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Distance 313 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Tuesday excepted) 3.50 p.m..
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Friday excepted) 11 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney every evening.
Route  Steam Newcastle, rail Murrurundi, Cobbs coach to Armidale.

ALLEN		Robert		tailor		---		Armidale
ALLINGHAM	George		auctioneer	---		Armidale
ALLINGHAM	Henry		pound keeper	---		Armidale	
ATCHESON	Gilbert		farmer		Jerrys Plains	Armidale
BAILEY		A. C.		road superintendent ---		Armidale	
BAKER		Edward		---		---		Armidale	
BELL		Robert		bootmaker	---		Armidale	
BERRY		Jacob G.		farmer		---		Armidale
BLYTHE	Sidney		CPS		---		Armidale	
BRANDSCHEIDT Ambrose	farmer		---		Armidale
BRERETON	William		bootmaker	---		Armidale	
BROWN		James		farmer		---		Armidale
BROWN		John D.		superintendent Police ---		Armidale
BUCHANAN	James		P.M.		---		Armidale
BURTON	George		mail contractor	---		Armidale
BUTLER	Matthew		farmer		---		Armidale
BYRNE		Daniel		farmer		---		Armidale
CALDWELL	Samuel		governor of Gaol	---		Armidale
CALLIGAN	John		innkeeper	---		Armidale
CAMERON	Hugh		farmer		---		Armidale
CHAMPION	Charles		saddler		---		Armidale
CLARKE	John		farmer		---		Armidale
CLUTTERBUCK	George		wood carrier	---		Armidale
COCHRANE	John		farmer		---		Armidale
COOPER	John		miller		---		Armidale	
COWLEY	Thomas		farmer		---		Armidale
CRAIGIE	Walter		editor Express	---		Armidale
DREW		William		saddler		---		Armidale
DUNKIN	John		baker		---		Armidale
EMBLIN	John W.		postmaster	---		Armidale
FLASHMAN	Charles		teacher		---		Armidale
FLASHMAN	John		assistant storekeeper ---		Armidale
FREDERICK	James		coach builder	---		Armidale
FYSOE		James		---		---		Armidale	
GALLAGAS	John		wood carrier	---		Armidale
GALLAGHER	Alexander	blacksmith	---		Armidale
GARTHWAITE	Matthew		wool washing estab. ---		Armidale
GELDARD	H. G.		tailor		---		Armidale
GENTLE	Samuel		farmer		---		Armidale
GLASS		John		Commercial Bank	---		Armidale
GORDON	James		innkeeper	---		Armidale
GORMAN	Mary		---		---		Armidale	
HALL		Josiah		storekeeper	---		Armidale	
HERZOG	Bernard		tinsmith		---		Armidale	
HEWITT	Charles		cabinetmaker	---		Armidale	
HIPGRAVE	Henry & George	proprietors Express ---		Armidale		
HIRCHBERY	Joseph		cabinetmaker	---		Armidale	
HISCOX		John		farmer		---		Armidale
HOLLOWAY	Robert		farmer		Bald Nobs	Armidale
HORNER	John		bricklayer	---		Armidale	
HOWELL	Willoughby	manager Bank NSW ---		Armidale	
HUNGERFORD	Rev. Septimus	C. E. minister	---		Armidale	
HUNT		John H.		tailor		---		Armidale
ICECAMP	----		cabinetmaker	---		Armidale	
INCE		Joseph		farmer		---		Armidale
JACKES		Franklyn		storekeeper	---		Armidale	
JACKSON	----		blacksmith	---		Armidale
JENKINS	Charles		cordial manufacturer ---		Armidale
JOHNSTONE	Rev. Thomas	Presbyterian minister ---		Armidale	
JONES		John L.		inspector (school)	---		Armidale
JONES		Thomas		farmer		Kellys Plains	Armidale
LANE		Thomas		wheelwright	---		Armidale
LAWLER	John		wood carrier	---		Armidale
LEWIS		George		splitter		---		Armidale
LEWIS		James P.		farmer		---		Armidale
LUMLEY	Thomas P.	innkeeper	---		Armidale	
MALLAM	Henry G.		chemist		---		Armidale	
MARKHAM	Lewis		soap manufacturer	---		Armidale	
MASON		William		builder		---		Armidale	
MAYHEW	Robert		teacher		---		Armidale	
MILLER		John R.		builder		---		Armidale	
MILLS		George		sawyer		---		Armidale	
MITCHELL	Joseph W.	solicitor		---		Armidale	
MITCHELL	Thomas		carrier		---		Armidale	
MOORE		Charles H.	painter		---		Armidale		
MOORE		James		farmer		---		Armidale
MOORE		John		storekeeper	---		Armidale	
MOORE		Rev. William	Wesleyan minister	---		Armidale		
MORROW	George		innkeeper	---		Armidale	
MOSES		Barnet A.	tanner & saddler	---		Armidale	
MOSES		Bernard W.	saddler		---		Armidale	
MURRAY	John		innkeeper	---		Armidale
MULLIGAN	Henry		carter		---		Armidale
MUTLOW	William H.	chemist		---		Armidale		
MCDONALD	James		storekeeper	---		Armidale	
MCINTYRE	Duncan		farmer		---		Armidale
MCKEON	John		gaol warder	---		Armidale		
MCLEAN	James		storekeeper	---		Armidale	
MCNAMARA	Thomas		van proprietor	---		Armidale	
MCSHAUL	Henry		carpenter		---		Armidale	
NEWTON	Frank		editor Telegraph	---		Armidale	
NISBET		Miss Maria	ladies seminary	---		Armidale	
NIXON		Thomas		farmer		---		Armidale
NORRIS		Johnston		water carrier	---		Armidale	
PERRET		Robert J.		registrar District Court ---		Armidale	
PILCHER	George de V.	solicitor		---		Armidale	
RICHARDS	William		surgeon		---		Armidale	
RYAN		James		squatter		Springmount	Armidale
SALMON	James E.		storekeeper	---		Armidale	
SCHMUTTER	Henry		farmer		---		Armidale
SCHOLES	Joseph, sen.	---		---		Armidale	
SEELEY		William L.	manager AJS bank	---		Armidale		
SEWELL	Robert		farmer		---		Armidale
SHIELDS	Peter		carrier		---		Armidale	
SHELDON	William		surgeon		---		Armidale
SIMPSON	John McNeil	surveyor		---		Armidale	
SIMPSON	Albert W.	solicitor		---		Armidale	
SLY		Henry		carrier		---		Armidale	
SMITH		Thomas C.	auctioneer	---		Armidale		
SPASSHATT	Samuel		surgeon		---		Armidale
SPEARE		Peter		butcher		---		Armidale	
SPENCE		George		baker		---		Armidale	
STARR		James		innkeeper	---		Armidale	
STEPHENSON	Wm H.		farmer		---		Armidale
STEVENS	Wm H.		miller		---		Armidale	
TRIM		John		storekeeper	---		Armidale
TURNBULL	John		engineer		---		Armidale
WILLIAMS	David		farmer		---		Armidale
WILSON	Charles		miller		---		Armidale	


The Companys Flour Mill, Armidale.
John COOPER, Proprietor.
Grinding, one shilling per bushel.

James SMITH, Tobacconist & Hairdresser, Armidale
A large stock of fancy goods always on hand.

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here