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Distance 122 miles North of Sydney
Mail closes at General Post Office Monday, Wednesday, Friday 5.30 p.m.
Mail arrives at Post Town Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday 4.30 p.m.
Mail leaves for Sydney Monday, Wednesday, Friday 8.30 a.m.
Mail arrives at Sydney Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday evenings.
Route - Steam Clarence Town, 8 m Brookfield; or via Morpeth, coach Brookfield.
BACON Charles farmer Shallaba Brookfield
BACON Mrs. farmer Shallaba Brookfield
BURDEKIN Thomas farmer Pine Brush Brookfield
CANHAM Neave farmer Shallaba Brookfield
CASEY Thomas labourer --- Brookfield
CARLTON James farmer Pine Brush Brookfield
CRONIGAN Michael labourer --- Brookfield
DORSE Thomas farmer Shallaba Brookfield
FOLEY James farmer --- Brookfield
FOLEY Patrick farmer Lyndhurst Vale  Brookfield
FRAZER Donald farmer Wallarobla  Brookfield
GALLAGHER  John farmer Lyndhurst Vale  Brookfield
GALLAGHER  Laurence farmer Lyndhurst Vale  Brookfield
GALVIN Thomas farmer Shallaba Brookfield
GERIG John farmer Walshman's Ck.  Brookfield
GOOLEY William farmer --- Brookfield
GREEN William farmer Shallaba Brookfield
GUIN Denis labourer Union Bridge Brookfield
HOLSTEIN Mrs. farmer Wallarobla Ck.  Brookfield
HOOFMAN Jacob farmer Neil's Ck. Brookfield
JOHNSON John farmer Lyndhurst Vale  Brookfield
JOHNSON Samuel farmer --- Brookfield
JOHNSON Trainer farmer --- Brookfield
JUPP Jonathan farmer Lyndhurst Vale  Brookfield
KEILER Adam farmer Lyndhurst Vale  Brookfield
KILNER Andrew farmer Lyndhurst Vale  Brookfield
KILNER Mrs. Andrew farmer Wallarobla  Brookfield
KILNER Peter farmer Wallarobla  Brookfield
KONN Casper farmer Walshman's Ck.   Brookfield
LAPPAN Michael teacher Wallarobla Brookfield
LATIMON William farmer Glenoak Brookfield
LEADHAM Thomas blacksmith --- Brookfield
LEADHAM T. jun. blacksmith & farmer --- Brookfield
LEE Joseph labourer --- Brookfield
MADDEN Michael farmer --- Brookfield
MARSH Benjamin farmer Shallaba Brookfield
MARSH Edwin farmer Shallaba Brookfield
MARSH William farmer Shallaba Brookfield
MATE Francis farmer Sandy Ck. Brookfield
MERCHANT William farmer Wallarobla Brookfield
MILLER Anthony farmer Walshman's Ck.  Brookfield
MINNS Frederick farmer Shallaba Brookfield
MOLONEY John labourer --- Brookfield
MONK Robert farmer --- Brookfield
MONK William farmer Mawell's Ck. Brookfield
MOURIE Philip farmer Sandy Ck. Brookfield
MOYLAN James farmer Pine Brush Brookfield
MCDEAN William labourer --- Brookfield
MCMULLEN James farmer Wallarobba Brookfield
NASH Mrs. John farmer Shallaba Brookfield
OSMOND George farmer Wallarobla Brookfield
PAFF Jacob farmer Neil's Ck. Brookfield
PRUCE John farmer Wallarobba Brookfield
PRUCE Thomas farmer Wallarobba Brookfield
QUIRK James labourer --- Brookfield
REDMAN Alfred farmer --- Brookfield
SEYMOUR James farmer Glenoak Brookfield
SHOEMACKER  Karl farmer Sandy Ck. Brookfield
SING John farmer Sandy Ck. Brookfield
SMITH Cornelius farmer --- Brookfield
SMITH Philip farmer Clermore Brookfield
SMITH Solomon farmer Clermore Brookfield
TULLHAM William farmer Lyndhurst Vale  Brookfield
WALLER George T. farmer The Grange Brookfield
WALSH John farmer --- Brookfield
WALSH Thomas farmer Mawell's Ck. Brookfield
WARNER William farmer Shallaba Brookfield

Greville 1872

The list you are currently browsing is from the Greville Postal Directory (NSW) from 1872. For more information click here