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Distance 330 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Wednesday, Saturday, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Sunday, Wednesday, 2.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Friday, Tuesday, 7 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Saturday, 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Rydal, coach via Dubbo to Canonbar
AITKEN William storekeeper --- Canonbar
ARNOLD J. labourer --- Canonbar
ARNOTT John stockman --- Canonbar
ARNOTT John storekeeper --- Canonbar
ARTLETT William stockman East Canonbar
ASHCROFT James squatter East Canonbar
BAKER William carpenter --- Canonbar
BALFE John squatter Tabretong Canonbar
BARNETT W. H. --- Marra Ck. Canonbar
BENNETT Thomas overseer Colane Canonbar
BOLAND James bootmaker --- Canonbar
BOURKE Thomas labourer Willeroom Canonbar
BRADY Thomas selector --- Canonbar
BRIDGMAN R. overseer Murrawombie Canonbar
BROWN James labourer No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
BROWN James storekeeper --- Canonbar
BROWN J. L. stockman Boxcowal Canonbar
BROWN John squatter --- Canonbar
BUIST George saddler --- Canonbar
CAMPBELL R. J. govt. surveyor --- Canonbar
CANT William labourer No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
CARO Julius storekeeper --- Canonbar
CARROLL Dennis senior constable --- Canonbar
CHARLTON Charles stockman East Canonbar
CLARK --- labourer Nidgery Canonbar
CLARK F. labourer Marra Ck. Canonbar
CLEMENTS W. C. squatter Burdenda Canonbar
COLE Alfred bailiff --- Canonbar
COLEY W. H. superintendent Boxcowal Canonbar
CRANE Margaret servant --- Canonbar
CRAWFORD J. G., JP superintendent Colane Canonbar
CRAWFORD Samuel, JP squatter Burdenda Canonbar
CROWDER --- labourer Nidgery Canonbar
CUFFE John innkeeper --- Canonbar
DALEY William saddler --- Canonbar
DAVIS George cook Eenaweena Canonbar
DAWSON Edward labourer --- Canonbar
DAWSON Frank contractor --- Canonbar
DOMICAN Isaac labourer Eenaweena Canonbar
DOUGLAS Walter squatter Yarravin Canonbar
DOUSE William squatter --- Canonbar
DUFF John contractor No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
DWYER John mailman --- Canonbar
EUSTON Robert teamster --- Canonbar
EVANS G. H. labourer Marra Ck. Canonbar
FLYNN R. J. storekeeper --- Canonbar
FRANCO Mrs. dressmaker --- Canonbar
FRICKER William painter --- Canonbar
GEE Ah gardener --- Canonbar
GIBSON David constable --- Canonbar
GILMORE J. U. squatter Balgandramine Canonbar
GORDON George innkeeper --- Canonbar
GORMAN Patrick contractor --- Canonbar
GRAY James station master Marra Ck. Canonbar
GREENTREE George stockman Murrawombie Canonbar
GREENTREE Henry contractor Murrawombie Canonbar
HAGGAR Stephen squatter 14 East Bogan Canonbar
HALL Cedric squatter Willeroom Canonbar
HALL E. S. squatter Willeroom Canonbar
HAND G. T. stockman Trarangar Canonbar
HANNAN James mailman --- Canonbar
HARRISKY James squatter Marra Ck. Canonbar
HARTNETT --- labourer Marra Ck. Canonbar
HAYDON George carpenter --- Canonbar
HEATH W. H. superintendent Eenaweena Canonbar
HENNESSEY Mrs. Mary servant No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
HINDLE John superintendent Murrawombie Canonbar
HODGE Robert C. butcher --- Canonbar
HOLLAND Henry E. squatter Trarangar Canonbar
HYLAND H. A. labourer Marra Ck. Canonbar
ISAACS Henry innkeeper --- Canonbar
JONES John labourer --- Canonbar
JONES William labourer --- Canonbar
KANE Mitchell labourer --- Canonbar
KEENAN Thomas squatter --- Canonbar
KERR Andrew mail contractor --- Canonbar
KERR Robert labourer --- Canonbar
KEW John labourer --- Canonbar
KIPPIN John gardener --- Canonbar
LAMPH R. innkeeper Monkey, Bogan River Canonbar
LARSEN --- labourer Murrawombie Canonbar
LEE P. S. shepherd Colane Canonbar
LINDSAY Mrs. dressmaker --- Canonbar
LYONS William butcher --- Canonbar
LYNCH Patrick stockman 7 West Bogan Canonbar
LYNCH Peter stockholder Wyngan Canonbar
LYNCH William stockman No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
MARTIN A. labourer --- Canonbar
MEADE Mathew labourer --- Canonbar
MITCHELL Hugh superintendent  --- Canonbar
MONKS Charles stockman East Canonbar
MONAGHAN Thomas stockholder Nyngan Canonbar
MONAGHAN Timothy stockholder Nyngan Canonbar
MORGAN John storekeeper Murrawombie Canonbar
MURPHY John J. storekeeper --- Canonbar
MURRAY Mitchell labourer No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
MCCALLUM Archibald storekeeper --- Canonbar
MCCAULEY James sawyer --- Canonbar
MCCULLOCH  A. H. squatter Colane Canonbar
MCFARLANE  Patrick teamster --- Canonbar
NASH --- labourer --- Canonbar
NAY Robert stockman Burdenda Canonbar
NAY William stockman Daronbel Canonbar
NEAL John junr. stockholder No. 6 West Bogan Canonbar
NEAL John senr. squatter No. 6 West Bogan Canonbar
NEAL Robert stockholder West Bogan Canonbar
NEAL William squatter No. 7 West Bogan Canonbar
NORTON John labourer Murrawombie Canonbar
O'BRIEN Thomas teacher Monkey Canonbar
O'NEIL W. stock & station agent
 & mail contractor  ---  Canonbar
O'SULLIVAN  J. P. squatter Nidgery Canonbar
OIVEN Mary servant --- Canonbar
PARKER --- labourer --- Canonbar
PASCOE H. H. carpenter Monkey Canonbar
PATTERSON William labourer --- Canonbar
PAULL James contractor No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
PEASLEY Frederick labourer Colane Canonbar
PERKS Charles squatter Tabretong Canonbar
POTTER John labourer --- Canonbar
POTTS James stockman --- Canonbar
QUINN James labourer Mudall Canonbar
QUINN John stockman Willaroon Canonbar
RAINE B. J. squatter Mundaloo Canonbar
REEVES David stockman --- Canonbar
RICHARDSON  John labourer --- Canonbar
RICHARDSON  L. T. squatter Grah Weed Canonbar
RICHARDSON  T. L. squatter Murrawombie Canonbar
RICHARDSON  W. W.  squatter Moonagee Canonbar
RIDGE Richard superintendent  Moonagee Canonbar
RING Samuel butcher --- Canonbar
ROBINSON William cook East Canonbar
RYAN Michael labourer --- Canonbar
RYRIE J. C. squatter Eenaweena Canonbar
SAMUELS Charles painter --- Canonbar
SHAKESPEARE  Victor contractor Nidgery Canonbar
SHAZ Stephen sawyer No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
SIMPSON David labourer Monkey Canonbar
SKINNER J. S. stockman --- Canonbar
SLATTERY Thomas labourer Moonagee Canonbar
SMITH --- stockman Moonagee Canonbar
SMITH John innkeeper Tabretong Canonbar
SMITH John mailman --- Canonbar
SMITH Margaret servant --- Canonbar
SMITH William stockman --- Canonbar
SPILLSBERY  H. squatter Marra Ck. Canonbar
SPREET --- labourer No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
STUART Charles stockman No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
SULLIVAN Patrick squatter Cowga Canonbar
TOBIN James stockman Marra Ck. Canonbar
TRUDGETT George stockman 14 East Bogan Canonbar
TRUDGETT Robert stockman 14 East Bogan Canonbar
WALKER A. labourer No. 2, West Bogan Canonbar
WEBSTER W. labourer Yarrawin, Marra Ck. Canonbar
WELLINGS T. H. teacher --- Canonbar
WEST Annie servant --- Canonbar
WESTON Miss --- Marra Ck. Canonbar
WRIGHT --- overseer No. 17 West Bogan Canonbar
WRIGHT John labourer Eenaweena Canonbar
YATES --- stockman Monkey Canonbar
YEOMAN John A. squatter Marra Ck. Canonbar
YOUNG William mailman --- Canonbar

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here