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Distance 132 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 11.15 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Sunday excepted) 6 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening
Route - Steam Newcastle, rail Camberwell
ALCORN Edward farmer Pine Grove Camberwell
ALCORN John Henry farmer Pine Grove Camberwell
ALDWELL Mrs. William teacher --- Camberwell
ANDERSON Robert farmer Bayswater Camberwell
ANDREWS Abraham farmer Falbrook Camberwell
BADCOCK W. stationmaster Ravensworth Camberwell
BALDOCK George farmer --- Camberwell
BALDOCK Thomas farmer --- Camberwell
BALLS Francis farmer Foy Brook Camberwell
BALLS Thomas farmer Foy Brook Camberwell
BATES James carrier Dulwich Camberwell
BEADY Francis farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
BEADY Patrick farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
BECK James farmer Falbrook Camberwell
BOOTH John labourer --- Camberwell
BOURKE John labourer Oaklands Camberwell
BOWMAN Alexander squatter Oaklands Camberwell
BOYLE Richard carrier Dulwich Camberwell
BURNS John farmer Pike's Gully Camberwell
BURNS Simon farmer Pike's Gully Camberwell
CHEETHAM James labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
CHILCOTT Charles farmer Pine Grove Camberwell
COSTER John farmer --- Camberwell
CUNNEEN James drover Clairfield Camberwell
CUNNEEN John drover Clairfield Camberwell
CUNNEEN Michael squatter Clairfield Camberwell
DAVYS J. E. squatter Ravensworth Camberwell
DENNIS William labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
DRAKE Edward farmer Oak Park Camberwell
DRAKE Henry farmer Oak Park Camberwell
DRANE A. W. blacksmith --- Camberwell
DRANE John blacksmith --- Camberwell
ELLEM Frederick farmer Dulwich Camberwell
FLICK John labourer Dauley's Gully  Camberwell
FLICK Matthew carrier Dauley's Gully Camberwell
GEORGE T. W. labourer Ashton Camberwell
GODDARD J. labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
GOGGIN Frederick C. carrier Sydenham Camberwell
GRANGER Job labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
GRANT Denis carrier Sydenham Camberwell
HABBIG Peter labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
HADDEN Fred storekeeper Ravensworth Camberwell
HALLORAN Patrick farmer Bayswater Camberwell
HASSALL Thomas farmer Apple Tree Flat  Camberwell
HAWKE John innkeeper --- Camberwell
HEWITT G. A. farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
HOLCOMBE John carrier --- Camberwell
HOLCOME Richard carrier --- Camberwell
LUCAS Edward labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
KERMODE James farmer Goorangula Camberwell
KNIGHT Charles farmer Chilcott's Plains Camberwell
MARSHALL Henry labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
MERCER Henry farmer --- Camberwell
METTAIN James carrier --- Camberwell
METTAIN Cornelius farmer Dulwich Camberwell
MOSS John jun. farmer Bayswater Camberwell
MOSS John sen. farmer Bayswater Camberwell
MCMANUS James farmer Betty's Ck. Camberwell
NOBLE James farmer Sydenham Camberwell
NOBLE John farmer Sydenham Camberwell
NOWLAND Alfred squatter Rosedale Camberwell
NOWLAND William squatter Rosedale Camberwell
PATTERSON Alexander farmer Dulwich Camberwell
PERKINS William farmer Dulwich Camberwell
PIERCE G. V. farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
PIERCE Miles farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
PIERCE Samuel farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
QUANTRILL John farmer Apple Tree Flat Camberwell
QUINLAN Edward farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
ROSE Henry farmer Dulwich Camberwell
ROSE Joseph farmer Dulwich Camberwell
ROSS Charles farmer --- Camberwell
ROSS James farmer --- Camberwell
RUSSELL John labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
SINDERBURY Robert labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
SMITH John labourer --- Camberwell
SUTTON James farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
STEWART William farmer Ravensworth Camberwell
SWEENEY Edward shepherd Oaklands Camberwell
TULLOCK James farmer Granbalong Camberwell
WALSH Martin farmer Dulwich Camberwell
WALSH Patrick farmer Dulwich Camberwell
WALSH William farmer Dulwich Camberwell
WARE William labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
WELLS William H. labourer Ravensworth Camberwell
WHITTON Joseph storekeeper Chain of Ponds Camberwell
WILLARD John farmer Little Plains Camberwell
WILSON Thomas tollbar-keeper  --- Camberwell
YANTZ John farmer Ashton Camberwell

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here