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Distance 168 miles West of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Friday, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Sunday, 9 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, 4 p.m., Sunday, 9 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Wednesday, Tuesday, 7 a.m.
Route - Rail Rydal, Cobb's coach Orange, 12m. Cadia
ASPINALL John labourer --- Cadia
BAILEY George carpenter Long Swamp Cadia
BAILEY John G. labourer Long Swamp Cadia
BATTEN William miner Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
BICE John miner --- Cadia
BINGHAM Joseph labourer --- Cadia
BLOOD William S. clerk --- Cadia
BRAID Alexander miner Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
BRAY John miner --- Cadia
BRYANT Charles teamster --- Cadia
BURDETT John miner Burnt Yards Cadia
BURFITT James butcher --- Cadia
BURFITT Thomas teamster --- Cadia
BURGWANNA James miner --- Cadia
CALLAGHAN Lawrence labourer Forest Reefs Cadia
CARMICHAEL Donald --- Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
CLARK Stepney A. postmaster --- Cadia
CLEARY Edward --- --- Cadia
CLUFF Thomas teamster Burnt Yards Cadia
COPPOCK John farmer Springfield Cadia
COSTELLO Robert miner --- Cadia
CREWE Randal labourer --- Cadia
DONOVAN James farmer --- Cadia
EVANS John miner --- Cadia
FAULL Thomas miner --- Cadia
FIELD Amos stockman --- Cadia
FLEMING Patrick miner Burnt Yards Cadia
FRIF William miner Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
GALLAGHER James teamster Burnt Yards Cadia
GALLAGHER Neil teamster Burnt Yards Cadia
GARVIN James teamster --- Cadia
GARVIN John farmer --- Cadia
GILL William farmer --- Cadia
GLASSON Gustavus R. squatter Bundella Cadia
GRENFELL John farmer --- Cadia
GRUF Joseph miner Burnt Yards Cadia
HARKIN Michael miner Burnt Yards Cadia
HARPUR Charles miner Burnt Yards Cadia
HARVEY George junr. shepherd Bundella Cadia
HARVEY George senr. shepherd Bundella Cadia
HAWKINS John miner Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
HICKS Humphrey innkeeper --- Cadia
HOCKING John --- Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
HOLMAN James engineer --- Cadia
HOLMAN Josiah mining engineer- -- Cadia
HORRELL John farmer --- Cadia
HOY Patrick farmer --- Cadia
HUNT Henry teamster --- Cadia
HURY John shepherd --- Cadia
HUSSEY William smelter Burnt Yards Cadia
JAMES Evan --- --- Cadia
JACOBS Thomas farmer --- Cadia
JENKIN Francis miner --- Cadia
JOHNSTONE Thomas teamster --- Cadia
JOLLY Thomas miner Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
JONES William smelter Burnt Yards Cadia
KEINS Henry farmer --- Cadia
LEAVY John farmer --- Cadia
LIGHT Frank --- --- Cadia
LINDSAY James miner --- Cadia
MAHER Timothy limeburner Long Swamp Cadia
MARTIN Thomas miner --- Cadia
MINERS --- --- --- Cadia
MITCHELL John farmer --- Cadia
MITCHELL William farmer --- Cadia
MOROONEY Thomas farmer --- Cadia
MURRAY Edward farmer Springfield Cadia
MURRAY George miner Burnt Yards Cadia
MURRAY William innkeeper Burnt Yards Cadia
MCGEE Daniel innkeeper Burnt Yards Cadia
MCKEE Robert miner Burnt Yards Cadia
NORTHEY Robert miner --- Cadia
NORTHEY William H. miner Burnt Yards Cadia
O'HEARNE John labourer Long Swamp Cadia
O'NEIL Michael labourer --- Cadia
O'NEIL Patrick farmer --- Cadia
OWEN Arthur poundkeeper --- Cadia
OWEN Richard miner Burnt Yards Cadia
PAGE Henry farmer --- Cadia
PASCOE James --- Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
PATERSON Archibald labourer --- Cadia
PATERSON William labourer --- Cadia
PATTERSON Charles teamster --- Cadia
PATON Mary laundress --- Cadia
PERRY Peter miner Peelwood Cadia
POTTER Samuel farmer --- Cadia
RANDLE Joseph labourer --- Cadia
REYNOLDS Charles teamster --- Cadia
REYNOLDS Thomas farmer Springfield Cadia
ROBERTS Robert storekeeper --- Cadia
SELLWOOD Joseph miner --- Cadia
SELLWOOD William farmer --- Cadia
SKALLY Edward labourer --- Cadia
SMITH Cameron farmer Springfield Cadia
STRATHEN Christopher miner --- Cadia
SULLIVAN Patrick miner Burnt Yards Cadia
SULLIVAN Philip teamster Burnt Yards Cadia
THOMAS Henry farmer --- Cadia
THOMPSON Henry farmer --- Cadia
TIMMIS William miner Burnt Yards Cadia
TRATHEN John storekeeper --- Cadia
TRATHEN Walter miner --- Cadia
VAN HEYTHUYSEN Richard teacher --- Cadia
WALLACE Edward --- Four-Mile Ck. Cadia
WARD Henry farmer Springfield Cadia
WALSH James farmer Springfield Cadia
WEBB Stephen miner --- Cadia
WELLS Thomas labourer --- Cadia
WELLS Thomas labourer Bundella Cadia
WHEELER --- farmer --- Cadia
WHITE David farmer Springfield Cadia
WILLIAMS William smelter Burnt Yards Cadia
WILSON Richard S. farmer --- Cadia
WRIGHT Charles storekeeper --- Cadia
ZANKU Robert carpenter Burnt Yards Cadia

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here