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Distance 257 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Friday. Sunday 3.45 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Monday, Thursday 5 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Saturday 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, coach Cooma
ADAMS William mason Sharpe St. Cooma
AGNEW John selector Dandelong Cooma
AITCHESON Thomas shepherd Woolway Cooma
APPLETON H. farmer Pamphill Cooma
AYLING C. selector One Tree Hill Cooma
AYLING William shepherd Green Hills Cooma
BAILEY George labourer Massie St. Cooma
BAILEY John farmer Cooma Ck. Cooma
BAILEY Thomas carrier Cooma Ck. Cooma
BALMAIN J. H. surveyor's assistant  Lambie St. Cooma
BARRETT John cook Lambie St. Cooma
BARTLEY John selector Cooma Ck. Cooma
BARTLEY Martin farmer Cooma Ck. Cooma
BARTLEY Patrick selector Cooma Ck. Cooma
BATES Abraham shepherd Coolamatong Cooma
BATTYE E. M., JP inspector of police Police Barracks Cooma
BATTYE Montagu J. W. --- Police Barracks Cooma
BECKS Thomas labourer Slack's Plain Cooma
BEER William teamster Slack's Ck. Cooma
BENKE Augustus saddler Sharpe St. Cooma
BENNETT R. A. servant Bombala St. Cooma
BERCEREY Edward farmer Dandelong Cooma
BERCEREY Michael farmer Dandelong Cooma
BILSLAND Thomas carrier Bombala St. Cooma
BLAKE Matthew labourer Cooma Cooma
BLAKE Thomas selector Cooma Ck. Cooma
BLAKE William farmer One Tree Hill Cooma
BLOMFIELD Arthur squatter Coolamatong Cooma
BLYTON Charles selector Jillimabong Cooma
BLYTON George farmer Jillimabong Cooma
BLYTON Henry farmer Jillimabong Cooma
BLYTON Jeremiah farmer Jillimabong Cooma
BLYTON William selector Jillimabong Cooma
BOBIN Geoffrey selector Arable Cooma
BOBIN James shepherd Arable Cooma
BOUCHER John squatter Bukalong Cooma
BOUCHER Michael labourer Coolringdon Cooma
BOWERMAN Philip shepherd Coolringdon Cooma
BOWERMAN Richard shepherd Coolringdon Cooma
BROGAN Brian stockman Dandelong Cooma
BROGAN James farmer Bredbo Cooma
BROGAN Martin farmer Bredbo Cooma
BROGAN Thomas selector Jingera Cooma
BROOKS A. W., JP squatter Gegedzerick Cooma
BROOKS H. H. squatter Gegedzerick Cooma
BROOKS William squatter Gegedzerick Cooma
BROSNAN Patrick farmer Gum Flat Cooma
BROWN F. settler Gegedzerick Cooma
BROWN Henry settler Gegedzerick Cooma
BUCKLEY John labourer Cooma Cooma
BUCKLEY John shepherd Dairyman's Plain Cooma
BURGESS Isaac bootmaker Bombala St. Cooma
BURKE Edward labourer Island Lagoon Cooma
BURKE Francis shepherd Arable Cooma
BURKE John jun. farmer Slack's Ck. Cooma
BURKE John sen. farmer Slack's Ck. Cooma
BURKE William selector Tea Tree Cooma
BURKERY John farmer Back Ck. Cooma
BURNS James farmer Cooma Ck. Cooma
BURNS James shepherd Dry Plain Cooma
BURNS Peter farmer Cooma Ck. Cooma
BUTLER Andrew F. selector The Peak Cooma
BUTLER John selector Sharpe St. Cooma
BUTLER Sarah servant Massie St. Cooma
BUTLER William labourer Rose Valley Cooma
BYRNE C. J. innkeeper Sharpe St. Cooma
BYRNE J. J. innkeeper Sharpe St. Cooma
CALAHAN James servant Sharpe St. Cooma
CAMPBELL Donald grazier Thistle Brook Cooma
CAREY William storekeeper Sharpe St. Cooma
CARTER Angelo shepherd Coolringdon Cooma
CARTER William J. tailor Sharpe St. Cooma
CASEY James carrier Coolringdon Cooma
CASEY Patrick shepherd Jillimatong Cooma
CHALKER Edward sen. shepherd Billylingera Cooma
CHICKEY Jeremiah mason Bombala St. Cooma
CHURCH John senior constable Court House Cooma
CLARKE J. shepherd Gegedzerick Cooma
CLARKE Robert labourer Dandelong Cooma
CLIFFORD P. J. squatter Bredbo Cooma
CLIFFORD P. J. J., JP squatter Rose Valley Cooma
CLIFTON George billiard marker Sharpe St. Cooma
CLIFTON James labourer Bombala St. Cooma
CODY John shepherd Bredbo Cooma
COFFEY Michael selector Myalla Cooma
COHEN George innkeeper Massie St. Cooma
COLLINS James shepherd Bredbo Cooma
COLLINS James shepherd Rosebrook Cooma
CONNELLY Peter shepherd Bredbo Cooma
CONSTANCE James selector Cootralantra Cooma
COOK Richard labourer Spring Flat Cooma
CORBETT Thomas labourer Bombala St. Cooma
COSGROVE James squatter Billylingera Cooma
COSGROVE John jun. squatter Billylingera Cooma
COSGROVE John sen. squatter Billylingera Cooma
COSGROVE William, JP squatter Riversdale Cooma
CRONAN James saddler Market Square Cooma
CROWE Robert mailman Cooma Ck. Cooma
CRUIKSHANK M. servant Police Barracks Cooma
CULLEN John innkeeper Bunyan Cooma
CULLEN Patrick innkeeper Bunyan Cooma
CURTIS Alfred butcher Bombala St. Cooma
CURTIS Peter butcher Bombala St. Cooma
DARBY George cook Lambie St. Cooma
DAVIDSON George salesman Market Square Cooma
DAVIDSON L. G. surgeon Bombala St. Cooma
DAVIDSON Mrs. sempstress Bombala St. Cooma
DAVIS G. F. gaoler Lambie St. Cooma
DAVIS James labourer Bombala St. Cooma
DAWKINS John selector Dairyman's Flat Cooma
DAWSON Frederick overseer Rose Valley Cooma
DAWSON Henry clerk Vale St. Cooma
DAWSON Patrick shepherd Coolringdon Cooma
DAWSON Reginald Commercial Bank Vale St. Cooma
DAWSON Robert --- Rosebrook Cooma
DAWSON Robert P. M. Vale St. Cooma
DELANEY William farmer Cooma Ck. Cooma
DEVERAUX Edward selector Spring St. Cooma
DEVERAUX James jun. selector Spring Flat Cooma
DEVERAUX James sen. selector Spring Flat Cooma
DEVERAUX Thos selector Spring Flat Cooma
DICKSON Thomas labourer Sharpe St. Cooma
DILLON Patrick saddler Sharpe St. Cooma
DOBIE Peter shepherd Rock Flat Cooma
DRUITT Rev. Thomas (C. E.) Cooma Cooma
DRUITT Robert farmer Cooma Ck. Cooma
DUREN John salesman Sharpe St. Cooma
DWYER John labourer Mittagong Cooma
DYBALL Henry carrier Arable Cooma
ECCLESTON David selector Mittagong Cooma
ECCLESTON Margaret servant Massie St. Cooma
ECCLESTON William selector Mittagong Cooma
EGAN J. labourer Cooma Cooma
EVANS Thomas surveyor Lambie St. Cooma
FAHEY S. shepherd Gegedzerick Cooma
FEILAN John selector Rhine Falls Cooma
FERRIS Thomas labourer Cooma Cooma
FINN C. labourer Gegedzerick Cooma
FINNIGAN John farmer Buckenderra Cooma
FLAKELER Christopher shepherd Rose Valley Cooma
FLAKELER George stockman Rose Valley Cooma
FLAKELER John stockman Rose Valley Cooma
FLETCHER Charles selector Gegedzerick Cooma
FLINT Ellen servant Massie St. Cooma
FOLEY Mrs. laundress Cooma Cooma
FORREST G. labourer Cooma Cooma
FRANCIS W. labourer Sharpe St. Cooma
FRASER John farmer Buckenderra Cooma
FRAZER Roderick farmer Wambrook Cooma
FREEBODY Edward farmer Dry Plain Cooma
FREEBODY John jun. labourer Middlingbank Cooma
FREEBODY John sen. farmer Middlingbank Cooma
FREEBODY Joseph shepherd Woolway Cooma
FREEBODY Simon labourer Coolamatong Cooma
FREEBODY Simon jun. shepherd Middlingbank Cooma
FREEBODY Simon sen. shepherd Woolway Cooma
FREEBODY Wm. jockey Middlingbank Cooma
FROST Robert shepherd Woolway Cooma
GARDINER Rebecca servant Cooma Cooma
GARRETT J. S. painter Bombala St. Cooma
GAYNOR John shepherd Bredbo Cooma
GILBERT William labourer Dry Plain Cooma
GILLON John groom Massie St. Cooma
GLENNAN John farmer Cooma Ck. Cooma
GLENNAN Joseph farmer Cooma Ck. Cooma
GLENNAN Laurence farmer Cooma Ck. Cooma
GOBIN James shepherd Rose Valley Cooma
GOODWIN Francis selector Middle Flat Cooma
GOODWIN Henry selector Middle Flat Cooma
GOODWIN Thomas selector Middle Flat Cooma
GOODWIN William selector Middle Flat Cooma
GOODWIN Wm. R. miller Dairyman's Plains Cooma
GRAHAM Alexander squatter Dry Plain Cooma
GRIFFIN James labourer Sharpe St. Cooma
HAIN George selector Dairyman's Plains Cooma
HAIN James storekeeper Sharpe St. Cooma
HAIN Joseph selector Dairyman's Plains Cooma
HAIN Samuel innkeeper Lambie St. Cooma
HALL Richard salesman Sharpe St. Cooma
HALLORAN John blacksmith Sharpe St. Cooma
HALLORAN Patrick blacksmith Sharpe St. Cooma
HAMILTON Mrs. squatter Woolway Cooma
HAMMETT John cook Wambrook Cooma
HARKNESS Wm. superintendent Rosebrook Cooma
HARNETT Miss Ellen --- Rosebrook Cooma
HARNETT Maurice, JP squatter Rosebrook Cooma
HARNETT William squatter Rosebrook Cooma
HARPUR Anne servant Cooma Cooma
HARRIS John mason Sharpe St. Cooma
HASSALL J. M., JP squatter Wambrook Lake Cooma
HAWKINS John labourer Rose Valley Cooma
HAYES Bridget cook Billylingera Cooma
HAYES Patrick teamster Rosebrook Cooma
HAYES Thomas labourer Rosebrook Cooma
HAYES Thomas selector Rock Flat Cooma
HAYLOCK Cornelius surveyor Lambie St. Cooma
HEALEY Denis shepherd Coolringdon Cooma
HEGARTY Patrick blacksmith Bombala St. Cooma
HEHR G. F. mason Sharpe St. Cooma
HENEY Thomas W. newspaper proprietor  Sharpe St. Cooma
HEWISON Edmund teacher Vale St. Cooma
HEWITT William labourer Sharpe St. Cooma
HINTON James storekeeper Sharpe St. Cooma
HINTON John V. storekeeper Sharpe St. Cooma
HOWELL J. overseer Wambrook Lake Cooma
HOWELL J. J. squatter Kara Cooma
HUGHES William labourer Cooma Ck. Cooma
HULME F. W. telegraph office Sharpe St. Cooma
HURLEY Daniel labourer Massie St. Cooma
HURLEY William labourer Rose Valley Cooma
HURST John saddler Bombala St. Cooma
HURST Mrs. Hannah laundress Bombala St. Cooma
HUTCHINSON James carpenter Myalla Cooma
HYLES Henry farmer Dry Plain Cooma
HYLES Richard farmer Dry Plain Cooma
ILES John blacksmith Bombala St. Cooma
JACKSON Michael selector Colington Cooma
JACKSON R. farmer Jingera Cooma
JAMIESON A. shepherd Gegedzerick Cooma
JAMIESON Robert shepherd Gegedzerick Cooma
JARVIS Wm. shepherd Dairyman's Plains Cooma
JINKS James stockman Myalla Cooma
JONES W. salesman Massie St. Cooma
JOYCE Edward labourer Bredbo Cooma
KEALING George labourer Coolringdon Cooma
KEEFE M. labourer Bombala St. Cooma
KELLY David labourer Rosebrook Cooma
KELLY John overseer Green Hills Cooma
KENNEDY William shepherd Coolringdon Cooma
KEON T. superintendent Coolringdon Cooma
KING George stockman Green Hills Cooma
KIRWAN John telegraph master Sharpe St. Cooma
KOELLNER Peter farmer Slack's Ck. Cooma
LAVELAND Samuel gardener Sharpe St. Cooma
LAWLESS John shepherd Woolway Cooma
LAWLESS Patrick shepherd Myalla Cooma
LAWLESS Patrick shepherd Myalla Cooma
LAZARUS David E. storekeeper Massie St. Cooma
LECOUNTE John selector Rhine Falls Cooma
LEONORD Patrick trainer Gegedzerick Cooma
LINDSAY John carrier Cooma Cooma
LIPSCOMB Benjamin solicitor Bombala St. Cooma
LITCHFIELD James grazier Springwell Cooma
LONG W. saddler Market Square Cooma
LOVE Samuel mason Cooma Ck. Cooma
LOVELOCK Robert shepherd Woolway Cooma
LOVELOCK Robert shepherd Woolway Cooma
LYNCH Owen labourer Coolamatong Cooma
LYNCH Thomas selector Claremount Cooma
MACKAY Samuel farmer Lake Plain Cooma
MAHER James plasterer Cooma Cooma
MAHONEY David carpenter Cooma Cooma
MAIGOSCHES Ezra watchmaker Sharpe St. Cooma
MAIN David mason Back Ck. Cooma
MAIN John mason Back Ck. Cooma
MATTHEWS William labourer Mittagong Cooma
MAWSON J. J. builder Sharpe St. Cooma
MELLIDEW J. labourer Cooma Cooma
MENTZ Louis jeweller Massie St. Cooma
MILSON Peter labourer Wambrook Cooma
MINERS John shepherd Woolway Cooma
MINERS William teamster Woolway Cooma
MONTAGUE Alex., JP miller Massie St. Cooma
MORONEY John farmer Spring Flat Cooma
MORRISSEY P. shepherd Cootralantra Cooma
MOSES David storekeeper Massie St. Cooma
MOSS John shepherd Cooma Ck. Cooma
MOULD F. farmer Buconnoc Cooma
MOULD G. G. farmer Buconnoc Cooma
MOULD G. Y. grazier Buconnoc Cooma
MULLANE P. labourer Sharpe St. Cooma
MURPHY John labourer Green Hills Cooma
MYERS John shepherd One Tree Hill Cooma
MYERS Paul carrier One Tree Hill Cooma
MYERS Samuel carrier One Tree Hill Cooma
MYERS Thompson carrier One Tree Hill Cooma
MCCARTHY John selector Cootralantra Cooma
MCCUSACK M. labourer Cooma Cooma
MCDONALD Alexander shepherd Tea Tree Cooma
MCDONALD Andrew shepherd Wambrook Cooma
MCDONALD Bridget servant Massie St. Cooma
MCDONALD Duncan butcher Bombala St. Cooma
MCDONALD Hugh shepherd Dandelong Cooma
MCDONALD Isabella servant Massie St. Cooma
MCDONALD Jessie servant Massie St. Cooma
MCGRATH Bridget servant Sharpe St. Cooma
MCGREGOR Charles selector Brookfield Cooma
MCGREGOR Mary servant Coolringdon Cooma
MCGREGOR Neil selector Brookfield Cooma
MCGUFFICKE Esther servant Cooma Cooma
MCGUFFICKE James grazier Kelton Bank Cooma
MCGUFFICKE Mary servant Cooma Cooma
MCGUFFICKE N. servant Dandelong Cooma
MCGUFFICKE William farmer Kelton Bank Cooma
MCINTOSH Finley warder, gaol Lambie St. Cooma
MCINTYRE Bridget laundress Mittagong Cooma
MCINTYRE Edward farmer Mittagong Cooma
MCKENNA Michael shepherd One Tree Hill Cooma
MCKENZIE C. superintendent Coolamatong Cooma
MCKINNON Hugh labourer Kara Cooma
MCMAHON Mrs. servant Coolamatong Cooma
MCNULTY Mary laundress Lambie St. Cooma
MCRAE Alexander mason Cooma Cooma
NICHOLS John shepherd Green Hills Cooma
NICHOLS William labourer Cooma Ck. Cooma
NORDBLAD A. C. P. S. Lambie St. Cooma
NUSS George teamster Cooma Ck. Cooma
NUSS John farmer Cooma Ck. Cooma
O'BRIEN Edward bootmaker Market Square Cooma
O'BRIEN John bootmaker Sharpe St. Cooma
O'BRIEN Thomas labourer Cooma Ck. Cooma
O'BRIEN Very Rev. E. (R. C.) Sharpe St. Cooma
OLIVER W. storekeeper Berridale Cooma
O'NEILL P. grazier Buckenderra Cooma
O'NEILL Thomas shepherd Pamphill Cooma
O'RIELLY Rev. Daniel (R. C.) Sharpe St. Cooma
O'RYAN Jeremiah teacher Bombala St. Cooma
PARKINSON James cook Massie St. Cooma
PARKINSON William baker Sharpe St. Cooma
PASKE C. constable Cooma Cooma
PATTERSON William stockman Myalla Cooma
PEARS J. M. surveyor Massie St. Cooma
PEARS M. A. --- Bukalong Cooma
PEATTIE John superintendent gaol works  Cooma Cooma
PERCY George teamster Cooma Cooma
PERRY G. W. servant Sharpe St. Cooma
PETERS John farmer Tomroggan Ck. Cooma
PLATT Joseph mason Cooma Ck. Cooma
PLATT William labourer Cooma Ck. Cooma
POLLOCK John labourer Cooma Ck. Cooma
POTTER Charles mason Bombala St. Cooma
POTTERS T. J. saddler Massie St. Cooma
POWALL N. mason Bombala St. Cooma
POWELL William mason Bombala St. Cooma
POWER David miller Massie St. Cooma
POWER Thomas labourer Rose Valley Cooma
PYCROFT Joseph musician Cooma Ck. Cooma
QUIGLEY J. tailor Lambie St. Cooma
QUIGLEY Mary Ann laundress Lambie St. Cooma
QUIGLEY Rebecca servant Lambie St. Cooma
QUIRK Daniel labourer Rose Valley Cooma
QUIRK Daniel mailman Sharpe St. Cooma
REED Emanuel mason Bombala St. Cooma
REYNOLDS John shepherd Green Hills Cooma
ROBINSON F. C. shepherd Bredbo Cooma
RODDAN James contractor Bombala St. Cooma
RODDAN John carpenter Bombala St. Cooma
ROLLISON Mark labourer Cooma Ck. Cooma
ROLLISON Mary servant Cooma Ck. Cooma
RYALL Edwin selector Nuamaratonga Cooma
RYALL J. J. selector Nuamaratonga Cooma
RYALL Victor C. selector Nuamaratonga Cooma
RYAN Benjamin shepherd Green Hills Cooma
RYAN John shepherd Green Hills Cooma
SAMPSON John blacksmith Bombala St. Cooma
SCARLETT David plasterer Cooma Cooma
SCOTT David labourer Cooma Cooma
SCOTT George labourer Cooma Cooma
SCOTT James labourer Rock Flat Cooma
SCULLEY Michael stockman Dangelong Cooma
SEARS A. blacksmith Coolringdon Cooma
SEARS J. blacksmith Coolringdon Cooma
SEMKEN John carpenter Commissioner St. Cooma
SHANNON Abraham carrier Sharpe St. Cooma
SHANNON Amelia innkeeper Sharpe St. Cooma
SHANNON Isaac dealer Sharpe St. Cooma
SHANNON John dealer Pine Range Cooma
SHANNON L. bootmaker Commissioner St. Cooma
SHIPWAY N. mailman Massie St. Cooma
SIMS G. labourer Dangelong Cooma
SLATTERY Edward labourer Cooma Ck. Cooma
SLATTERY Patrick shepherd Green Hills Cooma
SMITH B. T. grazier Fountain Head Cooma
SMITH Daniel selector Middling Ck. Cooma
SMITH Owen teamster Green Hills Cooma
SMITH R. J. grazier Fountain Head Cooma
SNODGRASS George herdsman Bombala St. Cooma
SNOWDEN Joseph carpenter Green Hills Cooma
SOLOMON Charles storekeeper Massie St. Cooma
SPRING George W. newspaper proprietor Bombala St. Cooma
STEWART Christina servant Sharpe St. Cooma
STEWART Hugh selector Slack's Ck. Cooma
STEWART John stockman Dangelong Cooma
STEWART Samuel stockman Myalla Cooma
STEWART William labourer Cooma Cooma
STAPFORD Emma servant Sharpe St. Cooma
STOPP G. labourer Cooma Ck. Cooma
STOPP Joseph labourer Cooma Ck. Cooma
STRITCH J. billiard marker Sharpe St. Cooma
STROUD Thomas J. butcher Bombala St. Cooma
STURGEON A. storekeeper Market Square Cooma
STYLES George M. manager Commercial Bank  Sharpe St. Cooma
TAYLOR David mason Bombala St. Cooma
THORNTON Henry cabinet maker Bombala St. Cooma
TIERNAY M. labourer Cooma Cooma
TOCKINGTON A. squatter Gegedzerick Cooma
TOZER J. selector Arable Cooma
TOZER T. selector Arable Cooma
TOZER W. selector Rosebrook Cooma
TRACEY J. farmer Tomgroggan Ck. Cooma
TURNER R. selector Gegedzerick Cooma
WALLACE William squatter Coolringdon Cooma
WALLACE Henry squatter Dangelong Cooma
WALTERS Charles poundkeeper Lambie St. Cooma
WALTERS Henry labourer Lambie St. Cooma
WALTERS W. W. salesman Massie St. Cooma
WARD John groom Sharpe St. Cooma
WARE Henry selector Collington Cooma
WARE John selector Collington Cooma
WARE Patrick selector Collington Cooma
WATKINS Alexander farmer Lake Plain Cooma
WATKINS J. farmer Lake Plain Cooma
WATKINS John jun. farmer Lake Plain Cooma
WEEKS Edward shepherd Green Hills Cooma
WELCH John farmer Jellamatong Cooma
WESTON Wm. selector Gegedzerick Cooma
WHITEHEAD John labourer Mittagong Cooma
WHITEHEAD Peter groom Massie St. Cooma
WHITEHEAD William labourer Mittagong Cooma
WHOLOHAN Thomas carpenter Bombala St. Cooma
WILFORD Thomas carrier Cooma Ck. Cooma
WILLIAMS Eliza farmer Woolway Cooma
WILLIAMS Hubert farmer Woolway Cooma
WILLIAMS James M. labourer Coolringdon Cooma
WILLIAMS Richard farmer Woolway Cooma
WILLIAMS William shepherd Coolringdon Cooma
WILSON Mrs. Agnes --- Cooma Cooma
WILSON Peter carrier Gegedzerick Cooma
WINDLE Patrick shepherd Green Hills Cooma
WOLLETT George innkeeper Sharpe St. Cooma
WOODCROFT Joseph blacksmith Massie St. Cooma
WOODCROFT Samuel blacksmith Massie St. Cooma
WOODFIELD Mary servant Sharpe St. Cooma
WOOLLETT Thomas carrier Slack's Ck. Cooma
WORLAND Joseph labourer Cooma Cooma
WORMALD Joseph labourer Rosebrook Cooma
WORMALD W. carrier Cooma Cooma

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here