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Distance 505 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office per Clarence River steamer
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Monday, 6 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Saturday, Tuesday, 1 p.m. & Richmond River steamers
Mail arrives at Sydney per Clarence & Richmond River steamers
Route - Clarence & Richmond River Steamers, via steam Lawrence-Casino
ABECKETT Edward labourer Tomki Casino
ADAMS Thomas labourer Dyrabba Casino
ALCOCK Denis labourer --- Casino
ALCOCK Francis labourer --- Casino
ALCOCK Mary --- --- Casino
ANDREWS Edward teamster --- Casino
ARMSTRONG Alex. farmer Disputed Plains Casino
ARMSTRONG Charles farmer Disputed Plains Casino
ARMSTRONG Thomas farmer Disputed Plains Casino
ASKEW Isaiah carpenter --- Casino
BALDWIN T. carpenter Runnymede Casino
BALMER Robert printer --- Casino
BARLING John surveyor --- Casino
BARNES Henry squatter Dyrabba Casino
BECKMAN Henry bushman --- Casino
BOURKE Andrew labourer Dyrabba Casino
BOYD John sawyer --- Casino
BOYD Richard sawyer --- Casino
BRITTON James innkeeper --- Casino
BROWN Elizabeth housekeeper --- Casino
BROWN John innkeeper --- Casino
BROWN Peter carpenter --- Casino
BUCHANAN Angus labourer Deep Ck. Casino
BUNDOCK A. C. squatter Wiangarie Casino
BUNDOCK E. O. squatter Wiangarie Casino
BUNDOCK Wellington squatter Wiangarie Casino
BURKE Patrick farmer --- Casino
CALLING Jessie --- --- Casino
CAMPBELL Donald overseer Etterick Casino
CARFRAE Bland stockman Bungawalbra Casino
CARFRAE T. stockman Bungawalbra Casino
CARLILL Matthew labourer Tomki Casino
CARLILL Thomas teamster --- Casino
CARLILL Thomas J. butcher --- Casino
CARPENTER George carpenter & joiner --- Casino
CARTER George farmer --- Casino
CHANDLER Thomas C. inspector distilleries 
& police sergeant --- Casino
CHARTERS Jeremiah labourer Kyogle Casino
CLARKE George farmer --- Casino
CLARKE Thomas farmer --- Casino
COSGROVE Patrick labourer --- Casino
COX Henry mason --- Casino
CRANE Thomas stockman Wyan Casino
CROAKE Daniel labourer --- Casino
CROAKE Thomas labourer --- Casino
CROSS George bootmaker --- Casino
CROSS William bootmaker --- Casino
CUNNINGHAM John mail contractor --- Casino
CURRIE Charles W. stockman Wyangarie Casino
DAVIS H. stockman Deep Ck. Station Casino
DAWSON R. B. C. C. L. --- Casino
DILLON James blacksmith --- Casino
DILLON John labourer --- Casino
DOCKERELL Benjamin farmer South Casino
DRURY William mail contractor South Casino
DUFFY Mary --- --- Casino
DUFFY Peter stockman Wooroowoolgen Casino
DUNNING Rev. W. H. C. E. --- Casino
EAMES John stockman Wyangarie Casino
EDWARDS Charles squatter Runnymede Casino
ENDRES Christian farmer South Casino
ENDRES Jacob farmer North Casino
FAWCETT Charles H. --- --- Casino
FEILDING William labourer --- Casino
FLANAGAN James farmer South Casino
FLANAGAN William farmer South Casino
FOY John farmer --- Casino
GRAY James blacksmith South Casino
GREENSTOAT Thomas innkeeper --- Casino
GRIME Jeffrey farmer --- Casino
GRIME John storekeeper --- Casino
HARMAN William teacher South Casino
HARRIS M. stockman -- Casino
HARRISON Ann resident -- Casino
HART Frederick squatter Wooroowoolgen Casino
HART Thomas bootmaker --- Casino
HAYDEN Denis farmer South Casino
HEAVEN Frederick painter -- Casino
HELDT Peter labourer --- Casino
HILDEBRAND --- stockman Wooroowoolgen Casino
HINDMARSH William resident Dyrabba Casino
HORSEMAN James labourer --- Casino
JACOBS John farmer --- Casino
JOHNSON C. J. farmer --- Casino
JOHNSON J. W. farmer Tomki Casino
JOHNSON William carpenter --- Casino
JOSEPHS Samuel stockman --- Casino
KENNEDY George auctioneer --- Casino
KING Johnson G. P. M. --- Casino
KINNIFF Patrick labourer Runnymede Casino
KISSANE Daniel farmer Runnymede Casino
KRANTH Joseph gardener --- Casino
LAMBERT Joseph groom Kyogle Casino
LASCOTT Edward farmer South Casino
LEACH Janet --- --- Casino
LEWIS Thomas labourer --- Casino
LIGHTBODY C. J. --- Tomki Casino
LITTLE Robert wheelwright --- Casino
LIVINGSTONE Alexander farmer Deep Ck. Casino
LIVINGSTONE Angus farmer Deep Ck. Casino
MACAULEY Alexander farmer South Casino
MADDEN Thomas farmer --- Casino
MAGNAY Matthew dairy --- Casino
MARSH George tinsmith Deep Ck. Casino
MARSH Thomas farmer Woran, South Casino
MEANLEY M. --- Greenwood Forest Casino
MCCORMACK Alex. stockman Wooroowoolgen Casino
MCCOVEY James labourer Tomki Casino
MCCOY Mary laundress --- Casino
MCKELLICAN Price farmer South Casino
MCLEOD John boarding-house --- Casino
MCMAHON Thomas sawyer --- Casino
NAUGHTON Edward farmer Eastwood Casino
NICHOLSON Thomas superintendent Roseberry Casino
O'GRADY James farmer New Park Casino
O'KELLY John D. mail contractor --- Casino
O'ROURKE James --- --- Casino
PAGE James labourer --- Casino
PALMER Henry splitter Tomki Casino
PALMER John labourer Tomki Casino
PILE Edwin storekeeper --- Casino
POCKLEY T. F. G. banker --- Casino
QUINELLE George sawyer --- Casino
RANN Henry farmer --- Casino
RAPP W. H. mason --- Casino
REEVES John stockman --- Casino
REEVES Thomas farmer --- Casino
REILLY Michael labourer --- Casino
ROACH Martin labourer --- Casino
ROBERTSON Jane --- Bonalbo Casino
ROBERTSON Richard squatter Sandilands Casino
ROBERTSON William squatter Bonalbo Casino
SAVILLE John farmer --- Casino
SCHURR Rev. Felix (R. C.) --- Casino
SCHILLER B. blacksmith --- Casino
SCHILLER Jost farmer South Casino
SCOTT W. M. telegraph master --- Casino
SELLORS Benjamin boarding-house Myrtle Ck. Casino
SHANNON John C. farmer --- Casino
SHEPPARD Samuel farmer --- Casino
SIMPKINS Robert farmer Tatham Casino
SIMPSON Alexander postmaster & saddler --- Casino
SIMPSON Alfred storekeeper --- Casino
SIMPSON William G. --- --- Casino
SJOSTROM Elizabeth --- --- Casino
SOWERSBY William farmer South Casino
STAPLETON Thomas farmer --- Casino
STOCKS James storekeeper --- Casino
STRATFORD H. E. C. P. S. --- Casino
THOMSON Robert stockman Dyrabba Casino
TOZER William selector --- Casino
TRACEY A. G. overseer Bungawalben Casino
VANDER Werden H. cabinet maker --- Casino
WALPOLE John stockman Dyrabba Casino
WALSH Francis mail contractor --- Casino
WALSH Peter teacher --- Casino
WALSH Thady constable --- Casino
WALSH Thomas mail contractor --- Casino
WALTON John carpenter --- Casino
WHITE John farmer Greenwood Forest Casino
WILSON John stockman Roseberry Casino
WILSON Robert stockman Roseberry Casino
WOOD William farmer South Casino

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here