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Distance 258 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office by Merimbula steamers
Mail arrives at Post Town Thursday, Monday
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Thursday, one hour after arrival of mail
Mail arrives at Sydney by Clyde and Merimbula steamers
Route - by Merimbula steamers
ALLEN John farmer --- Candelo
ANDREWS John farmer --- Candelo
BARRETT James S. plumber & tinsmith --- Candelo
BEARD Joseph labourer Tantawanglo Candelo
BIRD John labourer Tantawanglo Candelo
BRENNAN James farmer Tantawanglo Candelo
CHIGWIDDEN  James butcher --- Candelo
COLLINS James farmer Sandy Ck. Candelo
COLLINS John jun. farmer Rocky Water Hole  Candelo
COLLINS John sen. farmer Rocky Water Hole  Candelo
COLLINS Phillip farmer Sandy Ck. Candelo
DARRAGH Felix farmer Bateman's Ck.  Candelo
DAVIDSON J. & W. blacksmiths --- Candelo
EWING Robert farmer --- Candelo
GOLDSMITH  H. M. teacher --- Candelo
GRANT John farmer Tantawanglo Candelo
HAMMOND Arthur blacksmith --- Candelo
HAMMOND Henry blacksmith --- Candelo
HEFFERNAN Patrick farmer --- Candelo
HUNT William dairy Sergeant's Swamp  Candelo
IVILL George labourer --- Candelo
IVILL John carrier --- Candelo
JAMIESON George farmer --- Candelo
JOHNSTON James labourer --- Candelo
KENNEDY W. contractor Tantawanglo Candelo
KERESON John farmer Spring Gully Candelo
KEYS John farmer --- Candelo
KIRBY Roger T., JP farmer Spring Vale Candelo
LIEPLAW David farmer Ryan's Swamp  Candelo
LOCKHART David carrier --- Candelo
LUCAS Henry farmer --- Candelo
LUCAS Thomas farmer --- Candelo
MCCARTHY Eugene farmer Tantawanglo Candelo
MCCARTHY William farmer Tantawanglo Candelo
MCCAULEY Philip farmer Bateman's Ck.  Candelo
NADIN John farmer Ryan's Swamp  Candelo
ROBERTSON  Alexander farmer --- Candelo
ROBERTSON  George farmer Sandy Ck. Candelo
SHARPE E. B. farmer Spring Gully Candelo
SHARPE John W. storekeeper --- Candelo
SOLOMON John farmer --- Candelo
STAPLETON Thomas shepherd --- Candelo
STUDDERS James labourer --- Candelo
TAPPER Thomas farmer Tantawanglo Candelo
WENT William farmer Tantawanglo Candelo
WILSON David carrier --- Candelo
WILSON Joseph farmer --- Candelo
WILSON Robert farmer --- Candelo
WILSON William farmer --- Candelo

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here