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Distance 195 West miles of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Thursday, via Mudgee, Friday, via Ironbarks, 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Wednesday, Saturday, via Mudgee, Sunday, via Ironbarks, 9 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Sunday, Thursday, via Mudgee, 9 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Saturday, via Mudgee, 7 a.m.
Route - Rail & Cobb's coach to Ironbarks, 11 m. Burrendong.
ALLEN John shepherd Mudgee River Burrendong
ANDREWS Samuel farmer Stockyard Ck. Burrendong
ASGILL John sen. farmer Stockyard Ck. Burrendong
ASGILL Joseph jun. farmer Stockyard Ck. Burrendong
BATEMAN Benjamin miner Spring Ck. Burrendong
BLUNDEN John squatter --- Burrendong
CAMPBELL Thos. Innkeeper & storekeeper --- Burrendong
COSGROVE Matthew farmer Mudgee River Burrendong
CRAWLEY Laurence shepherd Woolamin Burrendong
DART John farmer Mudgee River Burrendong
DAWSON Thomas J. farmer Spring Ck. Burrendong
DUTFIELD George farmer Stockyard Ck. Burrendong
EDMONSON Christopher storekeeper --- Burrendong
ELDRIDGE Leonard shepherd Oakley Ck. Burrendong
FABER Joseph carrier --- Burrendong
GREEN Thomas storekeeper Stockyard Ck. Burrendong
GREENAWAY Thomas farmer --- Burrendong
HAVERSON Thomas shepherd --- Burrendong
HERRING James farmer --- Burrendong
KELLY Alexander farmer Woolamin Burrendong
KELLY Patrick farmer Woolamin Burrendong
KELLY Michael farmer Woolamin Burrendong
LEE James blacksmith --- Burrendong
MCKEOWN John farmer Mudgee River Burrendong
POPPS Thomas shepherd --- Burrendong
RUTTER Michael farmer --- Burrendong
SCHONES William farmer --- Burrendong
SLOAN John storekeeper Euringelah Burrendong
SMITH James teacher --- Burrendong
SMITH William dairy Mudgee River Burrendong
SPRATT William shepherd --- Burrendong
SUTTOR Francis B. squatter Katella Burrendong
TUCKER Frederic shepherd --- Burrendong
TURNER Thomas farmer --- Burrendong
WILLIAMS Abraham squatter Mudgee River Burrendong

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here