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Distance 272 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Saturday, 8 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, 6 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Wallerawang, coach Mudgee, 104 m. Collie
ANSWORTH James sawyer Collie Collie
BATHURST Edward teacher Bundejo Collie
BISHOP Caroline squatter Collie Station Collie
BISHOP Christiana squatter Collie Station Collie
BIRD Henry R. C. squatter Woombobbie Collie
BOADY Fred superintendent Woombobbie Collie
BOWMAN William dairy Mathagy Collie
BROWN Thomas overseer Haddon Riggs Collie
BYRNES Edward squatter Gibber Collie
BYRNES George superintendent Gibber Collie
BYRNES James carrier Tenandra Collie
CAMERON Elizabeth dairy Cow Plain Collie
CATON Ann householder Gradgery Collie
CATON Charles grazier Gradgery Collie
CATON Daniel P. squatter Mathagy Ck. Collie
CLARK Charles superintendent Diggen Collie
CLARK John superintendent Merrigal Collie
CLIFT Mrs. Jane householder Eurobla Collie
COSGROVE Thomas innkeeper Tenandra Collie
EVANS Thos. superintendent Haddon Riggs Collie
FISHER Robert accountant Haddon Riggs Collie
FLOOD Edward squatter Bereda Collie
FOLEY Eliza storekeeper Collie Collie
FOOBY Joseph carrier Wier Brush Collie
GILROY Francis horse-trainer Dick's Camp Collie
GILROY Patrick groom Bereda Collie
HALL Henry farmer Bundema Collie
HALL William grocer Dreal Collie
HALL Thomas carpenter Collie Collie
HALL William J. farmer Bundema Collie
HEALEY Thomas grazier Collie Collie
HOLT Charles horse dealer Collie Collie
HORSEFIELD William barman Tenandra Collie
HUNDY James grazier Collie Collie
JONES Alexander squatter Munnell Collie
JONES John squatter Merrigal Collie
JONES William overseer Haddon Riggs Collie
KINSELLA James sawyer Cow Plain Collie
LAWLER John storekeeper Haddon Riggs Collie
LOCKYER Thomas teacher Wambando Collie
LORN William teacher Collie Collie
MANNS John carrier Collie Collie
MARSHALL George shepherd Merrigal Collie
MATTHEWS Richard grazier Collie Collie
MATTHEWS Thomas grazier Collie Collie
MEALY John farmer Dick's Camp Collie
MEERS Samuel innkeeper Collie Collie
MOORE Edward stockman Dreal Collie
MUNRO Mrs. Mary householder Dreal Collie
MCDOUGALL James tinsmith Collie Collie
MCGREGOR Elizabeth householder Collie Collie
NOEL Joseph H. carpenter Colombarawang Collie
OSTLER William squatter Dick's Camp Collie
PERRY Mrs. Mary squatter Major Collie
PERRY William squatter Tenanbah Collie
PORTER James storekeeper Inglegar Collie
PURNSELL Charles overseer Haddon Riggs Collie
QUINN Patrick groom Dreal Collie
REAKS Walter stockman Naraweema Collie
REAKS William squatter Naraweema Collie
RILEY William stockman Naraweema Collie
ROBERTSON James squatter Corodgery Collie
SMITH Robert squatter Cow Plain Collie
SMITH William carpenter Collie Collie
WHEATLEY George squatter Bundejo Collie
WILD Jane squatter Collie

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here