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Distance 32 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 8.30 a.m. and 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Sunday excepted) 10.39 a.m. and 6.38 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 5.30 a.m. and 7.45 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m. and 9.10 a.m.
Route - Rail Campbelltown
ADAIR John railway gatekeeper  Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
AITKEN Rev. Thomas Presbyterian Australia House Campbelltown
ALDRIGE John blacksmith Liverpool Rd. Campbelltown
BAMFIELD  Samuel farmer Chapel Hill Campbelltown
BAMFIELD  Samuel jun. farmer Chapel Hill Campbelltown
BAMFIELD  John labourer Chapel Hill Campbelltown
BAMFORD Edward bailiff Alexandria Villa Campbelltown
BARDSLEY  John labourer Main St. Campbelltown
BARKER David saddler Main St. Campbelltown
BARRETT P. farmer Campbellfields Campbelltown
BARTER Frank miller Main St. Campbelltown
BARTER James carrier Appin Rd. Campbelltown
BARTER Thomas carrier Kenny's Hill Campbelltown
BATMAN James farmer Cordeaux St. Campbelltown
BECK Launcelot porter Railway Station Campbelltown
BEREKELMAN  A. sen. constable Court House Campbelltown
BLACKING  John labourer Lithgow St. Campbelltown
BOAG John --- Camden Rd. Campbelltown
BOCKING James storekeeper Main St. Campbelltown
BOYTON C. gatekeeper Camden Rd. Campbelltown
BOURKE Edmund farmer Mt. Erin Campbelltown
BOURKE John farmer Mt. Erin Campbelltown
BRAY John, JP farmer Denfield Campbelltown
BRAY Mary storekeeper Main St. Campbelltown
BROOKSBANK  Robert labourer Chapel Hill Campbelltown
BROWN George tailor Main St. Campbelltown
BUTTENSHAW  Frederick farmer Kenny's Hill Campbelltown
BYRNE James --- Main St. Campbelltown
BYRNE Michael --- Main St. Campbelltown
BYRNE Sylvester --- Main St. Campbelltown
CALDWELL  Robert farmer Davis' Flats Campbelltown
CALDWELL  William farmer Kenny's Hill Campbelltown
CAMBOWN George labourer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
CAMBOWN Robert labourer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
CAMPION R. painter Main St. Campbelltown
CARTER John blacksmith Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
CHAFFE John groom Varrowville Campbelltown
CHAPPLE John Telegraph clerk Post office Campbelltown
CHEEKE Alfred Judge S. C. Varrowville Campbelltown
CHINOCKS  George labourer Main St. Campbelltown
CHIPENDALE  T., JP farmer Bradbury Park Campbelltown
CLARKE J. A. farmer Epping Forest Campbelltown
CLARKE Samuel storekeeper Main St. Campbelltown
CLEARY Patrick farmer Stoney Ck. Campbelltown
CLINE Frederick farmer Buckingham Farm Campbelltown
CRAFT John farmer Liverpool Rd. Campbelltown
CRAFT William sen. farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
CRAFT William jun. labourer George's River Campbelltown
CULLEN John farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
CUMMINS Theresa teacher Saggert Fields Campbelltown
CURRAN Michael farmer Glenlee Campbelltown
DALEY Michael farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
DENMEAD James butcher Main St. Campbelltown
DENNIS J. T. artist Allman St. Campbelltown
DONAGHY James labourer Glenalpine Campbelltown
DONNELLY  Owen labourer Liverpool Rd. Campbelltown
DOVE George constable Court House Campbelltown
DOYLE John innkeeper --- Campbelltown
DWYER P. station master Railway Station Campbelltown
EGGLETON  John farmer Kenny's Hill Campbelltown
ENGLISH James quarryman Rock Ponds Campbelltown
EVANS G. R. teacher --- Campbelltown
FAHEY John farmer Glenlee Campbelltown
FIELDHOUSE  E. H. storekeeper Main St. Campbelltown
FIELDHOUSE  G. innkeeper Main St. Campbelltown
FINN Joseph mason Innes St. Campbelltown
FITZGERALD  Edward blacksmith Main St. Campbelltown
FITZPATRICK  James squatter Glenlee Campbelltown
FOWLER Daniel butcher Main St. Campbelltown
FOWLER George storekeeper Main St. Campbelltown
FOWLER William J.P. Eshcol Park Campbelltown
FROST John farmer Denfield Campbelltown
GARLAND John constable --- Campbelltown
GATELY William farmer Mount Gilhead Campbelltown
GENNER John farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
GENNER William farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
GILCHRIST William storekeeper Main St. Campbelltown
GOULDEN Michael farmer Springfield Campbelltown
GRAHAM David farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
GRAHAM M. A. farmer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
GRAHAM Robert farmer Spring Ck. Campbelltown
GRAHAM William innkeeper --- Campbelltown
GRANT Lachlan farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
GREEN Rev. J. S. clergy Main St. Campbelltown
GREGORY Job innkeeper Main St. Campbelltown
GREY Richard labourer Allman St. Campbelltown
GUTHRIE Edward farmer Woodland Campbelltown
HAGAN John gardener Glen Alpine Campbelltown
HAMMOND Thomas --- Clari Montes Campbelltown
HAMMOND William farmer Bishop's Farm Campbelltown
HAYDEN Henry jun. farmer Sugar Loaf Campbelltown
HAYDEN James farmer Sugar Loaf Campbelltown
HAZLEWOOD  Charles labourer Main St. Campbelltown
HENSON John labourer Woodbine Campbelltown
HERRICK John labourer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
HICKEY John labourer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
HINEY John innkeeper --- Campbelltown
HUCKSTEPP Charles tanner Happy Valley Campbelltown
HUCKSTEPP Richard tanner Happy Valley Campbelltown
HURLEY John squatter Alpha House Campbelltown
HURLEY Patrick squatter Alpha House Campbelltown
JAGO Robert tailor Main St. Campbelltown
JOHNSON Jesse farmer Glebe Lands Campbelltown
JORDAN Edward labourer Madden's Hill Campbelltown
JOYCE Michael labourer Liverpool Rd. Campbelltown
JOYCE Patrick labourer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
KEANE Mathew farmer Glen Alpine Campbelltown
KEANE Peter farmer Glen Alpine Campbelltown
KEARNS J. G. farmer Epping Forest Campbelltown
KEARNS William farmer Epping Forest Campbelltown
KEATING John labourer Epping Forest Campbelltown
KELLY Patrick farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
KELLY Thomas farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
KIDD John, JP storekeeper Main St. Campbelltown
KING Edmund dealer Main St. Campbelltown
KIRSHLER  Peter farmer Moorfields Campbelltown
LACK Robert farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
LARKIN Edgar farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
LARKIN George farmer Denfield Campbelltown
LARKIN John farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
LEE James carpenter   Main St. Campbelltown
LEE William tinsmith Main St. Campbelltown
LEMON William farmer near George's River Campbelltown
LOVELL James labourer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
LUSTED Charles farmer Chapel Hill Campbelltown
LUSTED Edward farmer Chapel Hill Campbelltown
LYNCH Thomas labourer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
LYONS Jeremiah farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
LYSAUGHT  Patrick farmer Camden Rd. Campbelltown
MCARTHUR  Frances --- Adelaide Cottage Campbelltown
MCGREGOR  William farmer Mount Pleasant Campbelltown
MCGUANNE  Martin bootmaker Main St. Campbelltown
MCKENZIE  T. T. auctioneer Hatterwille Campbelltown
MCLELLAN  Andrew farmer Spring Hill Campbelltown
MCMAHON Patrick carpenter Main St. Campbelltown
MCNAMARA  Andrew farmer Mt Gilhead Campbelltown
MCSULLEA E Edward dealer Main St. Campbelltown
MABBOTT George blacksmith Main St. Campbelltown
MAHONEY John dealer Main St. Campbelltown
MEANEY John farmer Government Lane Campbelltown
MERRITT Frederick bootmaker Albion St. Campbelltown
MONK George H. plasterer --- Campbelltown
MORONEY Thomas labourer Cordeaux St. Campbelltown
MORRIS Charles sen. --- Main St. Campbelltown
MUNRO Alexander farmer Gledswood Campbelltown
MUNRO Thomas farmer Gledswood Campbelltown
NEWMAN Patrick teacher --- Campbelltown
NORTH Arthur baker Main St. Campbelltown
NORTH Charles blacksmith Main St. Campbelltown
NORTH Richard labourer Cordeaux St. Campbelltown
NORTH Thomas labourer Cordeaux St. Campbelltown
O'BRIEN Thomas farmer Glebe Lands Campbelltown
O'DONNELL James farmer Glenlee Campbelltown
OSBORNE Theodore teacher --- Campbelltown
O'SHANNESSY  William labourer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
PANDERGAST  P. farmer Campbell-fields Campbelltown
PARKER Samuel blacksmith Main St. Campbelltown
PAYTEN Edward farmer Woodbine Campbelltown
PENN James labourer Main St. Campbelltown
PETERSON  A. G. farmer Belmore Park Campbelltown
PHILLIPS  Henry labourer Main St. Campbelltown
PIGOTT Aaron farmer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
PLATT John labourer Main St. Campbelltown
RAY  William farmer Borobine House Campbelltown
REACH James labourer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
REACH William labourer Glenlee Campbelltown
REID James farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
RIXON Robert farmer Spring Ck. Campbelltown
RIXON Thomas farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
RIXON Thomas jun. farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
RIXON William farmer Appin Rd. Campbelltown
ROCHE Rev. J. P. clergy Cordeaux St. Campbelltown
ROSE Reuben farmer Eagle Vale Campbelltown
ROURKE Patrick dealer Main St. Campbelltown
RUDD Isaac farmer View Cottage Campbelltown
SALTER James watchmaker Main St. Campbelltown
SHEA John auctioneer Main St. Campbelltown
SHERACK Joseph --- Main St. Campbelltown
SKELLETT  John railway inspector  Main St. Campbelltown
SPICER George labourer Main St. Campbelltown
STEWART Richard farmer Mt Gilhead Campbelltown
SWEENEY John farmer Camden Rd. Campbelltown
SWEENEY Timothy farmer Camden Rd. Campbelltown
TERRY Joseph farmer Enmore Fields Campbelltown
TRIPP John farmer Campbell Fields Campbelltown
TRIPP Robert farmer Campbell Fields Campbelltown
TRIPP Thomas farmer --- Campbelltown
TUNKS John whitesmith Main St. Campbelltown
WARBY Benjamin farmer --- Campbelltown
WARBY Joseph farmer Mossberry Grove Campbelltown
WARD Patrick farmer Menangle Rd. Campbelltown
WARD J. E. assist. Station master --- Campbelltown
WEBSTER James farmer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
WEBSTER William farmer Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
WHITEHEAD  James farmer Sugar Loaf Campbelltown
WILLIS Rev. R. C. C. E. minister --- Campbelltown
WILSHIRE  W. J. C.P.S. Sydney Rd. Campbelltown
WINTON T. J. farmer Belmore Farm Campbelltown
WOODHOUSE  E. H., JP farmer Mt Gilhead Campbelltown

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here