Coonabarabran
ORR Robert R. squatter Rosebank Coonabarabran
ORR William storekeeper Garrawilla Coonabarabran
OXLEY Owen saddler Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
PENCHEM William settler Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
PINEHEISN William fencer Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
POWER Patrick shepherd Springs Coonabarabran
PRESTON Richard shepherd Ullambri Coonabarabran
REYNOLDS John shepherd Goorianaroa Coonabarabran
RYAN Edward settler Garrawandi Coonabarabran
SLATER Edward settler Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
SMART William J. settler Black swamp Coonabarabran
SMITH George fencer Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
SMITH William blacksmith Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
SMYTH John stockman Goorianaroa Coonabarabran
SOWDEN Samuel squatter Merrigula Coonabarabran
SOWDEN William settler Merrigula Coonabarabran
STANLEY Joseph settler Broomsgrove Coonabarabran
STUBBS Charles stockman Belar Coonabarabran
SWANNEL Thomas C. surveyor Brengebar Coonabarabran
SWEETING Richard gardener Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
SWORDS Edward innkeeper Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
TALBOT Henry musician Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
TAYLOR John farmer Woodland Coonabarabran
TAYLOR Mark farmer Misletoe  Coonabarabran
TAYLOR Mary settler Misletoe Coonabarabran
TESTER William settler Belar Coonabarabran
THORN Thomas bootmaker Whittentree Coonabarabran
TILL Thomas settler Wonbolong Coonabarabran
TURNER William settler Broomsgrove Coonabarabran
WATKINS George shearer Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
WATT James settler Goorianaroa Coonabarabran
WHITE Jethro storekeeper Coonabarabran Coonabarabran
WHITTAKER Robert settler Belar Coonabarabran
WILD Edward settler Ullambri Coonabarabran
WILLIAMS William tutor Goorianaroa Coonabarabran
WOODS Henry settler Keewong Coonabarabran
WOOLCOTT John carrier Keewong Coonabarabran

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here