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Distance 276 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Sunday, 8.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, 3 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, 148 m. Clarendon
ALLAN Chas. boundary rider Wantabadgery Clarendon
BARRON Edward farmer Clarendon Clarendon
BARRON William farmer Clarendon Clarendon
BARTLETT John engineer Clarendon Clarendon
BEVAN James miner Clarendon Clarendon
BEVERIDGE James farmer Tenandra Clarendon
BEVERIDGE John overseer Wantabadgery Clarendon
BISHOP Samuel innkeeper Clarendon Clarendon
BURKE Michael farmer Cuba Ck. Clarendon
BURKE Patrick farmer Clarendon Clarendon
CLARK William farmer Mitta Mitta Ck. Clarendon
CLARKE George farmer Mitta Mitta Ck. Clarendon
COOMBS Robert farmer Clarendon Clarendon
CROWE John jun. miner Clarendon Clarendon
CROWE John sen.  farmer Clarendon Clarendon
DALEY John farmer Cuba Ck. Clarendon
DALEY Peter farmer Cuba Ck. Clarendon
DALEY Thomas farmer Cuba Ck. Clarendon
DAVIS Thomas boundary rider Wantabadgery Clarendon
DENNETT Charles blacksmith Wantabadgery Clarendon
DENNOON William storekeeper Clarendon Clarendon
FISHER G. boundary rider Wantabadgery Clarendon
FITZGERALD Michael farmer Billabong Clarendon
FULLER John farmer Billabong Clarendon
FULLER Samuel carpenter Wantabadgery Clarendon
HANLAN John butcher Clarendon Clarendon
HARRIS William farmer Clarendon Clarendon
HEFFERNAN Thomas farmer Clarendon Clarendon
HILL John carpenter Clarendon Clarendon
HOGAN Daniel farmer Billabong Clarendon
HOGAN James farmer Billabong Clarendon
HOGAN John farmer Billabong Clarendon
HUTCHESON Joseph labourer Clarendon Clarendon
HUTTON Solomon painter Clarendon Clarendon
JALLAND W. C. farmer Merribindinya Clarendon
JONES Francis mining manager Clarendon Clarendon
KIRKPATRICK Robert miner Morris's Reef Clarendon
KIRKPATRICK Thomas miner Morris's Reef Clarendon
KNOX Henry carpenter Merribindinya Clarendon
LEARY Humphrey farmer Wantabadgery Clarendon
LEEMAN Benjamin farmer Wanteo Ck. Clarendon
LEEMAN James farmer Wanteo Ck. Clarendon
LEEMAN Samuel farmer Wanteo Ck. Clarendon
LEVETT G. stock-keeper Merribindinya Clarendon
LEVETT Josiah farmer Mitta Mitta Ck. Clarendon
LORKING James labourer Tenandra Clarendon
MATHEW William labourer Clarendon Clarendon
MILES Henry labourer Merribindinya Clarendon
MORRIS John squatter Geralgambeth Clarendon
MORRIS Miles grazier Geralgambeth Clarendon
MCDONALD Donald farmer Billabong Clarendon
MCGLEDE E. innkeeper Wantabadgery Clarendon
MCKENZIE Allan farmer Geralgambeth Clarendon
MCKENZIE Donald stock dealer Flowerdale Clarendon
MCKENZIE Hector farmer Mitta Mitta Ck. Clarendon
MCKENZIE Isabella farmer Flowerdale Clarendon
OFER William farmer Mitta Mitta Ck. Clarendon
PATTERSON A. boundary rider Wantabadgery Clarendon
PAUL James teacher Merribindinya Clarendon
PEEBLES Robert teacher Tenandra Clarendon
POWELL William miner Clarendon Clarendon
REID James B. --- Wantabadgery Clarendon
RIMMINGTON William miner Clarendon Clarendon
ROBERTSON Alexander farmer Billabong Clarendon
ROBINSON Lachlan farmer Billabong Clarendon
RUSSELL James farmer Clarendon Clarendon
SINCLAIR Colin farmer Billabong Clarendon
SINCLAIR David farmer Billabong Clarendon
SPENCER Charles miner Clarendon Clarendon
STINSON W. farmer Merribindinya Clarendon
TREWEEK James John storekeeper Clarendon Clarendon
WEBSTER Herman farmer Wanteo Ck. Clarendon
WEIR David storekeeper Clarendon Clarendon
WHITE Stephen squatter Merribindinya Clarendon
WILLS J. boundary rider Wantabadgery Clarendon
WINDEYER Walter O. squatter Wantabadgery Clarendon
WRIGHT John farmer Billabong Clarendon

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here