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Distance 234 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, via Moruya, 4 p.m; Friday, by Clyde Steamer
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Sunday, 10.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Tuesday, 10 a.m. via Moruya
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Friday 7.15 a.m.
Route - Clyde steamer to Bega, 20m. Cobargo.
ALLEN John innkeeper Cobargo Cobargo
ALLEN John selector Murrabrine Cobargo
ALLEN Thomas selector Wandella Cobargo
ALLEN William selector Allandale Cobargo
ALLEN William selector Wandella Cobargo
ANDERSON Benjamin labourer Norooma Cobargo
ARMSTRONG Christopher labourer Narira Cobargo
BAILEY Charles selector  Wandella Cobargo
BAILEY Henry labourer Wandella Cobargo
BAILEY Sim carrier Wandella Cobargo
BARLOW Samuel --- Yourie Cobargo
BATE Richard N. selector Norooma Cobargo
BATE Samuel W. selector Rockley Cobargo
BATE Thomas sen. selector Norooma Cobargo
BLACKA William selector Coolagalite Cobargo
CAREY Robert selector Murrabrine Cobargo
CLARK Frank butcher Cobargo Cobargo
CLARKE Francis labourer Cobargo Cobargo
CLUGSTON Robert selector Murrabrine Cobargo
CLUGSTON Samuel selector Murrabrine Cobargo
COMAN Edward selector Narira Cobargo
COMAN William selector Narira Cobargo
CULLEN William selector Cobargo Cobargo
DIBLEY George splitter Wandella Cobargo
DUMMETT William selector Dry River Cobargo
EDMONDS Samuel labourer Dry River Cobargo
ELRINGTON George dairy Dry River Cobargo
ENGLEMAN Adam selector Dry River Cobargo
GILBERT James selector Bredbatoura Cobargo
GILBERT John selector Bredbatoura Cobargo
GILDEA Robert blacksmith Cobargo Cobargo
GILLESPIE Daniel selector Cobargo Cobargo
GILLESPIE John selector Cobargo Cobargo
GILLESPIE Michael selector Cobargo Cobargo
GILLESPIE Thomas selector Cobargo Cobargo
GILPIN William labourer Cobargo Cobargo
HARDY Amelia innkeeper Cobargo Cobargo
HEFFERNAN James selector Brogo Cobargo
HEFFERNAN Joseph selector Cobargo Cobargo
HENRY Jacob splitter Cobargo Cobargo
HOEY Edward labourer Cobargo Cobargo
HULME Joseph harbour master Bermagua Cobargo
INSKIP Daniel selector Dry River Cobargo
JAGGERS Henry carrier Cobargo Cobargo
JAGGERS John postmaster Cobargo Cobargo
JEFFERS Robert selector Wandella Cobargo
JESSOP Isaac carrier Cobargo Cobargo
JESSOP Joseph labourer Cobargo Cobargo
KELLY Thomas storekeeper & PM Cobargo Cobargo
LEEMON William selector Coolagalite Cobargo
LETTS Samuel selector Narira Cobargo
MORRIS Ephraim labourer Cobargo Cobargo
MOTBY John selector Cobargo Cobargo
MCGREGOR James mail contractor Cobargo Cobargo
MCGREGOR William grazier Brogo Cobargo
MCGUINESS Patrick splitter Cobargo Cobargo
MCKOY John splitter Cobargo Cobargo
MCMANUS John splitter Cobargo Cobargo
MCMANUS Thomas dairy Cobargo Cobargo
O'REILLY John teacher Cobargo Cobargo
OSMAN George fisherman Bermagua Cobargo
PENRITH Wm. bark stripper Dignam's Ck. Cobargo
PERRY Hugh farmer Dry River Cobargo
PERRY James selector Dry River Cobargo
PERRY Margaret housekeeper Cobargo Cobargo
PERRY Thomas carrier Cobargo Cobargo
PITMAN Arthur selector Wandella Cobargo
PITMAN Hugh selector Tilba Tilba Cobargo
REEDY Patrick splitter Cobargo Cobargo
REID Horrax selector Tilba Tilba Cobargo
ROBINSON William splitter Cobargo Cobargo
RUSSELL Michael splitter Cobargo Cobargo
SCHNEIDER Michael selector Dry River Cobargo
SECCOMBE John selector Tilba Tilba Cobargo
SLATER William labourer Cobargo Cobargo
SOLWAY George selector Cobargo Cobargo
SOLWAY Henry selector Cobargo Cobargo
SOUTHAM James selector Tilba Tilba Cobargo
STENNETT A. G. selector Dry River Cobargo
STENNETT Frederick selector Dry River Cobargo
SUTHERLAND Daniel selector Yourie Cobargo
TARLINTON Alexander grazier Murrabrine Cobargo
TARLINTON Daniel grazier Bredbatoura Cobargo
TARLINTON James grazier Bredbatoura Cobargo
TARLINTON John grazier Narira Cobargo
TARLINTON Thomas grazier Wandella Cobargo
TARLINTON William grazier Dry River Cobargo
TARLINTON William D. grazier Bredbatoura Cobargo
THOMSON Frank labourer Cobargo Cobargo
TOMSETT John splitter Cobargo Cobargo
TYLER Tobias splitter Cobargo Cobargo
WAGENRICHT Philip labourer Cobargo Cobargo
WILSON Peter selector Wandella Cobargo
WINTLE Walter selector Bermagua Cobargo
WOODS Samuel selector Wandella Cobargo

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here