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Distance 223 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Saturday, Monday, 9.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Tuesday, Friday, 5 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Saturday evenings
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Muswellbrook, coach Cassilis.
ADAMS Thomas resident Llangollen Cassilis
ALBERT Donald farmer Turee Ck. Cassilis
ALBERT John farmer Turee Ck. Cassilis
AMOR Mrs. Rachael --- Ailse Cassilis
ARMSTRONG Lucas innkeeper Green Hills Cassilis
BAILEY John shepherd Rotherwood Cassilis
BRUCE George --- Llangollen Cassilis
BRAGGETT Thomas butcher --- Cassilis
BRAGGETT William innkeeper --- Cassilis
BROWN Alexander stockman --- Cassilis
BULGIN James farmer Cattle Ck. Cassilis
BUSBY A. & W. squatters Cassilis Station  Cassilis
BUSBY Hon. William squatter --- Cassilis
BYFIELD Robert storekeeper --- Cassilis
CAMDEN Mrs. E. farmer Munmurra Ck. Cassilis
CAMPBELL John farmer Cattle Ck. Cassilis
CONSTABLE William farmer Munmurra Bk. Cassilis
CROTHERS --- boundary rider Llangollen Cassilis
DAVISON William saddler --- Cassilis
DILLON John farmer Munmurra Bk. Cassilis
ELLIOTT William R. squatter New Turee Cassilis
FARRELL Michael teacher Munmurra Bk. Cassilis
FERRIS John J. R. postmaster --- Cassilis
FORD A. saddler --- Cassilis
GODDARD Thomas farmer Turee Ck. Cassilis
GUILFORD Richard farmer Turee Ck. Cassilis
HASSARD James constable --- Cassilis
HEAD Robert farmer Turee Ck. Cassilis
HINDS Alfred carpenter --- Cassilis
HOCKIE Thomas storekeeper --- Cassilis
JONES Alfred T. squatter Turee  Cassilis
KELMAN J. superintendent Cassilis Station  Cassilis
KENNIWELL  Thomas bootmaker --- Cassilis
LAMB William farmer Ironbark Ck. Cassilis
LAMBE Frederick C. squatter Llangollen Cassilis
LAWN Charles flour mill Green Hills Cassilis
LAWRENCE James farmer Cattle Ck. Cassilis
LOVEGROVE  Ambrose farmer Happy Valley Cassilis
LOVEGROVE  James farmer Happy Valley Cassilis
LOWE James overseer Turee  Cassilis
MACK James butcher --- Cassilis
MAGINNIS J. constable --- Cassilis
MILLER James storekeeper --- Cassilis
MOOR Frederick storekeeper Turee Ck. Cassilis
MORRIS John C. P. S. --- Cassilis
MCDONALD Alexander farmer Turee Ck. Cassilis
NICHOLLS Alfred mailman --- Cassilis
NOBLE William farmer Munmurra Bk. Cassilis
O'MALLEY --- farmer Turee Ck. Cassilis
PARKER Meredith storekeeper --- Cassilis
PHILLIPS George storekeeper Llangollen Cassilis
PHILLIPS John farmer Munmurra Ck. Cassilis
PHILLIPS William labourer --- Cassilis
PIPER George innkeeper --- Cassilis
PRICE John farmer Munmurra Ck. Cassilis
RAWLINSON  David farmer Four-Mile Ck. Cassilis
RAWLINSON  Elijah farmer Four-Mile Ck. Cassilis
REARDON William --- Ulan Ck. Cassilis
REGAN Patrick superintendent Rotherwood Cassilis
SADLER Edward farmer Reedy Ck. Cassilis
SCALLY Martin constable --- Cassilis
SCOTT D. shepherd Wagrabil Ck. Cassilis
SCULLY Edward labourer --- Cassilis
SEIVERS Peter boundary rider Llangollen Cassilis
SHEPHERD William teacher Turee Ck. Cassilis
SNOW Thomas farmer Ironbark Ck. Cassilis
STEVENSON William farmer Starkey's Ck. Cassilis
TROTTER Thomas mail contractor --- Cassilis
TUCKEY James teamster --- Cassilis
WHEELER Robert A. farmer Turee Ck. Cassilis
WHITBY Matthew farmer Munmurra Bk. Cassilis
WHITBY Robert labourer --- Cassilis
WILLIAMS Venables --- Rotherwood Cassilis
WILSON Rev. William S. (C. E.) --- Cassilis

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here