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Distance 59 miles South of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office daily 4 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town daily (Monday excepted) 12.30 a.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney daily (Saturday excepted) 9 p.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney daily 7.15 a.m.
Route - Rail Campbelltown, coach Bulli; or, steam Wollongong, 8m. Bulli
AMOS George miner --- Bulli
ANDERSON Andrew labourer --- Bulli
ANDERSON John banksman --- Bulli
ARTIS Alexander wharfinger Bulli Jetty Bulli
BARKER William miner --- Bulli
BARLOGIO Frederick labourer --- Bulli
BARLOGIO Joseph labourer --- Bulli
BISHOP Samuel selector Bulli Mountain  Bulli
BLACK Allen miner --- Bulli
BLINKER George selector Bulli Mountain  Bulli
BOUERN Attway labourer --- Bulli
BOUTILIER James miner --- Bulli
BOVIS William labourer --- Bulli
BRACKEN John miner --- Bulli
BROWN James labourer --- Bulli
BURLESS William carpenter --- Bulli
CAMPBELL Robert freeholder --- Bulli
CAMPBELL William butcher --- Bulli
CANDY George selector Bulli Mountain  Bulli
CARPENTER Benjamin teamster --- Bulli
CARPENTER Robert sawyer --- Bulli
CARRICK John selector North Bulli Bulli
CAVILL Albert miner --- Bulli
CHAPMAN William labourer Woonona Bulli
CHILBY Thomas miner --- Bulli
CHURCH Charles miner --- Bulli
COLLINS James farmer --- Bulli
COTTON Alexander labourer --- Bulli
CROFT George tailor --- Bulli
CROMPTON James jun. labourer --- Bulli
CROMPTON James sen. sawyer --- Bulli
CUNNINGHAM  Daniel miner --- Bulli
DALY James labourer --- Bulli
DALY John freeholder North Bulli Bulli
DUMBRELL William jun. breaksman --- Bulli
DUMBRELL Wm sen. carpenter North Bulli Bulli
EALES Joseph splitter Cataract River Bulli
FLANAGAN John farmer --- Bulli
FLOYD John innkeeper --- Bulli
FORD Bernard selector --- Bulli
FLYNN Garrett selector --- Bulli
GALLOWAY William miner --- Bulli
GARDENER William miner --- Bulli
GIBBONS Thomas miner --- Bulli
GIBBS George labourer --- Bulli
GOODRICH William selector North Bulli Bulli
GORDON James miner --- Bulli
GRILLS John labourer --- Bulli
HABERLEY Gottier carpenter --- Bulli
HAGERTY Charles miner --- Bulli
HALSEY Charles miner --- Bulli
HARGRAVE Gilbert --- Stanwell Park Bulli
HARRIS Thomas miner --- Bulli
HEARD Roger miner --- Bulli
HICKS Henry freeholder North Bulli Bulli
HICKS James freeholder North Bulli Bulli
HICKS Richard freeholder North Bulli Bulli
HILDEBRAND  Thomas selector Cataract River Bulli
HILL Charles carpenter --- Bulli
JARRETT Edward sawyer --- Bulli
JARRETT Thomas sawyer Bulli Mountain  Bulli
JONES William labourer --- Bulli
KAGAN John miner Bulli Mountain  Bulli
KENNEDY Patrick farmer North Bulli Bulli
KINANE John freeholder --- Bulli
KIRTON William gardener North Bulli Bulli
KNIGHT George carpenter Bulli Mountain  Bulli
KNIGHT John selector Bulli Mountain  Bulli
LEWIS William miner --- Bulli
LORD George A. teacher Bulli Mountain  Bulli
LOVEDAY John selector --- Bulli
MACKEY John miner --- Bulli
MADDEN John freeholder North Bulli Bulli
MARTIN Joseph labourer Stanwell Park Bulli
MARYARIENNE  John labourer --- Bulli
MITCHELL Samuel miner --- Bulli
MOON William miner --- Bulli
MOORE Richard miner --- Bulli
MORGAN Aaron miner --- Bulli
MCCAULEY Samuel freeholder --- Bulli
MCCAULEY William freeholder North Bulli Bulli
MCDONALD William miner --- Bulli
MCGEE Mrs. James selector North Bulli Bulli
MCHAFFIE James slaughterman --- Bulli
MCKINNON Donald freeholder --- Bulli
MCMAHON Hugh miner --- Bulli
MCMULLEN John miner --- Bulli
MCPHEE Donald selector North Bulli Bulli
NASH Michael miner --- Bulli
NIXON George miner --- Bulli
O'NEIL John miner --- Bulli
ORGAN F. W. miner --- Bulli
ORGAN William gardener --- Bulli
ORVAD John P. O. labourer North Bulli Bulli
PECK James farmer --- Bulli
PINCHIN Percy teacher --- Bulli
POWELL Charles selector North Bulli Bulli
PRITCHARD John miner --- Bulli
RALPH Thomas miner North Bulli Bulli
REECE David miner --- Bulli
REEVES Henry jun. selector Bulli Mountain  Bulli
REEVES Henry sen. selector Bulli Mountain  Bulli
RIDLEY James miner --- Bulli
ROBINS Frederick miner North Bulli Bulli
ROBINSON James farmer Woodlands Bulli
ROBINSON James miner --- Bulli
RODGERS Thomas miner --- Bulli
ROSS Alexander colliery manager  --- Bulli
ROWLEY F. W. miner --- Bulli
SANDERSON  Joseph labourer --- Bulli
SEDGWICK Henry M.D. Woonona Bulli
SHEARING John miner --- Bulli
SKINNER Thomas sawyer --- Bulli
SLOCOMBE Samuel selector Bulli Mountain  Bulli
SMEDLEY Samuel --- --- Bulli
SMITH E. M. engine driver --- Bulli
SMITH Joseph miner --- Bulli
SMITH Samuel miner --- Bulli
SMITH Sydney miner --- Bulli
SPIER Charles H.  teacher --- Bulli
SPINKS Edward sawyer --- Bulli
STEVENS Thomas groom --- Bulli
SWAIN William bootmaker --- Bulli
TAIT John labourer --- Bulli
TAYLOR William miner --- Bulli
THORNTON Christopher miner --- Bulli
THORNTON John miner --- Bulli
TURNBULL George S storekeeper --- Bulli
VIDLER Samuel miner Bulli Mountain  Bulli
VIGAL Jacob carpenter --- Bulli
WALES Isaac miner Bulli Mountain  Bulli
WHITE Richard colliery overseer  -- Bulli
WHITFORD George miner --- Bulli
WHITTON Henry miner --- Bulli
WILSON James miner --- Bulli
WOODFORD William teacher North Bulli Bulli
WOODROOF David miner --- Bulli
WOODS Mrs. householder --- Bulli
YOUNG Daniel sen. gardener --- Bulli
YOUNG Henry A. jun. miner --- Bulli
YOUNG Thomas miner Woonona Bulli
ZIEMS Charles innkeeper --- Bulli

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here