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Distance 193 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday, 4.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Friday, Sunday, 4.00 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, 7.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Friday, 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Goulburn, coach Canberra, on road to Queanbeyan.
ABERNETHY  James teacher --- Canberra
ALLAN James farmer Majura Canberra
ANDERSON David farmer --- Canberra
AUSTIN Ambrose dairy Duntroon Canberra
BAINBRIDGE  Elijah --- --- Canberra
BELL Johnston groom Duntroon Canberra
BLUNDELL Abraham farmer Roundhill Canberra
BLUNDELL John farmer Uriarra Canberra
BLUNDELL Joseph farmer --- Canberra
BLUNDELL Richard farmer Roundhill Canberra
BOOTH Ebenezer farmer --- Canberra
BRADBURY William J. farmer Limestone Canberra
BRUNNING John farmer Roundhill Canberra
BRYANT Thomas farmer --- Canberra
BUCKPITT George E. farmer --- Canberra
BURTON James farmer --- Canberra
CAHALAN Peter --- Duntroon Canberra
CAMERON Allen farmer --- Canberra
CAMERON Angus farmer --- Canberra
CAMERON John farmer --- Canberra
CAMERON Samuel farmer --- Canberra
CAMPBELL George squatter --- Canberra
CAPPIN John farmer --- Canberra
COLEMAN Frederick miner --- Canberra
CRAIG Dugald machinist Duntroon Canberra
CRINIGAN John farmer --- Canberra
CURLEY James --- Duntroon Canberra
DARMODY James farmer Majura Canberra
DARMODY John farmer Majura Canberra
DARMODY Michael farmer Majura Canberra
DARMODY Thomas farmer Majura Canberra
DUNN John farmer Narrabunda Canberra
FELL Josiah gardener Duntroon Canberra
FLANAGAN C. --- Majura Canberra
FLANAGAN Matthew farmer Limestone Canberra
GIBBES Augustus squatter Tarralumla Canberra
GIBBES John --- Tarralumla Canberra
GIFFORD George farmer Majura Canberra
GINN William farmer --- Canberra
GLYNN John farmer --- Canberra
GRADY Corneilus farmer Tarralumla Canberra
GREGORY John miller --- Canberra
HARDY Phillip farmer Uriarra Canberra
HARMER Thomas farmer Majura Canberra
HEFFER Richard --- Duntroon Canberra
HELLMAN Saunders carpenter Duntroon Canberra
HODGSON Henry mason --- Canberra
HOPE Thomas W. farmer --- Canberra
JOSLYN Thomas farmer --- Canberra
KAYE Joseph farmer --- Canberra
KEALMAN John squatter --- Canberra
KINLYSIDE James farmer Roundhill Canberra
LANDER Henry coachman Duntroon Canberra
LEWIS Frederick gardener Duntroon Canberra
LONG Richard farmer Tarralumla Canberra
MATHIESON William farmer Roundhill Canberra
MAYO Alfred overseer Duntroon Canberra
MITCHELL James farmer Majura Canberra
MOLONEY Robert farmer --- Canberra
MONK Alfred painter Duntroon Canberra
MOORE William shepherd --- Canberra
MORAN James shepherd --- Canberra
MORRISON John farmer --- Canberra
MULQUEENY  Michael shepherd Majura Canberra
MCDONALD Donald shepherd --- Canberra
MCDONALD Finley farmer --- Canberra
MCDONALD John squatter Uriarra Canberra
MCINTOSH Alexander farmer Majura Canberra
MCINTOSH James farmer Majura Canberra
MCINTOSH James shepherd Narrabundi Canberra
MCINTOSH John farmer Majura Canberra
MCLACHLAN  Allan superintendent Duntroon Canberra
MCLAUGHLAN  Patrick farmer Black Hill Canberra
MCPHERSON  John stockman Duntroon Canberra
MCPHERSON  L. shepherd Mugga Mugga Canberra
NAUGHTON Patrick --- --- Canberra
O'CONNOR James farmer Uriarra Canberra
O'ROURKE Michael farmer Limestone Canberra
PHILLIPS Henry farmer Uriarra Canberra
PLUMMER George farmer --- Canberra
ROBERTSON  Duncan farmer --- Canberra
ROBERTSON John farmer --- Canberra
ROLFE Edward farmer --- Canberra
ROLFE William farmer Tarralumla Canberra
ROTTONBURG  George farmer --- Canberra
SALTERS Alexander farmer --- Canberra
SHANAHAN James farmer --- Canberra
SHEEDY Michael shepherd Tarralumla Canberra
SHUMACK Joseph farmer --- Canberra
SHUMACK Peter farmer --- Canberra
SHUMACK Peter sen. farmer --- Canberra
SHUMACK Richard farmer --- Canberra
SIMPSON Henry --- Duntroon Canberra
SMITH James brickmaker --- Canberra
SMITH Rev. Pierce G. C.E. minister --- Canberra
SULLIVAN William farmer --- Canberra
WEBB Arthur farmer Tarralumla Canberra
WEBB George --- Uriarra Canberra
WEBB John farmer --- Canberra
WEBB Joseph farmer Uriarra Canberra
WEBB Thomas farmer --- Canberra
WEBB William farmer Uriarra Canberra
WILLIAMS Francis blacksmith --- Canberra
WOODS Edward --- --- Canberra
YATES Thomas fencer Duntroon Canberra
YOUNG James farmer --- Canberra
YOUNG William farmer Roundhill Canberra 

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here